Cool, Lovely Rain

by E J Sheeran

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Summer rain shower bring two young people together.

The stifling heat woke me from a troubled sleep. My entire body was bathed in sweat and the sheets on my bunk were damp with my perspiration. Anchored out like that, with no generator running the air conditioner didn't work. Although the hatch was open, there just wasn't enough breeze to push any wind currents below deck.

Of course, the heat was only part of the problem. I was horny as hell. I laid back down and tried to envision in my mind a picture of the young nymph, the beautiful daughter of the older couple that ran the Marina. She had been flitting about in her little outboard runabout all day, barefoot, short shorts, and a halter top that did not began to conceal her ample breasts. Her sun streaked blond hair and bronze colored skin had made a lasting impression on me when she assigned me to an anchorage early that day.

Friendly banter, full of sexual innuendo, had me looking forward to a date with her the next night, but that wasn't helping my frustrated, swollen cock right then. I got up, moved from the cabin through the companionway and stuck my head out of the main hatch to see what, if anything was happening on any of the other boats. Although it wasn't even midnight yet, there was no sign of life and only mast head lights to the seen in the anchorage. In contrast, the main dock, fifty feet away was brightly lit.

I figured there was nobody that could see anyway, so I stepped out on deck and began urinating over the side. [It's not easy to pee with a hard on.] There was thunder off in the distance and I was hoping for some rain to cool it off a little. I was standing there nude, eyes closed, lost in my thoughts, my hard cock in my hand, when a voice called "ahoy there." It was her.

I jumped so hard I pissed on my foot. I tried to stem the flow but the three beers I had before I went to bed had to come out. "That's quite a show, don't you have a head aboard?" She was laughing.

I finally got it shut off and moved back into the companionway so that I was only exposed from the waist up. "Sorry, I didn't think anybody was up and about."

"It's too hot to sleep. Want some company?"

"Sure, come on out, I'll be dressed by the time you get here."

"Don't go out of your way for me, maybe I'll join you," she said with a chuckle.

Her words and the erotic vision they brought to my mind, caused my erection, which had begun to wane, to immediately regain its fighting size and shape. I had barely slipped on some shorts when I heard her little outboard approaching. By the time I got back on deck she was trying the painter off to a cleat by the boarding ladder.

"I was hoping you would have a couple of cold beers. I am old enough but Mom and Dad don't like for me to drink around them."

The first tentative drops of cooling rain began hitting the deck like pellets. "We better get inside or we will be soaked. Come below, and I'll get us that beer."

"You go get the beer, I'm going to stay here and enjoy the rain. Also bring a bar of soap when you come back." The thought of the soap and her using it, brought new, exciting, ideas to my mind.

I got a couple of beers and found a fresh cake of soap in the supply larder. I was pleasantly surprised when I came back up on the aft deck to find her completely nude, her head back, enjoying the feel of the cooling rain running over her body. [And I thought I was horny before.] She was tall and slender with short, sun streaked, blond hair, breasts perky and perfectly proportioned to her body. It was obvious that she spent a lot of time in the sun nude, because her golden skin had no tan lines at all and her pussy was completely devoid of hair.

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