by E J Sheeran

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: A light, fluffy look at the day in the life of a shoe salesman. Did you ever wonder what you were doing to him as he fitted shoes on your feet and you teased him by letting him look up your dress?

I really like this job!

When I first started a few weeks ago it was only a stop-gap money earner until I could find something better. Two days of training and I was named the day manager. I open every morning at 10 a.m. and work alone until the other associate comes in at noon. I go home at 6 p.m. and he closes at 8.

The selling of ladies shoes in a mall (no men's or children's) is a very strange experience. About 85 percent of the business is between 1 and 6 p.m. Often I don't ring up a sale before noon.

I had only been there about a week when she first came in. Tall, slender, blond hair cut into a pixy-like bob, dark deep blue eyes, long tan legs and a figure to die for. She was wearing a backless sundress, which broke just above the knee. No stockings, and a low healed pump with a simple strap across the front. She was spring personified. I needn't tell you that at 10:15 she was more than a welcome diversion from my usual morning idleness.

She browsed around in the store for a few minutes, selected two pairs of shoes and seated herself in one of the try-on chairs with her back to the entrance.

(Was that a halo around her head or just the lights from the mall?)

Her voice was cheerful and her smile dazzling when she said, "I would like to try these on please."

I was lucky that I didn't stumble and fall in my rush to get to the fitting stool. She placed her right foot on the inclined ramp connected to the stool and I was able to undo the buckled strap in five or six minutes. When I put my hand under the calf of her leg to remove her shoe I almost moaned because of the exotic feeling of her skin. All the time that my hand was in contract with her leg it was like a continuous surge of electricity. (I did notice a small intake of breath on her part.)

I finally removed her shoe and fitted one of the pair she had selected on her foot. At the last moment the hem of her dress slid partially up her thigh and I caught a fleeting glimpse of white cotton panties. I'm not quite sure what I said, with my tongue frozen in my mouth like that, but it couldn't have been to bad, because she said "Thank you."

She didn't buy the shoes and left the store shortly thereafter. I ricocheted around the store like a ping-pong ball the rest of the day.

A few days later she returned. Everything was almost the same except she was wearing a white dress and matching white shoes with a little heel. Again she selected two pairs of shoes and seated herself in the same chair, but this time I got to the fitting stool just as she sat down. She put her foot on the ramp but because of the little heel her knee was higher and the dress slid to mid-thigh right away.

She was not wearing any panties and smiling at me! I was having one hell of a time trying to decide what to look at. Her smile was devastating, filling the entire store with her spring sunshine. Between her legs and up her dress were little curls of blond hair that indicated a path to heaven. I was almost afraid to touch the calf of her leg to remove her shoe. When I did, the electricity was still there and this time I think she felt it as much as I did. As I fitted the shoe with my right hand, I let my left hand slide upwards until it was just behind her knee. I looked up to see if I would get a smile or a frown and was surprised to find she was blushing.

She stood up, mumbled something about "not quite what I wanted," smiled at me again and left the store.

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