Shooting Star

by peterl

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: a man, a woman, a tropical paradise

I awoke this morning with a sore head and a mouth that tasted of sand. I had a vague recollection about last night, but I wasn't quite sure what had happened. I tried to stretch, but bumped a barrier in the bed. Unusual, the bed's not against the wall, so I rolled over and tried to focus. As you came into focus I kind of remembered what had happened. I looked down at this vision of loveliness, you were just lying there, completely asleep and defenceless. Unfortunately you are lying on my arm and it is protesting that it has been used as a pillow for a while.

I try to extricate myself, but it only makes you murmur in your sleep and grasp it tighter. I decide to lie there for a while and see whether you will wake up. I figure that as long as my bladder can hold out, so can I! As I gaze down at your hair fanned out on my arm and pillow, flashbacks of our night together come to mind. I seem to recall that we met at a cocktail party. You were the daughter of the resort manager, where I am having some time off. We started talking, you as the party hostess and me as a guest. I figured that you were just being nice as you asked how I was going, what brought me to the island, and how long I was staying for.

When I told you that I was on holiday after being on an oil rig for the past six months, I dismissed the look that you gave me as me miss-reading it due to the light that was only coming from the torches on the beach where we were all gathered. You excused yourself to mingle with the other guests, and I don't think that I will be seeing you again, with you having done your duty welcoming me to the party. Boy was I surprised later!

As I reflected on the last six months I realised how long it had been since I had been with a woman. It had to have been the last time with Ashley, just before we had the argument that caused us to end what had been a very smooth relationship. It was (from my point of view) a stupid argument, she didn't want me to work away from here, but she didn't want to drop the standard of living she was accustomed to. I cannot work anywhere else as a diver, and get that same sort of money. The work is hard, but the rewards are fantastic. I threw myself into my work, and ignored any opportunity of taking a break.

As I sat there under a flaming torch, nursing a warm beer and feeling sorry for myself, I was I heard a voice from behind me say "hello again.". I turned and I was you. As I struggled against the sand to stand up, you gestured me to stay there and then flopped down beside me. You told me that you hate doing these things, but it's a job and your father doesn't look good in a skirt! I think that I must have spat out most of my mouthful I was having. Again you gave me that look that you did when we first met. You pulled out a couple more beers, handed one to me and then drank half of yours in one go. As we got to know each other with some idle chat I commented on how nice it was to be in female company and not to have to talk, just to enjoy the silence with a beautiful woman. Even under the torchlight I could see you blushing as you told me that you often don't get comments like that. I thought that you meant about your beauty, but you went on to tell me that most men just talk at or about your breasts. Without thinking my gaze dropped to see what you were talking about, and as I realised what I had done, I looked up again to you and saw you looking deeply into my eyes. You asked me if I liked what I saw. It wasn't what you asked, but your voice. It was so deep and husky. When I told you that I hadn't had time to look properly, you leaned back and told me to have another look, and arched your back towards me. I was turned on by your brazenness. But that didn't stop me gazing at the expanse of cleavage that was exposed.

As I looked on you stood up and shrugged off the light cardigan that you were wearing and stood before me in a delicious little sundress. I could see that you obviously spend a lot of time in the sun.

The yellow straps stood out against the dark healthy tan of your arms, and I could see the fine hairs standing on end down your arms. I thought to myself - "It isn't that cold", and wondered what could do that to you. You stood with legs apart, and your hands on your hips; almost with a pose of criticise this if you dare! I didn't dare, I just gazed slack-jawed at your loveliness. You are a goddess!! I smiled and offered your beer up to you. You took it from me and sat down cross-legged beside me, and just smiled at me. You thanked me for not mentioning you tits. Again I choked when this vision, uttered those words. And we laughed together.

You told me that you hadn't seen me around the resort, and you spend most of the time teaching volleyball or on the wind surfers. I told you that a book by the pool was more my idea of time off. You said to me that you were surprised at that, you thought that somebody with my body would be strutting his stuff. I don't think of myself as being 'buff', but I have to be in fairly good shape for the things I do in my job. I don't feel that I have to prove anything to anybody, and I am sick and tired of constantly being stood up to by small guys that feel they have something to prove. You were nodding as I said that, and told me that you felt the same way - women would scratch you when you were trying to help them on the wind surfer, and tell you to keep away from their man. "As if I would be interested in a short, balding guy with a bad toupee and a lobster tan". We both laughed at that comment. I leaned back and closed my eyes. I must have let out a sigh as I heard you softly say "A penny for your thoughts." This was a phrase that my mother used to use, and I smiled at the memory.

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