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Desc: Sex Story: A single solder finds himself comfronted with a new orders.

For a number of years my husband served as a Major in the British Army. For some of the time I accompanied him on his tours to Germany. Germany is a great place to be posted but not much good if you are a horny woman who likes her husband in bed with her every night. I think for the first 18 months we were there he spent half the time away on exercise or courses. The story I am about to relate is of one such occasion.

I think it was in 1982 we had been posted to a camp near Koln. Because Mike was off on a 4 month attachment to another unit I travelled out on my own. I was delighted to discover that one of my best friends was living in the same street. The Army is funny like that. You can move thousands of miles and still find yourself with the same neighbours. Sara's husband was the Commanding Officer of an Infantry Battalion who were just getting ready to leave. I was at her house when she was packing away some of her things. Being the Boss, her husband had sent down a couple of his soldiers to help.

As soon as I went in my attention was drawn to muscular young man of about 25. It wouldn't have been good soldiering to be out of uniform, so although the day was hot the guys were working in their shirts. Even so I could see the powerful body of this terrific guy straining against the regulation issue green shirt whenever he lifted a packing box. I was startled by my friends whispered voice by my ear,

"He is rather sexy isn't he?" My thoughts must have been more transparent than I'd hoped because when I'd mumbled something about not really noticing, she said. "Don't give me that. You were virtually drooling over him."

I blushed and admitted my admiration. I remember joking about sending him around to help me unpack.

Imagine my surprise when there was a knock promptly at five to eight the next morning at my front door and there was my Adonis. Sara had told her husband that I had arrived and needed help moving some delivery boxes. In a logical way she had suggested that perhaps one of the guys who had been to their house would be ideal as they knew the location. How she managed to get the exact one I shall never know.

At that time of the day I was still in my dressing gown. A black silky kimono with silver dragons down the sleeves. If Steve, as I later discovered his name, had arrived 5 minutes sooner I would have been still in the shower. As it was I was naked underneath. As I stepped back to let him in, I made sure the mid-thigh length garment swished open to expose an eye catching amount of thigh. OK, I was mid to late thirties then and Steve was a good ten years my junior but I have always stayed in good shape and was still a size 12 dress. He caught my flash and the smile on his face showed approval.

"OK Ma'am, where do you want me?" I don't think he realised his unfortunate use of words until I replied,

"Steady big boy. Lets get some work done first." Steve's face turned bright red and he tried to cover his embarrassment by asking what work I wanted him to perform.

After just half an hour of carting boxes all round the house the poor guy was sweating profusely.

"Look," I said, "there's no-one here to see you, I won't tell the boss if you take your shirt off and cool down."

He readily agreed. When he stripped his shirt off I was confronted with pecs that my husband, and I for that matter, can only dream of. I couldn't contain myself anymore. "Right! Just pop this box up to the first room at the top of the stairs and I'll get you a cold drink." I said.

The first room was my bedroom of course. As soon as he started up the stairs I dashed into the kitchen and grabbed the chilled bottle of white wine and two glasses and ran up after him.

He dropped the box on a dressing table and turned, virtually bumping into me standing in the open doorway barring his only exit. Handing him the bottle, I ordered him to open it. I plonked myself on the end of the bed. Still in my dressing gown, I made no effort to pull it closed around my thighs. I think it was only then that he realised what he was in for. A look of pleasure came over his face. I think in some circles it would be called, "A shit eating grin."

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