Fifty Dollars

by E J Sheeran

Copyright© 2001 by E J Sheeran

Sex Story: Horny maintenance man fixes things up for an attractive divorcee.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Boy, I wish I had fifty dollars!

That's how much that good looking divorcee in 3132 charges to have sex with her hand. For twenty-five more she'll give you a blowjob and for a hundred bucks she'll let you fuck her. Lots of the old guys here in the condominium use her. With over 1000 units of retirees, widows and widowers in the complex she has all the business she can handle. She is usually booked four to five days in advance.

Well, it doesn't matter, I don't have $50 anyway, but at least I can daydream.

The incessant ringing of the telephone brought me out of my reverie. It was just as well, because I was getting a hard on. "Hello."

"Hello, is this Ed, the fellow who does some maintenance work here on the property?"

"It sure is, what can I do for you," maybe I could pick up that fifty bucks I need.

"This is Henrietta Ward, I've just moved into 4936, and I need some work done."

"What kind of work," the fifty bucks was definitely here, 4946 was one of the big penthouse apartments. If she could afford that apartment, she could afford to pay a little more.

"I've just moved into this apartment. I've owned it for a long time but I have had it rented. Now I need a lot of little things done, like, I have a light switch that doesn't work, two faucets that are dripping, a sink that has a leak under it and a bedroom door that is sticking."

It looks like I could get my fifty here, in fact I might get enough for a fuck if I'm lucky. "I get twenty dollars an hour and could start this afternoon if that's all right with you."

"Oh, someone told me that you only charged fifteen dollars an hour but, okay, anytime you want, I am busy unpacking and need to get these things done right away." The voice was pleasant, and I thought maybe I should take care of myself and get rid of this erection before I went to do the work but what the hell; I wanted the money right away.

I gathered all the tools I thought I would need, put them in the little cart and made my way across the lawn to the 4900 building. There were 50 buildings in the complex. Each building had eight apartments on the first three floors and most had eight on the fourth floor. The five buildings that overlooked the golf course and the five buildings that overlooked the Indian River had only six apartments on the fourth floor, but they were much larger penthouses. 4946 was definitely one of the large penthouses.

It was almost 2 p.m. when I took the elevator to the fourth floor and knocked on the door of the end apartment. The inner door was open and through the screen I could see a jumble of boxes and packing crates. Furniture seemed to be piled haphazardly everywhere. She opened the door and I was pleasantly surprised. She was very attractive, shapely and seemed to be, late 40s, perhaps 50ish, certainly much younger than the norm in this retirement community and maybe five or ten years younger than me.

"Hi, I'm Ed, I've come to look at your plumbing."

She gave me quizzical, sideways look, broke into a smile and said, "Do what you have to do. I am Henrietta, but everybody calls me Hank. There is a leak under the guest bathroom sink; the kitchen sink doesn't work right and the spigot in the master bathroom room sink drips. The toilet in there runs constantly and I can't close the door to the guest bedroom. Please take care of the master bathroom first, I need to bathe."

I zapped a new washer in the basin faucet and started on the commode. All it required was a new flapper valve, which I had in my kit. The kitchen sink needed a new cartridge. Fortunately I had one of those too.

The bedroom door was a snap. The screws holding the hinge had worked out, letting the door sag and keeping it from closing. I took care of that and was deep under the guest bathroom sink when she came in and said, "Is everything going OKAY? I am going to take a bath now."

"Fine, do you need someone to scrub your back?" Ha, I should be so lucky.

With a light laugh she said, "Not now, maybe next time."

I was working away, thinking about washing her back and what I was going to do with the seventy-five dollars I was going to charge her when my erection got so big I had to readjust its position. I moved it with my hand, moved it again and because it felt so good, moved it a few more times.

I almost jumped out of my skin when her voice came out of nowhere. "You look like you could use a cold shower too."

I mumbled some sort of an apology and went back to work as I felt my erection began to fade.

I finished up and crawled out from under the sink but she was nowhere in sight. I went looking for her so she could tell me which wall switch didn't work. I found her in the bedroom, with her back to me taking things out of a packing box on the bed and putting them into a bedside stand. She was barefoot and dressed in only an extra long, jersey, 'T' shirt. I watched mesmerized as she moved and the flimsy material molded its self to her body. I could see that there were no panty or bra strap lines and figured that she must be completely nude underneath. Just as I was thinking, "Oops, here comes that erection again" she removed a huge, penis shaped, vibrator from the box and tried to stow it in the nightstand but it was too big for the drawer. I must have made some sort of noise because she spun around, the big cock still in her hand.

Now it was her turn to be embarrassed, but instead of being angry she said, "Well, now we both know something about the other, don't we?" With a smile she clutched it to her breast and said, "This is Dick, my closest and dearest friend."

WOW! The mental image of her, lying on the bed, nude, with her legs spread and sliding that thing in and out of her pussy was extremely disturbing. My cock began to swell almost immediately. I adjusted it (again) and she said, "It looks like someone else needs a friend."

She started walking toward me. About halfway across the room she stopped and pulled the "T" shirt off over her head. I had been right, she was nude underneath. "Lets just see how bad you need that friend." With that she knelt in front of me, undid my belt and unzipped my fly. My cock, at full attention, fell out in her face.

"Oh my, I think I could be your friend."

I knew she was right the moment she took it in her mouth. I just stood there, eyes closed, no thoughts in my mind except the rapture that was coursing upward into my body from the velvety caressing of her tongue and mouth on my cock. I couldn't help myself, I began to plunge my pelvis forward, fucking her mouth and, in fact, her whole face.

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