Freeze-Frame: The Boat Shed

by soul_jewel(lw)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BDSM, MaleDom, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: Her Master torments her in his workshop

He spent a good deal of time in his workshop, cleaning it in preparation for building a boat, a pastime that held his attraction for years.

It was a large workshop with concrete floor and metal walls - the sides strewn with shelves - workbenches at each end cluttered with tools and projects. He walked back and forth picking things up and throwing them away, or finding a new place for them. Moving saws and dragging tables across the floor.

Today instead of his crisp business suit he wore faded and quite dirty blue jeans - t-shirt untucked and cut off at the sleeves and work boots. He constantly looked out of the corner of his eye toward a wooden contraption he use as a support for long pieces of lumber when he had them on the saw.

A wooden roller across the top and legs protruding down for stability. It was quite a sturdy object. He would glance at it as he passed and before too long, he had placed her there. A freeze-frame flashed before his eyes...

She was naked in front of it - the roller coming just to the joint of her hips. Ankles were tied with rope to the legs, spread wide. He could see her bent forward and her shoulders and breasts lay pressed upon a sturdy wooden work bench. He would have to put a rubber ball strung on a rope in her mouth and tie it behind her neck allowing no sounds to filter from her mouth.

He would walk across the shop and just look at her, her legs spread and her shaven lips parted and moist, staring back. The pink puckered anus winking at him across the room. She was to become his work break.

Between carrying heavy loads across the shop, he would stop and bend over and take a long lick the full length of the crease of her ass - smiling wickedly at her groaning and the struggle for movement of her body - suddenly leaving her to attend to another part of the workshop.

He was always watching her from the corner of his eye. He discovered a smooth, rounded wooded dowel that he had carved and sanded several years ago to be used as a fish billy, to club large fish into submission - but he had never used. It was varnished smooth and about one and a half inches across at the slightly bulbous tip, then tapering back toward the handle. The entire thing being about 10 inches long. He wiped it off with a clean cloth and its shiny surface gleamed bright. It slicked up quite easily as he rubbed it the length of her pussy, rotating it to coat all the surfaces. He proceeded as if this were just another of his chores in the workshop, and her squealing through the ball made him smile. But through his calm and clinical toying, his animal passions were being fed and fuelled.

The fish billy slipped in easily and the bulb at the end popped inside, holding it firmly as she clenched at it. The small of her back twitched as she tried to arch as the smooth wood pried her open, but the restraints afforded her no freedom, just the hiss of breath around the gag. He could tell that she was boiling inside, she wept moisture from around the billy - her anus twitched and clenched with a steady rhythm. And again he would leave and attend to another chore - watching - always watching her.

Hours he worked thus. Watching her bent over the wooden rack, laying on the work bench. Hours glancing and toying with her soaking lips, teasing the billy in and out, a calloused finger plucking at her puckered hole - and each groan - each quiver - each bead of sweat that dripped from her onto the bench carried him further into his sexual, hedonistic imaginings.

"Are you comfortable little one" His voice casual yet husky would ask.

"Is this little wooden dildo too far out. Would you like it pushed in a little further, girl?"

A rhetorical question as he would twist and ease it deeper into her folds. He could see her climax clawing to get out - and just as it became vicious and threatened to erupt, he would simple walk away, and give his attention to some minor distraction at the other side of the workshop - her squeals following him through the room.

A long thin dowel was found just under the corner of the workbench. The dust flipped from it as it swished it through the air - a hissing sound as it whipped back and forth. Her eyes wide as saucers as she watched him toy with it just behind her. Craning her neck to try to watch as he stepped behind her further, and a grunt as it as tapped and stroked inside her thighs - clicking as it touched the billy buried in her.

"Your bottom is so pale and white" he croons. "I think it needs some contrast, little one."

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