My Susan

by Jerry

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: My beautiful wife enjoys an afternoon with her girlfriend then meets a former male lover then comes home to me well sucked and fucked to share all the lovely details of her pleasure.

Susan and I have been married for over 20 years. We were high school sweethearts in our senior year. She had been very active in the dating circles all through HS as she is pretty, outgoing, and intelligent and comes across as someone you would want to meet and become friends. Over the years of our marriage, we have enjoyed many new and wonderful ways to love each other. We had our first 3-some with another man about 10 years ago and since then, have experienced many to include 3-somes with another woman also. Our favorite though is with another man as he and I can just concentrate on her pleasure. She is multi-orgasmic and ejaculates that wonderful female-cum almost every time she climaxes.

About 2 years ago, Susan found another woman with whom she has enjoyed many private sessions of loving. I've met her but have never done anything with her. Susan has my full blessing to go out with whom she pleases and do whatever she wants. Giving her my understanding and support is one of the reasons she always comes home afterwards and always tells me all the lovely details whether she has been with a woman or another man. She tells me before she goes and gives me assurances that she will be safe for she has gotten to know the other person over time. She is not in the least "slutty" nor is she dissatisfied with our love making, we both just enjoy variety. I prefer her and do not ever go out with other women; not because Susan would not approve but because I do not wish to. I'll play with other women when in a 3 or 4-some but I find myself watching my wife and enjoying her responses so much that I'm probably pretty boring to another woman.

It is now after midnight. I should be tired but I'm high as a kite. Susan went over to Judy's today and spent all afternoon in bed with her. I knew this yesterday when she asked whether it was ok or did I have plans for us. I told her to enjoy and that I would be anxious to hear all the details when she returned.

Then, last night, her cyberlover on the net with whom she has been friends for almost a year, told her he was going to be in our town today on business. They have met once before in his town and spent the night together. That time, as he was fucking her, she called me to say she was fine and would I like to say hello to Bill. It must have startled him a little but he knew that I knew she was with him and approved. He took the phone and just told me Susan was so beautiful and such a good lover and he was going to have to cut this short as he was about to explode.

I asked Susan if he was on top of her and she said yes in a panting, breathless sort of tone. I told her to put the phone down between them for a second so I could hear his cock making those lovely squishy sounds as it pumped in and out of her beautiful pussy. I heard her tell Bill to raise up a little then heard him chuckle but then I heard those lovely sounds very clearly. He increased his speed and Susan grunted that she had to put down the phone so she could hang on.

She put the phone on the night stand and I could hear both of them as Bill's belly was slapping Susan's. I heard her tell him, loudly, "God, Bill, I'm cumming honey..." Then the unmistakable sounds of her orgasm as it went on and on. Bill was quieter but I had no trouble telling from his gasps that he was flooding Susan's tight cunt with his thick, silky cum. He must have collapsed on top of her for I could hear his breathing as he recovered. Susan is so wonderful at this time... she understands how a man just let's go 100% and has been expending tremendous energy. She strokes the hair and whispers soothing, loving words saying how good his cum feels in her and what a nice cock he has.

In about 10 minutes, she remembered the phone, picked it up and asked whether I had been able to hear well. I told her, "Oh, yes!" Then I thanked her for thinking to call and share such a nice thing and told her to be careful driving home. She told me she loved me and would be home before dark the next day.

That was a month ago. So, when Bill emailed her he would be in town tomorrow for one night only, she asked me if it was ok for her to go over to his hotel about 8pm. I chuckled and asked her whether she was going to cancel out with Judy. Her eyes got big then she grinned and said, "How about I see Judy in the afternoon if she wants then go see Bill?" I told her that was fine so long as she felt good about that and would not be too tired to enjoy Bill's company. Susan kissed me pressing her body tightly to me and whispered in my ear, "You think I could handle them both honey?"

"Sweetie, you could do them both at the same time and exhaust them then come to me and fuck my brains out." I hugged and kissed her and we went to bed last night and held each other. We did not make love as we both wanted to be fresh and hot for today's activities.

This morning, Susan showered and put on a pretty, sleeveless, yellow sun dress with white buttons going all the way from her breasts to the hem. I love that dress and she knows what it does to a man's pants. We ate breakfast out then shopped a little then came home. Around 11:30, she came up behind me and took my hand. She lifted her dress and put my hand down her panties. Holy Moly! Her beautiful pussy was wet and so slippery. I joked that she might need a tampon to soak it up a little or she would wet her dress driving over to Judy's. She laughed but admitted that that was probably a good idea and that she would make plenty more once at Judy's.

She kissed me sweetly and bounded out the door, her cute butt swishing that skirt nicely. I busied myself with cleaning up the kitchen then did some yard chores and watched a ball game on TV (my team won and I took that as a good omen for the whole day). I thought about going upstairs and jacking off as my cock had been hard off and on all day thinking about Susan with Judy then Bill but decided against it wanting to save my energy and cum for when my sweetie returned tonight. I changed the sheets and put two mints on the pillows which is our sign that we are going to make love later. If one of us takes the mints away, that tells the other "not tonight dear." It has very seldom happened in our 20 years of being together that either of us will need to remove those mints. I went out back and cut some fresh flowers and put them in a vase on her night stand. Their fresh scent quickly filled the bedroom. I laid out a wash cloth and towel for her as we prefer she take off all her make-up before we get into bed.

About 5pm, Susan called from Judy's. She talked in that soft, breathy voice that tells me she had been having a great time with Judy and said she was leaving for Bill's hotel and would call once she was with him in 30 minutes or so. I asked whether she had eaten and if she felt very good right now. She replied, "Honey, I've eaten and been eaten all afternoon. I'll get Bill to take me to dinner in the hotel. Think he would go for that?"

I told her he would buy her the whole damned building if it meant spending an evening with her again and to enjoy but not eat too much or too rich and watch the alcohol. She laughed and told me she loved me. Half an hour later, the phone rang again and Susan told me Bill had been waiting in the lobby for her and invited her to dinner right then. I like this guy; he knows how to treat a woman with respect and honor. I trust Susan's judgment completely and knew she would be safe with Bill. She would insist her men friends be gentlemen first, good lovers second. Smart lady.

I spent the evening making sure the house was nice and took a shower paying particular attention to my cock and balls. It was very easy washing my dick as it just seemed to stay about three-quarters hard all the time. I put some good sounds on the house intercom CD player for later and moved a bottle of chilled wine from the kitchen fridg to the little one in Susan's big closet in the bedroom. Two glasses on my night stand and mints on the pillows... had I forgotten anything?... Oh, yes, the toys. I replaced the batteries in her two favorite vibrators with new ones; thought about reversing them so the rabbit would just keep cumming and cumming and cumming! It was after 10 when I finally sat down and watched some HBO show. My mind would not stay on anything but how much I loved my wife and the images of her and Judy and Bill.

I did not really expect Susan to call or get home before midnight but at 10:45 she drove up. I went to the door to greet her. She was STILL bouncy and full of life and swished into the house coming right up to me and putting her arms around my neck taking me into a nice hug.

"I didn't expect you quite this early honey, are you ok?"

"Oh, YES! I'm wonderful! Bill has to catch an early plane out in the morning so I thought I'd take it easy on him. He only came about 4 times! He said he was sorry to be pooping out on me but, of course, I did not mind at all as he had more than satisfied me as much as he could and I knew the wonderful things waiting for me here so I kissed him goodnight and came home to you."

"Don't take off your clothes please," I asked her, "I want to do that."

"Yes my love. You will find the panties are wringing wet... I pulled my dress up behind me driving home and there is probably a nice wet spot on my car seat right now."

"I'll sniff it out tomorrow!"

"I love you Alan. I loved others today but I loved coming home to you much more. A lot of my excitement today with both Judy and Bill was thinking about tonight when I got back into your arms."

"You are a pretty girl and I love you so much my Susan-doll."

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