Memoirs of a Rapist

by Robbin

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: He shouldn't have left his wife at home alone. Now his Bunnygirl is mine to use and abuse.


I don't know when my desires to rape first appeared. Perhaps is was when I started masturbating to my parents "True Detective" magazines; perhaps it was the time I was playing with the neighbor's daughter and tripped, snagging her shirt on the way down, ripping buttons and affording me my first view of breasts. Whatever the cause, it was not because of my environment. I am a college educated professional, financially secure, self employed, reasonably good looking (6', 200lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, a thick shaved 8" long cock). But there is just something about a rape; I love the hunt, the stalking of my prey, the sound of buttons bouncing off the wall, the ripping of clothing, the screams and pleas of my victims, the fear in their eyes, the useless struggling. I keep a girlfriend around for appearances and even have normal sex with them, but I get my real charge out of forcing some helpless female to submitting to all my degrading and humiliating sexual perversions.

Chapter 1: The Bunny-girl

She was not one of my first; I had been perfecting my perversion for many years before her. No, she was just one of the most memorable and that's why I start with her.

So why did I name her that? Was it her real name. Not. I spotted her one summer day working in her front flowerbed as I was on my way to a client. Her red hair almost glowed in the morning sun. It was beautiful, thick and waistlength, tied in two pigtails like big floppy ears. As I approached her house, I slowed down to see whether she was cute or not. What I saw made me laugh hysterically. As she worked her way along the line of flowers, she would pop up move and pop back down like a rabbit hopping. I slowed to a crawl as I passed her but she never even knew it. I drove past and turned around; I parked across the street and watched her for the next 30 minutes. She continued to hop up and down the flowerbed and finally finishing, stood and wiped the sweat from her eyes... God, she was beautiful! And what a fantastic body! Beautiful long, rainy day legs (the kind you would like to see clear up), a plump juicy fuckable ass, nice set of tits and and a pair of lips like a porno star! Oh it made my dick jump. I left to see my client but there was no doubt I would be back; she was definately my next target.

A few days passed before I was able to scope out the neighborhood. I needed to find a place from where I could watch my victim. Between two houses on the opposite side of the street, there was a thicket of trees and bushes. I chose this as my surveillance point. It didn't take long to realize that this was going to be easier that I had hoped. Bunnygirl did not have any regular habits. She didn't work outside the home; she didn't work in the yard on a regular basis; and she didn't have any visitors on a regular basis. What she did have, though, was a husband and he seemed to travel a lot. Every Tuesday a taxi picked him up at the house with an overnight bag; every Thursday afternoon he returned. I watched this happen for several weeks. Normally my surveillance would take months(that's why I have never been caught), but this was just too easy and she was just so sexy.

From that day on I started carrying my bag with me. I'd arrive in my clump of bushes every Tuesday morning at 4:30 and wait for the right moment. I had decided that I had to take her on Tuesday because that way I could keep her for a couple of days before I gave her back to her husband. It took three weeks for it to happen.

On that fateful day I had stayed in my hiding place all day. She had come out twice that day. Once to water the lawn and once to check the mail. Her husband had left as usual in the taxi that morning. What made this the day was that at twilight she left the house and drove away. I had no idea how long she would be gone. When it was dark I left my hiding place and scurried across the road to the side of her garage. I put on my ski mask and laid down beside the building with my bag. It was going to be a long night so I closed my eyes to rest. Bunnygirl returned home around 10. When the garage door opened, I awoke. As she approached the garage I crawled to the edge of the garage front. When the driver's door dissappeared into the garage I slid in beside her husband's car. I was in and she was mine!

After giving her time to settle in, I slipped across the garage to the house door. Most people don't bother locking this because they have their hands full and they think it is safe with the garage door down. She was no exception. I turned the handle, my heart was racing. I love the excitement and anticipation. I slipped into a laundry room. The light was out but I could see my way around because she left the door to the main part of the house open. As I approached the door, I could hear her singing to herself. "Not bad," I muttered to myself. Maybe I'd make her sing for me later.

At the doorway I listened. She was to my left. I peeked out of the laundry room; a hallway. Quick peek up and down. Kitchen to the left, hallway and dark open door to the right. Probably living room. Staircase going up. Hummm. Guess I'll catch her upstairs. Kitchen has too many potential weapons. I slipped up the stairs. The third one creaked. I stopped ready to go after her. She kept on singing. To the top of the stairs. Four bedrooms. The one to my immediate right was a spare room with an iron set up. The one to my right and in front of me was a guest bedroom. You could tell. Nothing personal in it. Next to it the guest bath. The other two rooms were to my left. To my immediate left was a computer room/office. That left the master bedroom. I slipped into it. Walking into the room I turned on the light and got the lay of the land. Walk-in closet to my right; further on the right the master bath. The rest of the room was basically square. Queen bed against one wall centered. Dresser with mirror on opposite wall (no problem). Some other furniture but nothing to worry about.

I took out the necessary equipment and stashed my bag on the far side of the bed. I'd need the toys in it later. The equipment I took out would add to my protection. Most rapist are amateurs and wind up getting hurt. They attack some woman that has had some self defense training and they get hurt. Me, I put an end to their fight right away. Steel toed shoes (no stomping will hurt them), catcher's shin guards (no kick), cup (got to protect the jewels) and a bulletproof vest (in case she finds a gun or an elbow). Dressed, I turned out the light and slipped into the walk-in closet to wait.

Bunnygirl came upstairs about 30 minutes later. She turned on the light and stepped into the bedroom. I waited for her. If she walked into the closet, I'd hit her, if she walked by, then I'd jump her. My heart beat rapidly. My breathing heavy. She stepped by the open closet door. In one step I was out behind her. I grabbed a handful of her waistlength red hair and jerked her head back. As she stumbled backward my arm went around her throat. I continued dragging her backwards to keep her off balance while I used her hair to turn her head so her trachea fit in the crook of my elbow. When it was situated, I threw my hip into her soft ass and lifted. The arm under her chin helped lift her off her feet without injuring her. By flexing the muscles in my forearm and biceps, I could cut off her flow of air to her lungs and the blood to her brain at the same time. In less than a minute bunnygirl was dizzy, disoriented and on the verge of unconsiousness. As her body started to sag, I released her. She fell at my feet. Not allowing her to gather herself, I grabbed the back of her shirt and heaved her to her feet and sent her flying to the bed. She was like a rag doll.

I picked her head off the bed by her hair. I slapped her in the face. I pulled her off the bed by her hair and then threw her farther up on the bed. You got to keep them off balance! As she started to roll over I pounced on her. knocking the wind out of her. She was completely helpless as I reached over her and into my bag of tricks I stashed on the far side of the bed. Quickly I put a loop of rope around one hand and, jumping off the bed, secured it to the bedrail. I grabbed another rope. Bunnygirl started regaining control of herself just as I looped her other hand. She started to flail around but once I got the rope around the bedrail all I had to do was cinch it down and she was helpless.

Bunnygirl started to scream and it was at this point I pulled our my knife. I made sure it passed over her face on the way to her throat and once the point of it pricked the skin on her soft white throat she calmed down. Then the pleading began. "My husband will be home any minute. Please, you have to leave. He's a cop."

I laughed at her feeble attempts. Then I explained that I had her till Thursday afternoon at least and possibly longer as her husband would not be expecting her to necessarily be home when he got back from his trip. Then I let the point slide around her throat from ear to ear (very dramatic). The point was pressed against her skin such that it left a visible trail as I ran it across her.

Bunnygirl swallowed hard. "Please don't hurt me and I'll be good. I promise I won't scream. Please don't hurt me. Please. I'll do what you want but don't hurt me!"

I got back on the bed and straddled her chest. Grabbing her hair I pulled her head up and onto the knife point a bit more. "Listen little bitch. You will do what I want whether I hurt you or not. What you should be saying is 'Please don't kill me.' And if you are real nice to me maybe I won't kill you. Now shut up and quit your whinning!" I tossed her head back onto the bed.

I got off of Bunnygirl and started to take off my protective gear. She started to cry softly. I love tears. A woman looks so sexy when she crys. I laughed just loud enough for her to hear. I took off my chest protector, shin guards and shoes. I took two more cords for her feet and went around the bed. As I picked up one of her feet, bunnygirl gave a scream and planted a well-placed kick right in the balls. It hurt a bit but that's why I wear a cup. "You'll pay for that one bitch!" I grabbed her foot and looped it with a cord. I secured her foot to the bed and grabbed the other one. After tying it to the bed, I crawled up beside her and tapped my cup..."Too bad I'm not an amateur." And with that, I grabbed her shirtfront and ripped it open. Buttons flew everywhere! I love the sound of tearing cloth and buttons flying! Yes!

Her breasts were freckled, white, soft and beautiful. Encased in a white lacey bra, they were definately a handful. Looking down her body I could see the soft white flesh of her taut stomach rising and falling with each ragged breath. I grabbed my knife and cut the rest of her shirt off of her shoulders. White, smooth, freckled. God she was beautiful. I bent and started kissing her shoulders more like a lover than a rapist. Her crying turned quiet as my lips approached her throat. Tears were still running down her cheeks but she just bit her lip and kept quiet. Part of the woman's humiliation is that she enjoy what is happening. I wanted Bunnygirl to love it... to want it bad! I ran my tounge up her neck and started kissing and nibbling around her ear. She started tossing her head back and forth trying not to let me kiss her. I stopped and sat up. "Nothing you do is going to be able to stop me from what I want to do. Why not enjoy it?"

Oh she was a fiesty one! I love them that way... it's more fun when you win if your opponent doesn't give in too early. I flashed her my knife again. Ran it down her cheek. "How would you like me to cut up your beautiful face? Who would want you then?" Fear returned to her eyes and so did the tears. I slid the knife down to her throat then trailed it down between her breasts. Her chest started rising and falling quicker. I slid the knife under the middle of her bra, turned the blade up in the air and pulled. Her bra gave way and her beautiful breasts sprang into view. Marvelous! Her nipples rose proud and firm, hard as a rock, not from excitement but from fear. I took one between my teeth and flicked it with my tounge. Ummm. So firm. I closed my teeth harder on her nipple. Bunnygirl arched her back slightly and sucked in her breath. The squirming started again, trying to get her breast out of my mouth. I bit a little harder and pulled her nipple out as far as I could. She squealed but didn't pull any more because her nipple was stretched as far as it would go. Any movement on her part was just more pain for her.

Releasing her nipple, I sat back up and started trailing the knife down her chest to her stomach, the point leaving a thin white trail as it grazed her flesh. I stopped the knife as it got to the top of her shorts. I put the handle of the knife on her pussy mound and slid it down her crack. I put the blade between Bunnygirl's thighs and, using the handle, I rubbed her clit knowing full well she didn't dare close her legs for fear of getting cut by the blade. Soon the handle seemed to slide easier; Bunnygirls hips were slightly raised. While she still tossed head from side to side, her hips began to move involuntarily from the pressure of the knifehandle rubbing on her clit. I laughed to myself... maybe Bunnygirl might be more appropriate than I originally thought!

I stopped rubbing her clit. She seemed almost disappointed. I took the knife and ran it along her thigh like I were shaving it. She flinched. I ran the point of the knife along her thigh back up to the hem of her shorts. "You know something, you still have too many clothes on. Guess I need to do something about that." I slid the knife under the edge of her pantleg and raising it slightly onto it's tip, I ran it up her leg, cutting the pants as it went. When it reached the edge of her panties it hung up slightly and made Bunnygirl jump as it popped free. Up to the waistband it went... one side was cut. I switched to the other side and did the same. When the pants were cut on both sides from the leg to the waist, I slowly pealed the front of her pants away. Ooohh, she had on white, see-through lace panties... and there was a dark, damp stain between her legs.

I ran my hand over the bulge in her panties. She had a full patch of hair in there. Might have to do something about that later if it got in my way. I placed my thumb in the center of the wet spot. I pushed in slightly and moved it around... she was wet. I grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled, ripping them. The elastic still held so I cut them. Nice pussy. I took the handle of the knife and ran it up her slit. She jumped (as much as she could) when the handle hit her clit.

"Well my little fuckbunny, I'm gonna have to trim this hair a bit. I hit a sensative spot and didn't even know it." With that, I grabbed a handful of pussy hair, jerking it very hard. She screamed and flailed as best she could. I laughed and cut it with my knife. I continued pulling her hair and cutting it, including the hair on her tender pussy lips, until it was but a quarter inch long. I loved seeing the fear and panic in her eyes, "Maybe I'll shave you later but for now at least I'll be able to eat without too much trouble." And with that said, I took her pussy lips, none too gently, and spread them wide. I shoved my face in her crotch and proceeded to capture her clit in my teeth. I tugged on it and then began to flick it with my tounge. This, of course, caused bunnygirl to jump again but not as frantically. Then I began kissing and licking and sucking and nibbling her pussy and clit in ernest.

God she tasted so good. I can still remember how sweet yet tangy her pussy was. How, once it started getting wet, her natural aroma mingled with the perfume she must of dabbed on spots of her body and created a new scent that left you completely intoxicated, almost drunk with lust. I wanted... no, needed to rape her; to fuck her wildly; pound myself into her mercilessly; spew my cum deep into her bowels. I wanted to hurt her, fuck her, love her, tease her-all at the same time.

My licking and sucking soon began to take its toll. My bunnygirl's pussy began to get wet, much against her will I'm sure. I slid one and then two fingers into her pussy and began searching for her G-spot. Even if you never find it on a woman, the search can be very arousing. Bunnygirl began to hump my fingers and then started to moan. I continued to lick and suck her clit. Then she cried out and came. She tried to hide her face. You could see the shame and embarrassment that she experienced from not only getting excited but cumming at the hands of her rapist.

"I'm not done with you yet Bunnygirl." I got up and walked around the bed and retrieved my red jell vibrator. I like that color because it doesn't matter what my victim looks like, white or black, or whether they are light skinned or dark, the red vibrator shows up so well. I passed it by her face "Next course!"

"No please, no more. Please, just go and leave me alone," she pleaded. "I promise I won't say anything to anyone. Please!" I love to make them beg.

I kneeled beside her and spread her pussylips. Bunnygirl did her best to close her thighs. Damn she made me angry. "Open those thighs bitch or you will pay for this." Still she kept her thighs tight. I got up and searched the dresser drawers. I found what I was looking for - a small leather belt. I kneeled back on the bed. "Open them bitch" and showed her the belt. Fear immediately filled her eyes but her legs did not open. I doubled the belt and slapped the tops of her thighs. Whap, whap, whap, whap! Four hard ones that went across both thighs. She screamed.

I got tired of the noise and grabbed her ripped panties. I put my hand around her throat and began to squeeze. That shut her up and when she opened her mouth to gasp air, I stuffed her panties into her mouth. "There bitch, now shut up!" I grabbed the belt again and began tapping it on her tender pussy, "I"ll give you one guess where the next four will land if you don't open those thighs." She started violently wagging her head 'NO', her beautiful long red hair whipping about her. Slowly her thighs opened. I grinned.

I turned the vibrator on and held it where she could see and hear it. Her thighs trembled but did not close. I ran the vibrator around the front of her neck and then back to the hollow of her throat. Then, I started it on its downward trip ever so slowly. When I got to her breasts I used it to circle them, then used it on her nipples. Next I sucked and nibbled on her nipples till they were nice and hard and then used the vibrator on them again. Finally, I continued on my way down. When I got to her pussy I ran it down along her puffy pussy lips; down one side and up the other. Then I spread her pussy lips and bared her clit. I attacked it directly, my primary goal was to make it sensitive. Once Bunnygirl began hopping around I moved the vibrator just under her clit and attacked her clit with my tongue. Bunnygirl was helpless with these two assaults on her clit and shortly after she suffered her second and strongest climax. She lay sweating with a glazed look on her face. I gave her a minute to recover and then it was my turn. I positioned myself between her thighs and damn if she didn't try and close them on me. She bucked

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