Good Hott Meal

by E J Sheeran

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Humor, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A stay at home workaholic finds that food can be fun as well as nutritious when properly presented.

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"Hi, Mr. Paris, what are you going to do for Thanksgiving?" The question came from Mae, his newly hired, twenty-three-year-old, part-time, paralegal.

"The same as last year, I guess, a Swanson's turkey pot pie and a football game." Everybody in the office knew that he had been divorced for over three years and had turned into a workaholic, dividing his time between the office and his bachelor apartment.

"Why don't you come and have Thanksgiving dinner with me and my roommate?"

Ken Paris was a bachelor again at 36 and just hadn't got around to dating yet, but he still had an appreciative eye for females and had hired this very attractive, big-breasted blond more for her physical attributes than for her nonexistent references. It was just lucky that she happened to be an intelligent and thorough employee.

Although he didn't relish spending an afternoon with a couple of young lovers, it was still better than being alone and eating another frozen TV dinner.

"I would love to join you, what can I bring?" He knew that in addition to working in his office she was also a part-time law student at the local college but he didn't know anything more about her or her boyfriend, not even his name.

She looked very happy when she said, "Okay, we'll see you at 2 o'clock on Thursday. If you like, you can bring a couple of bottles of wine."

He wasn't quite sure what they liked in the wine department so when he rang the doorbell on Thursday he had two bottles of a good white and two bottles of his favorite merlot.

His astonishment showed when the door opened to reveal a stunning, tall, slender, black woman, in a backless mini-dress. She was barefoot and it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. "Hi, I'm April, Mae's roommate. You must be Mr. Paris. Come in, and have a seat. Mae is busy in the kitchen and will be out in a moment." She was at least five foot ten and one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Her skin wasn't really black but a shade of bronze that was almost gold. He longed to reach out and touch it.

She took the bag containing the wine from him and said, "Oh, you brought lots of goodies. Just in time, we are all out. Which would you like?"

He was so taken by this lovely young thing that he barely mumbled, "Red or whatever you're having."

She was just turning to go into the kitchen when Mae came out. She was wearing very short shorts and a very revealing blouse, partially covered up by an apron. She was also barefoot. Her long blond hair which had been done up was beginning to fall in wisps and there was a dusting of flour on her nose and cheek. She was stirring something in a mixing bowl. All in all, she was a very appealing, very sexy, picture.

"I see you've met my roommate, April. She and I go to school together. We became friends because of our unusual names and nicknames. She is really Mary Showers, hence the nickname April. My name is really Anna Flowers, but everybody calls me by my middle name, Mae. So, she is April Showers and I am Mae Flowers. Don't you think that's a gas?"

"You look very stuffy in that coat and tie. Why don't you shed them and kick off your shoes and socks?" April had returned with two glasses of wine, one red and one white. Absentmindedly he took the red. "Help him, April." April set the other glass down and began taking off his tie while he took off his coat.

April undid a couple of his shirt buttons and giggled a little when she said, "Mae, how far do you want me to go?" It was obvious that they both already had more than a few drinks.

Over her shoulder, as she returned to the kitchen, Mae said, "As far as you like." Then she added, "Just remember the main meal will be served on the table."

Ken Paris just sat there as April worked her way down his shirt. She stopped at the next to last button and was smiling when she pulled it open a little and said, "There, that's sexy enough. Any more and we may not get through dinner. I better go and help Mae."

He sipped his wine and watched mesmerized as these two beautiful creatures drifted back and forth from the kitchen to the table bringing platters and bowls full of heavenly smelling food. He couldn't help but notice that there was a lot of giggling and good-natured horse play going on between the two.

Mae seemed to be in charge of arrangements. She indicated a chair and said, "You are at the head of the table, Mr. Paris, like the man of the house, April will be over there and I will sit closest to the kitchen."

The turkey was delicious and the meal went pretty much without incident except for the amount of wine that was consumed. At one point, because of the way they were acting and giggling he was sure that the girls were playing "footsies" with each other under the table.

When the meal was over, Mae stood up as if to take away some dishes and said, "Let me get some of the food off the table before we have desert."

It was an innocent enough statement until April said, "Here is some you can have," and flipped a spoonful of mashed potatoes across the table at her.

It hit Mae just above the top of her blouse and it slowly slid down her cleavage, out of sight. With a roar of laughter she reached down and pulled out her left breast along with a handful of potatoes, which she promptly threw at April. April retaliated by starting to toss dinner rolls back. A well-aimed cup of gravy completely saturated the front of April's blouse making it almost transparent.

Ken sat there in amazement as these two playful women continued to pelt each other with all types of food from the table. Suddenly, they turned on him. A blob of cranberry sauce was rubbed into the hair of his chest through the open V of his shirt by April.

He couldn't help but fight back and took the opportunity to pull April's blouse open at the neck and pour in a generous helping of creamed peas. Next, he applied some butter to Mae's exposed breast.

Everybody was really getting into it, laughing and carrying on. He stopped to take a slug of wine and both women attacked him once, pulling off his shirt and dumping the carrots down the front of his trousers.

April said, "Oh God, I can't stand this" and took off her blouse, revealing small but perfectly formed golden breasts with darker nipples that were standing straight out.

"Me to," and Mae's blouse followed, exposing both of her big, beautiful, breasts. She just as quickly stepped out of her shorts leaving her clad in only a very skimpy pair of bikini underpants.

April was slipping out of her mini skirt when she said "How about you, Mr. Paris. Don't you want to get rid of those carrots?" She began to undo his belt. When she pulled his pants down she exclaimed, "Oh, look at the size of that carrot!" His under shorts were soaked with the juice from the carrots and his semi hard cock was readily visible.

April, wearing only panties, the same type as Mae, knelt down in front of him and pulled his boxers down. Without another word she began to lick the carrot juice from his body. Her hand skillfully moved his cock from side to side so that she could get all around it, not neglecting his testicles.

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