Kristy's Surprise

by Kristy Luv

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Swinging, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: I thought I had the whole night planned. Boy was I surprised by what my husband planned.

It had been almost two weeks since my husband had quenched my sexual thirst. That has become the norm between us. Nothing new, the same old sex every time. Not this time. Today I could wait no longer.

I thought all day about his huge black cock throbbing in my mouth. The taste of his pre-cum smeared on my lips. My cunt pulsed with excitement at the thought of his tongue twirling around my clit.

I rushed home from work to complete the necessary preparations for the erotic evening I had day dreamed about. I arrived home he was just leaving for his evening class. As I kissed him good-bye I lightly ran my tongue across his lips and told him to hurry home tonight. When he was out of site I hurried to the shower to clean up. While I was shaving my legs I decided to shave my pussy too. I hoped he would like the clean look. It should give him a very nice view.

I found the perfect attire, a see through lacy black tank top that showed off my white skin and pink nipples, with matching g-string. I found a sweet smelling lotion to top everything off. While lotioning my legs I found my hand wondering up my thighs and sliding between my legs. Just the touch of my lotioned finger against my clit made my cunt cream. I just can't wait for my husband to get home.

It was 9:15pm and he would be home soon. I laid on the couch so when he came through the door the first thing he would see would be me on my stomach with my legs slightly spread apart so that my g-string almost disappears into my ass. The breeze blowing between my legs made my twat tingle. I needed some relief. I needed to be fucked.

I heard the keys in the door so I didn't move a muscle. My heart pounded hard with the curiosity of his reaction. I heard the door close and a voice say "Kris, what are you doing? We have company" I flipped over to see a tall, thin black man standing next to my husband smiling. I jumped up and tried to cover myself. It was a little late for that. I hurried past my husband and the stranger into the bedroom. I was so ashamed I didn't think I could go back out there.

My husband entered the bedroom smiling. "What's goin' on?" he asked. "Why are you dressed like that?" I couldn't even look at him. I was so upset and ashamed I just replied "I had planned a special evening for us. Who is that? You never bring anyone home. Why didn't you call me and tell me first?" He started to laugh. He sat on the bed next to me and pulled me close to him. "I have a special evening planned for us too" he said. "Leroy is a guy I go to school with. He has been interested in meeting you." "Why is he interested in meeting me?" I asked. My husband took my hand and pulled me to my feet and said "Don't worry, just go out and get to know him while I take a shower." As I opened my mouth to protest he bent over and kissed me. "Don't worry, now go."

I went back into the living room where Leroy had already sat down on the couch. He immediately jumped up and stuck his hand out. "Hi, I am Leroy. I go to school with your husband. He has told me so much about you. And none of it a lie I might add." I extended my hand to him and as I did my robe opened to expose my evening wear. He smiled profusely as he shook my hand. I closed my robe as fast as I could and sat down. He walked across the room and sat at the end of the love seat. "You're a very beautiful woman Mrs. Lewis. Has your husband explained why I am here?" Looking at him kinda confused I replied "Thank you but, no he has not told me a thing. What is going on? Is something wrong?" He started to laugh and said "Not at all. Everything is fine. You know you really are a very nice looking woman. You have a nice body from what I got to see of it. Why don't you take off your robe for me. I would like to get a better look." "I don't think so! I don't know who you are or why you are here but that is not appropriate." I exclaimed. "Your husband said you might have a problem with this. Let's see if this will help." He stood up and unzipped his pants. I screamed for him to stop. "What are you doing? You need to leave now." I got up and grabbed his arm. He pulled me close to him and whispered in my ear "don't fight it, you are going to love this, I promise." I pulled away in horror. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Where the hell is Derek?

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