Always Prepared

by Zaphod

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Water Sports, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two teenage girls meet two teenage boys in a nearby Eagle Scout camp. The girls discover pleasure from both the boys and each other.

Chapter 1

The Girl Scouts were busily working on their summer camp project, making authentic Indian canoes. The work was difficult and exhausting and much less interesting than most of them had expected. Lea, a seventeen-year-old girl with strawberry blond hair and a petite body noticed a teenage boy watching them from a distance through the trees. She knew that there was an Eagle Scout camp a little over a mile away. She suspected he was a wandering Eagle Scout who had discovered their encampment and was doing what most teenage boys like to do... watch girls. He had to be more interesting than hollowing out logs, so she quietly detached herself from the rest of the group and wandered off to investigate.

Lea entered the woods a good distance from where she had seen his face and made her way around the trees to come up behind him. As she got close, she could smell the sweet aroma of a joint. Edward had watched her approach and lit up in anticipation of her arrival. They made some small talk, shared the joint and decided to head back to Edward's camp, so she could cool off and continue getting high.

Edward led Lea through the secluded path to his campsite, which was hidden behind a stand of medium height evergreen trees. It was a full 100 feet from the rest of the Eagle Scout encampment and had a feeling of solitude to it. One other tent that belonged to his buddy, Conner, shared the site. The scout master had long ago agreed to let Edward and Conner camp a good distance away from the rest of the scouts because of their snoring. The rest of the Eagle Scouts were away on an overnight backpack hike. Edward and Conner had volunteered to remain to keep an eye on the campsite.

Between the tents were a small fire pit, two wooden lounge chairs and a short-legged table. The site overlooked a fairly quick moving stream, the sound of which masked the usual background noises of the distant Boy Scout encampment.

As he untied the entrance to his tent, Edward asked Lea if she was hungry.

"Maybe in a little while." She answered. "I haven't eaten since I left home this morning. But I'm not real hungry yet." She continued in a rushed manner. "Besides, I don't want to interfere with your plans."

"You are my plan." Edward answered with a warm smile, holding the tent flap open and inviting her in.

Lea returned the smiled as she ducked her head and entered the tent. On the ground was a pallet bed, made of several layers of animal skins over a foam pad. That was all covered with a thick quilt. As Lea sat down upon it, she found it to be remarkably comfortable.

Edward walked to the cooler at the far end of the tent and withdrew a corked bottle. Then he reached for two cups sitting next to the cooler. Edward pulled the cork from the bottle and poured a sweet smelling opaque liquid into the cups.

"Let us celebrate your arrival." Edward said, handing Lea the cup.

Lea took it and smiled at Edward. "This smells wonderful." Lea said, holding the cup upright and taking a sip. The cool fragrant liquid teased her palette and tongue before she swallowed. With a delighted smile on her face she asked. "What is it?"

"Its May Wine. Lovers wine." Edward said as he leaned in closer to Lea's face. "It tastes sweeter on the lips of another." His lips lightly brushed Lea's mouth. The tip of his tongue slid gently along her lips, prompting Lea to open her mouth and receive him. But Edward did not enter far. He pulled back, took a small sip and then returned close to her face, inviting Lea to taste his lips.

"Hmmmm... " Lea sighed as she let her tongue slide over his lips, darting in and out as he had done a moment before.

Edward ran his fingers along the strands of long strawberry blond hair that hung like ribbons of spun gold upon her cheeks. Lea felt the wine begin to warm within her. Each breath she took renewed the pleasurable scent and it filled her senses. The warmth of the day, the magic of the wine and the sensuality of the experience made Lea shudder with a growing lust. Lea reached out and placed her hand on Edward's hip. She moved her hand down his body until it reached his thigh. There, she ran her fingertips lightly across the top, and then the inner thigh. She put her cup down and placed her other hand on his shoulder, gently pushing him backward toward the bed.

Accepting her subtle non-verbal invitation, Edward lay back onto the bed, letting his hand trail from her hair until it bushed against the nipple protruding from her pale blue cotton blouse. Lea closed her eyes and sighed, delighting at the immediate rush of pleasure the contact caused.

Edward continued to lay back until he was fully reclined. Lea looked deeply into his eyes, seeing the desire building within them. He held his cup up, offering it to her. Lea took a deep drink. Once more, the heady fragrance of the wine washed over her, making her almost giddy from the effect. Lea wasn't aware that many of the spices used in May Wine were considered aphrodisiacs during the medieval period until Edward told her.

"This wine used to be used by lovers in the medieval days... you know by knights and ladies." Edward explained.

Lea smiled. "Well, I guess that makes my your wench." She answered, taking another sip of the wine and handing it back to Edward.

Although at this point, an aphrodisiac was redundant. Lea was already on fire. Edward took a long pull from his cup and then placed it down next to the bed. Then he placed his hands behind his head and lay back onto the pile of pillows at the head of the bed, closing his eyes and waiting for her next touch. He didn't have to wait very long.

With his eyes still closed, Edward felt Lea's hands slide along his thighs. They moved ever so slowly up between his legs, until they both rested at his groin. He moaned softly as her fingers tickled his skin through his pants. Her palm slid lower until it rested on his balls. Lea held them through the fabric, caressing them, feeling their weight and rolling them over her fingers. Then she drew her palms up again, covering his cock that now strained against the thin cotton pants. Again Edward moaned, pushing his hips up against her hands.

Releasing his cock, Lea moved to his feet. She unbuckled his hiking boots, pulling them off. Moving back up his body, she took hold of the buckle of his belt and released it. Then she unsnapped the button and slowly pulled down the zipper that held them closed. All the while, Edward kept his hands locked behind his head as if they were tied there.

Lea began to pull his pants down his waist, until the very tip of his cock appeared beneath the waistband. Lea stopped and stared. It was so round, so smooth and so red. Lea placed her finger on it and gently slid it over the tip. Her finger separated the small slit opening and Edward groaned aloud at the pleasure he felt. His hips rose and fell, as if he were driving his cock into an imaginary pussy.

Lea brought her face closer to his exposed cock and blew gently into the opening.

"Oh my God that feels great." Edward sighed as his cock grew an extra inch from the sensation.

She continued to pull his pants down until they were completely off. Lea loved the way his cock lay rigid against his stomach. It was so smooth and clean looking. So were his balls. Edward had shaved them just that morning. Now Lea could take advantage of the smooth sensitive skin with her hands, mouth, pussy and asshole. She knew that his cock and balls were for her pleasure. Edward would not deny her.

Lea began to trace her fingertips all over his groin. Brushing every part as Edward moaned and ground his body against her touch. His cock rose off his stomach as it grew harder from her teasing. Holding it upright by the head, Lea leaned in close and lightly slid her tongue up the tender underside of his cock. She ended the caress with a suck of the cock head and then a gentle scraping of her teeth. Edward moaned aloud, turning his head from side to side in pleasure. Then she slid his cock deep into her mouth and felt it fill her throat. His cock tasted so sweet, as his body oils mixed with the fragrant Lover's Wine. As Lea bean to build of rhythm with his cock sliding in and out of her throat, they both heard the sound of someone approaching the campsite.

A voice called out. "Ed... You in camp?"

Edward looked at Lea who knelt still with his cock in her mouth. "Would you like a second toy?" Edward quietly asked Lea.

Lea pulled up from his cock to answer. "Sure, I would love it."

Edward smiled and nodded. Then he called out "I'm inside. Come on in Conner."

Lea sat back onto her legs and kept her hand on Edward's slippery cock. She stroked it up and down watching Conner release the tent flap and bow down to enter. When he stood upright and took in the scene, he smiled.

"Conner, may I introduce my beautiful medieval wench. She is called Lea." Turning to Lea, Edward said, "Lea, this is my Eagle Scout brother, Conner."

Lea reached out her hand as if to have it kissed, but as Conner reached for it, Lea slid it past his hand and reached directly for his crotch. She placed her hand on his cock and gently squeezed it. "Edward said I could play with you also. Would that be OK with you?"

"My brother has never led me wrong yet." Conner said as he began to unbuckle his pants.

Lea released Edward's cock and began to help Conner step out of his pants. Conner also took off his scouting shirt and stood naked before Lea. His cock was already showing signs of growth as Lea reached out and wrapped her fingers around its length. She delighted in its size and warmth.

"Wait... " Edward spoke up. "I would like to see you disrobe for us." Edward sat upright, making room for Conner on the oversized bed. "Stand before us and tease us with your body. Then you may feel and taste us both."

"As you wish milord knight." Lea said, rising from her knees and stepping to the side as Conner sat back on the bed.

Lea stood before them in her brown scouting cotton skirt and a blue button down blouse. She was very turned on, and could feel the all-to-familiar tingling of her pussy as the desire built within her. Lea drew her hands along the inside of her thighs, grabbing handfuls of fabric and sliding them up, exposing the creamy whiteness of her open legs. Just as she could feel the fabric being pulled up high enough for them to see her white cotton panties, she released the skirt. If Edward wanted to be teased, then teased he would be. Lea pulled the blouse from within the waistband of her skirt and started to unbutton the top fastener. Edward and Conner watched eagerly. They lazily played with their own cocks as Lea slowly released the last button. Her beautiful full breasts pushed open the blue blouse and the men saw a hint of nipple poking from behind the fabric of her bra. Lea let the garment fall from her shoulders. She placed her hands beneath her breasts and held them firmly. Leaning her head down, Lea gingerly took her right breast from the bra cup and raised the nipple into her mouth. Looking into their eyes, she softly bit it. Her tongue played about the hard nub of flesh. Switching breasts, Lea toyed with her left nipple until it stood rigid like the right one. Finally, she reached behind herself and released the snap of her bra, letting it fall suggestively from her shoulders.

Lea was truly on fire as started to unfasten the belt holding her skirt. Again, she allowed the garment to slowly fall from her body, revealing her panty-covered pussy in a prolonged seductive manner. Pulling the waistband of her panties slowly upwards, Edward and Conner watched as the crotch of her panties began to gather at her pussy lips and finally disappear into the wet pink flesh. Lea moved her hands so that they were at the front and rear of her panties. Then she began to slide the fabric back and forth across her pussy, treating her viewers to her favorite method of masturbation.

Edward and Conner continued to stroke their cocks while watching Lea sigh and moan as the wet slippery fabric slid across her clitoris and inner lips. Her hips began to thrust against her soaked panties. She groaned aloud with each forward push as the sticky fabric scraped against her clit. She was used to this feeling and knew exactly where it was leading. As she had done so many times before while watching herself in a mirror, Lea began to cum. The creamy liquid from within her pussy spilled out, splashing against the panties and splattering on the floor of the tent.

When she finally recovered from the orgasm, she moved her hands again and began to lower the panties, finally stepping out of them.

When she stood up, both boys were treated to the ravishing sight of Lea completely naked. She felt a twinge of pride at being fully exposed in this way. She watched as their eyes traveled from one part of her body to another. They caressed her with their sight until she though she could truly feel their gaze kiss her nipples, or slide into her pussy.

"Please turn around for us." Conner said, stroking his cock and keeping it in a state of full erection.

Lea complied, slowly turning in place. When her back was towards them, she opened her legs and bent at the waist. This projected her buttocks towards them and allowed them a full view of her asshole and shaved pussy lips. She so much wanted to touch herself again, or to be touched by one of the two boys gazing at her most intimate places. Her hands slid up between her legs and gently pulled her pussy lips apart. It felt so dirty to expose herself to these men. But it also felt so good that Lea sighed aloud at the satisfaction of her familiar touch. She lay back onto the tent floor placed her feet against the footlocker and opened her legs towards the two admiring young men. Her teenage pussy glistened with lubrication, as she grew more excited by the moment.

"Would you mind taking over for us." Edward asked politely

Lea let out a giggle as she knelt before them both. She took hold of both their cocks and began a slow and steady slide up and down the full shafts. This was so erotic for her. She loved the feel of control she had while giving such exquisite pleasure. Taking her time, she let her fingers slide down from the shafts and play with the soft flesh of their balls. Edward and Conner sighed and moaned as she tickled their assholes with her fingertips. Moving closer, Lea slid to the side and began to lick Conner's balls.

Conner called out as Lea's tongue licked the sensitive skin. Her soft wet tongue made it's way up the underside of his cock until her lips slid over the bulbous head. There, she swirled her tongue around the head and sucked gently. Conner was in heaven.

While Lea licked and sucked Conner's balls, Edward moved to a point where he could touch Lea from behind.

There, his finger began to slide up and down her pussy lips and into her asshole, spreading the wetness that was seeping from within her. Lea groaned with Conner's cock still in her mouth. She pushed her hips backward toward Edward's fingers as they slid in and out of her opening. With two fingers in her pussy, Edward slid another into her asshole. Lea's head rose from Conner's cock and she let out a cry of pleasure. Stroking his cock with firm hard tugs, Lea pleaded with Edward to put in more fingers.

Edward added a third finger in her pussy and a second in her asshole. He wiggled all the fingers at one, swirling them around in the warm wetness and gently touching all parts within. His fingers knowingly brushed back-and-forth against the sensitive spot at the top of her pussy and Karen began to cum again, crying out even louder and bucking against the fingers that filled her. Edward could feel the release of her juices as they splashed past his fingers and ran down into her asshole. The sight was beautiful.

When the tremors past, Lea fell back onto the bed, exhausted, but still holding Conner's cock in her hand.

"Now," Edward said, "it is our turn." He returned to his prior position, only now kneeling as he faced her.

"Oh yes milords. Oh yes. Please let me have you both." Lea exclaimed from her prone position between them.

Conner rose to his knees until both he and Edward's cocks hung above Lea's body. She took hold of them both and began to jerk them off. Taking turns, she would lean close to one, and then the other, pulling the cock into her mouth and sucking it deep enough to make them groan. Her hands were all over, playing with their balls, caressing them near their assholes, or quickly stroking the base of their cocks when they both filled her mouth.

Finally, she could hear the imminent arrival of their orgasms. Leaning back, Lea encouraged them to cum. She increased the speed of her hands on their cocks until they exploded their white liquid over her body and onto her breasts. Again, she took each of them into her mouth, trying to seduce the last drop of cum from their balls.

Her face and breasts drenched in their cum, Lea smiled and licked her lips.

After a quiet moment Lea asked them both. "My girlfriend Karen would love to meet you guys. Would tonight be OK?"

Edward and Conner smiled at each other and then down to Lea.

"Oh... I think we can fit her in."

Chapter 2

Lea headed back to the Girl Scout's camp feeling quite mellow from her experience with Edward and Conner. But her fire was still smoldering and the thought of again seeing, feeling and tasting those two firm cocks blew a hot wind on the embers. When she finally got back to camp, she was delighted to discover that the counselors had not missed her at all. Only her best friend in the camp, Karen had noticed she had been missing for a couple of hours. Karen grabbed Lea and demanded to know where she had been. Lea only smiled and said that she would give Karen all the nasty details later.

Later on in the evening, when their cabin mates were off involved with the evening's activities, Lea and Karen sneaked back into their cabin knowing that they had about two hours of undisturbed time. Sitting next to each other on the large couch at the far end of the room, they kept the main light off so that the cabin looked empty. A small 25-watt bulb burned beneath a blue lampshade, illuminating their small corner of the room. Then Lea told Karen the story of the canoes, the boy in the forest, the joint, the tents and Edward's buddy named Conner. She didn't leave out a single detail. She especially delighted in telling Karen about how she loved jerking the boys off.

"I couldn't believe it." Lea described to the very turned on Karen. "I had both their cocks in my hand and I was jerking them off real slow."

"Were they really big?" Karen asked, wide-eyed and fidgeting at the image of her friend and the two boys. Karen was only two months younger than Lea, and had only kissed a boy. She was just discovering her own sexual awakening.

"Well, kinda." Lea answered hesitantly, not really having much experience herself to compare them with. "But they sure were hard. And the top, you know, the round part, it was real soft. And real tender too." Lea leaned in close to Karen as if giving away a secret. Lea wrapped her right hand around an imaginary cock and let the index finger of her left hand pretend to gently rub the tip. "All you have to do is just slide a fingertip over the hole and the guys moan out loud. They really like that." Then Lea added. "They like it when you lick it there too." With that, she extended her tongue onto the top of the make-believe cock head. She licked it back and forth while her hand stroked up and down in a slow deliberate motion.

Karen's mental image of Lea playing with the cocks and sliding her tongue over the mysterious little hole was driving her crazy. Her pussy was starting to feel tingly, like it did when she played with herself. Karen really wanted to slide her hand under her skirt and touch herself, but hesitated because she didn't know how Lea would react. She really liked Lea and didn't want to weird her out or anything.

"Did they touch you?" Karen asked quietly, hoping that Lea would be able to give her more insight as to what it was like being with a boy.

"Oh God yeah." Lea said with a grin. "That part was great." Lea shifted herself on the couch so that she was sitting cross-legged. She was also feeling the effect of her own story and her pussy was beginning to twitch and warm-up. She knew she was getting wet from the memories of the Edward's fingers sliding in and out of her pussy and ass. Unconsciously, Karen's eyes drifted down and looked right up Lea's skirt. But the shadows and diminished lighting prevented her from seeing anything. Karen looked back up at Lea.

"How... where... what did they do? Did they both touch you? How did it feel? Did you, you know... did you cum?" Karen asked urgently as she too shifted slightly, so that her legs could open a little. When she did, her panties bunched up at her slit and rubbed across her clitoris. Karen involuntarily moved her hips forward and moaned from the feeling.

"You OK?" Lea asked, recognizing the moan as one of pleasure.

"Well," Karen sheepishly answered. "Your story's really hot." Looking down and away from Lea, Karen continued in an embarrassed tone, "I'm kinda getting turned on a little bit."

Lea smiled and reached out to brush Karen's hair. She ran a finger full of Karen's long brown hair down its length and let her fingers rest on Karen's shoulder. "Its OK." Lea said laughingly. "It's having the same effect on me. My panties are a mess."

Karen looked up and laughed. "Mine too." She giggled, "I'm all squishy."

They both laughed.

Then there was a moment of quiet as they both realized just how turned on they were.

In a whispered tone, Lea said hopefully, "Can I see?"

Karen silently thanked Lea for making the first move. She so desperately wanted to be touched, and now Lea was making it happen. Karen had long ago recognized that she like girls in the same way she liked boys. Now it seemed that Lea felt the same way.

Slowly, never taking her eyes from Lea, Karen shifted again so that she was partially reclined, with her legs facing Lea. Then Karen slowly slid the hem of her skirt up her legs. As it approached her upper thighs, the light was better and Lea could see the pale white hint of panties beneath Karen's skirt. Lea reached down and placed her hands on each of Karen's knees. Gently, she spread them apart. Karen closed her eyes and lay her head back on the arm of the couch. Then, still slowly, she continued to pull the skirt up until it cleared the tops of her white cotton panties.

In the dim light, the dark stain of Karen's leaking pussy stared back at Lea.

"Wow." Lea said in a hushed tone, "That's beautiful." She let her fingers slide gingerly down's the inside of Karen's thighs until they rested at the elastic of the leg holes of Karen's panties. Karen moaned as they crept closer and then stopped. Wisps of dark brown pubic hair sprang out at odd angle from Karen's lightly haired pussy, still wrapped within the young girl's panties.

""You, uh... you can touch me if you'd like." Karen said hopefully.

"Yeah. I would." Lea answered. Looking into Karen's eyes, Lea asked. "Are you sure?

Karen ground her hips lower onto the cushion so that her pussy was slightly raised towards Lea. "Yes." Karen gasped with her eyes still closed and her head rocking slowly back and forth. "I want you to touch me." Then, as an after thought, Karen looked up and added, "Touch me like the boys did."

"OK, I'll try." Lea said as she slid the fingertips of both hands onto the cloth and brushed against the wet sticky patch at the crotch of Karen's panties. Karen's hips pushed up in response to the loving touch. She let out a long deep sigh of pleasure as Lea's fingers slid up and down along the slit of her teenage pussy. The material gathered between the lips and stuck to the pink glistening skin. Then Lea thought of something.

"Do you touch yourself yet? Lea asked, still gently massaging the creamy fabric.

"Uh yeah, sometimes." Karen answered and then continued. "Well, actually, a lot." She said smiling. Karen felt that there was no point in hiding anything from Lea. Lea after all was playing with her pussy. Karen had picked up the rhythm of Lea's fingers and her hips were sliding up and down against them. "Oh God that feels so good. I love this." Karen groaned as each touch of the fabric scraping against her now open pussy lips sent a jolt of fantastic pleasure up her cunt and into her brain.

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