Census Taker

by E J Sheeran

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young lady comes to take census information and ends up cumming away with more than she bargined for.

The incessant ringing of the doorbell finally pierced the shroud of sleep that was fogging my mind. "Wait a damn minute," I yelled and staggered out of bed. As usual, I was nude, so I threw on an old terry cloth robe before I opened the door to my condo. After the cool darkness of the air-conditioned apartment, the Florida heat, even at 9:30 in the morning was like a blast furnace.

There was a beautiful woman standing there, squinting against the stark whiteness of the sun on the wall. "Sorry to bother you, but I am Rita Harold from the Census Bureau and I would like to ask you a few questions."

I wasn't too groggy to see that Rita Harold was very attractive. She was perhaps in her mid 30s, tall and slender, with quite light, brown hair, blue eyes and the build of an athlete. In difference to the July Florida heat, she was dressed in a mini skirt, a shell type blouse that accentuated her breasts and sensible, comfortable, tennis shoes. Her arms and legs were well rounded, long and tan.

"Sure, come on in." If she posed any threat at all to me it was only to cause my ever-present morning erection to hang around a little longer. She gave me such a quizzical look up and down that I was afraid it was sticking out of the front of the robe.

I guess it wasn't, because she said, "OK, I'm not supposed to come in but unfortunately yours is a long form so it will take about 30 minutes to complete and it's very hot here in the sun."

I ushered her into the apartment, turned on some lights and showed her to a seat at the breakfast counter that divided the kitchen from the rest of the unit. "Can I make us some coffee while we talk?"

"Yes, I would kill for a cup of fresh coffee."

I busied myself with the coffee while she ran down the enumerator's questions. She found out that I was 43 years old, divorced about four years ago, made a lot of money last year in some wild stock deals and had been retired for about a month. I started over after the divorce because my ex-wife took almost everything I had in the settlement. I had just bought the oceanfront condo.

When I put the cup of coffee down in front of her I noticed that she had quit writing and was again giving me that same quizzical look.

"You sound like quite a catch," she smiled. "Are you are involved with anyone?"

Now it was my turn to laugh when I explained, "No, I have been too busy with my business. When my wife left me I was a poor, struggling insurance agent. She got a five-year-old Ford, a small two-bedroom house with a big mortgage and no alimony. No kids, hence no child support. It was about the best thing she ever did for me. With no one to answer to I took a few flyers and now my investments will bring me enough to retire comfortably."

I know I was bragging, but for some reason, I did want to impress this desirable young woman.

"I envy you. My husband took off two years ago and left me almost broke. My son worked all through high school to help out. Last month, when he turned 18, he joined the Marines and I took this second job to see if I could catch up on some of my bills."

The questionnaire was forgotten as I sat across from her, sipping coffee and looking into the brilliant blue eyes. I put my hands on hers and said, "Maybe this census thing was meant to bring you and I together."

She didn't withdraw her hands but I could see her body stiffened and her face flush. While I watched, tears welled up in her eyes and began to trickle down her cheeks. I went around the counter and put my arm around her shoulder. She turned and buried her face into my chest, her arms around my waist and began to cry, soft, rhythmic sobs.

We stayed like that for perhaps three or four minutes until the frequency began to subside. Suddenly, she gasped, "Oh my God!" And I realized that my robe was open and my, now semi-hard, cock was in plain view through the open robe at a point just below her chin. I quickly closed it and mumbled an apology.

"That's all right, it's just been so long since I've seen a man, I almost forgot what it looked like." She looked up into my eyes and whispered sheepishly, "Can I see it again?"

I must have nodded yes. I know I offered no resistance when she undid the robe's sash and exposed my rapidly growing member. She hesitantly reached out and touched me. Her hands were like warm feathers as she felt, caressed and stroked my balls and completely hard cock. I just stood there, lost in my reverie has her hands explored areas of my genitals that hadn't been touched by another person in years.

I looked down at her face to find that her eyes were closed and she was enjoying this exercise almost as much as I was. While I watched, her right hand left my balls and slowly dropped to her crotch where she began rubbing her pussy through her clothes. Her mini skirt had ridden up and her panties, quite visible now, were obviously very wet.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me. "You must think I'm terrible, but it's been so long I just couldn't help myself. Would you like to make love to me?"

"It's been a very long time for me too. I can't think of anything I would rather do than make love to you."

I pulled her up to her feet and kissed her, my open robe allowing my hard dick to prod her. Again, her hand went down and found me. "Would you mind if I kissed that too?"

I don't think I ever met a man who would keep such a beautiful young woman from enjoying herself so I said, "Of course not."

She sat back down in the chair and pulled me to her. The first kiss was very hesitant but the second was a little more solid. The third wasn't a kiss at all. With her hand under my balls, she guided my penis into her mouth until she had almost all of it in her. I could feel her tongue making little swirls around every side of it. She slowly withdrew until only the head was inside her lips and her tongue was moving over, under and around it.

She had hold of my hips and was pushing and pulling me back and forth, causing me to fuck her mouth. Suddenly, she stopped, looked up at me and said, "I don't want you to cum yet. I want to feel you inside of me. I want to feel your hard cock slipping in and out. I want to feel your dick rubbing against my clit. I want to feel you when you shoot your hot load deep inside me."

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