Betrayal and Payback

by Arogue

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, BiSexual, Humiliation, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: A lesbian is cruelly betrayed by her friend and her lover. Her biker friends assist her in paying the bitch back, with interest.

The Setting: Southern California, in and around the Los Angeles area.

Part 1 - The Betrayal

"That's the way - suck my clit you miserable little slut - make me cum - that's it."

Gail had arrived home early that day. She noticed Paula's pick-up truck in the driveway. These were the sounds she heard emanating from the back bedroom.

"YES - AHHH - Let me feel your tongue you little cunt."

Gail recognized Paula's voice.

"Lick it up - slave - lick it all up."

Gail froze in her tracks as she first heard Paula announce her orgasm, then the words that tore her heart open.

"Did I please you mistress?"

It was the soft submissive voice of her lover, Fran.

"You did well my little slut. You may now pleasure yourself."

Gail heard the soft buzzing of a vibrator, followed by the wet sounds of Fran moving it over, in and out of her wet cunt. Gail wanted to rush in and scream - to make them stop, but she could not. She needed to watch them, to see the erotic scene as it unfolded. Quietly she peered into the room. Paula sat back on her heels watching Fran eagerly thrusting the big vibe in and out of her cunt, her head thrown back, her free hand moving over her firm tits, tits that Gail had kissed and sucked. Fran squeezed and twisted her nipples, slamming the big dildo into herself harder and harder.

"That's the way little slut - pleasure yourself, let your mistress see how wet you can get." Paula gloated, watching Fran squirm as her orgasm rapidly approached, then with the quickness of a cat, Paula grabbed the vibrator from Fran's grasp and thrust it into the brunettes ass. "Finger yourself to orgasm slut - I want to see that big plastic cock in your tight little ass.

Gail noticed that Fran wasn't wearing the collar Gail had given her, the one she wore was a studded leather dog collar, Gail had given her a gold chain.

"She really is Paula's now." She thought, barely able to choke back a sob.

The action in the bedroom continued, Fran sloshing her hand in and out of her soaking pussy, Paula ramming the vibrator in and out of Fran's ass. The room was filled with the wet sounds of sex and the heady aroma of female lust.

Gail had to get away - away from the house, away from Fran and away from this betrayal. As she stepped back, her heel caught and she stumbled, revealing herself to Fran and Paula.

Before Gail could recover her composure, and leave, Paula was standing above her.

"So you saw our little session huh?" Paula sneered, "She's mine now you know? You're too old and easy for a slave/slut like her. You never could dominate her, not like she needs to be dominated." Paula reached down and pulled Gail to her feet, then shoved her into the bedroom.

"Little slave, you're about to see just how your mistress can get when she's displeased. Let what you're about to see be a warning."

Gail doubled over when Paula's fist slammed into her stomach, forcing the air from her lungs.

Paula slung her onto the bed and knelt astride her. "You over the hill sack of shit - I'm going to show you what domination IS." Saying this, she ripped Gail's clothes from her body, leaving her naked, face down on the bed.

Still dazed by Paula's sudden, savage attack, Gail could offer no resistance as Paula tied her wrists and ankles to the bedposts. Her eyes widened as she saw Paula pulling the wide leather belt from her jeans, thrown across the foot of the bed.

"Now you're going to feel what it's like when I get angry."

The belt fell across Gail's ass with a loud slapping sound, she gasped at the impact, but didn't cry out. This only served to anger Paula even more.

As Paula showered Gail's back, ass and thighs with blows from the belt, Fran sat, watching like in a trance, fingering her sopping cunt, and pumping the big dildo in and out of her ass. She was getting more and more turned on by the spectacle.

Gail began crying, the pain running through her like a flame.

Each blow was accompanied by Paula spitting invective at Gail, and Fran moaning in ecstasy.

Gail's mind was foggy - the pain began to overtake her and she passed out.

Paula continued the flogging until her arm tired. She looked down at her victim. Gail's back was crisscrossed with angry red welts. In places, the skin and been broken and blood oozed over Gail's pale flesh.

Fran came - again - and was scolded by Paula for not getting ready to leave.

"You're mine now slave. You're coming with me, NOW, so get your shit together before she wakes up."

It was dark by the time Gail came too. Her back felt like she had been skinned and washed down with salt water. The house was silent, except for her own ragged breathing. When she realized she was tied, she slid her right hand up to the top of the brass post, and lifted the knob off. After a few minutes painfully moving around, Gail was free and able to stand up. She looked around to see all of Fran's things were gone. By the time she made it into the living room, she saw that HER stereo was gone, as was her CD collection. In her bedroom, she found her jewelry box had been emptied. If it was worth anything, and Fran knew how to get her hands on it - it was gone.

"I suppose it could have been worse - she could have killed me." Gail said aloud, a little surprised that Paula had not killed her. Then a horrid thought invaded her mind - "THE HARLEY!"

The Harley Davidson motorcycle was Gail's prized possession. She had waited over a year for the new bike, and she treasured it over anything. Wincing as she carefully drew a robe over her shoulders, she went out to the small shed in the back. The lock was still on, and locked. Her relief was visible. "Fuck, they would have had to load it into Paula's truck anyway, neither of them can ride."

After a long bath, Gail went to bed. Sleep came hard, and was anything but restful, but it helped some.

Gail awoke late the following afternoon. Her body felt like it had been dragged over a cheese grater, but there was no bleeding - just angry welts and a few scabs. She bathed again, then carefully dressed. Her ass and legs hurt too much for jeans, so she tried her leather pants. They felt cool on her skin. She finished dressing with her boots and a bikini top, she eased into her leather jacket, and it too felt cool on her tortured skin.

She pulled the big bike from its shed and fired it up. There were only three people that Gail thought she could trust, and they were at the 'Iron Horse' a biker bar up the coast road.

The wind felt good in Gail's face, the vibration of the big machine between her legs was comforting and stimulating. She felt better - not good, not by a long shot - but better.

She swung into the parking lot of the bar. There were bikes of every size and color there, but they were all Harleys.

The 'Iron Horse' is about the perfect biker bar. There are only three rules, and these are tapped in stone; no drugs, no weapons and no [gang] colors. These basic rules, and Tank the bouncer, have kept the law out of the place since it opened five years before.

Gail backed her bike into a spot and walked slowly inside.

"Hey Gail, how you been?" Tank asked her at the door.

Now Tank is aptly named, he's around 6'10" and tips the scales at around 350 lbs. He's built like one of those Russian weight lifters, all muscle. NO ONE fucks with Tank.

He saw the look on Gail's face and knew something was very wrong.

"You look like you're hurtin', did you dump your scoot?"

"Nothing so simple Tank. I need a drink - I need several drinks."

Tank signaled for Roxie, his ol' lady, and the owner of the 'Iron Horse', to come over.

"Hey Babe, what's wrong?" Roxie asked.

"The lady here looks like she's got trouble." Tank said, his voice softer and kinder than one would think.

Tank and Roxie were two if the three people Gail thought of as friends and trusted as friends. The third person was Connie the bartender.

Connie is a woman with light blue eyes. Her hair, well that depends on the mood she's in, but her body is incredible. Long legs, large, high breasts and a heart shaped ass that just begs to be caressed (at least). Connie refers to herself as an omni-sexual. She likes men and women equally, and in any combination and permutation that might come to mind.

This evening, Connie's hair was tied back, and blue/white. Connie motioned the trio to the bar.

"What's wrong Hon?" Connie asked, sliding a drink into Gail's hand.

"I feel like my whole life just blew up in my face," Gail managed to sob, "Fran and I were together for five years, she was only my third lover since I - uh - came out."

'Oh shit!" Tank said, "What happened?"

As Gail related the events of the previous day, Tank's eyes glared as he clenched and unclenched is massive fists.

"That fucking Paula, she needs her ass kicked." Roxie suggested.

"You two go on and take care of business, Gail and me need to talk some." Connie said, placing her hand over Gail's and giving it a reassuring squeeze.

"You know Gail, I've always thought of you as a very beautiful and desirable woman. If you need consolation, and maybe some TLC, well..." Connie left the statement open.

Gail smiled weakly, "Are you coming on to me Con?"

The bartender smiled back, giving Gail's hand another squeeze, "I guess so Gail, I guess so."

"That's a great boost to my ego, but it may be too soon."

"I'm here when you're ready." Connie said before moving down the bar to get back to work.

By closing time, Gail was too far gone to drive, much less ride home.

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