Long **** of the Law

by Cheekylad2002

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A lady finds herself helping the police with their enquiries.

John and Carl had had one hell of a late shift. Two shop lifters, A handbag snatch and a burglary. Plus the usual crap from kids hanging around where they weren't wanted. But now it was 10.30pm and they were heading back to the police station in their marked cruiser.

"Jeeze I'll be glad to see the back of this shift." John groaned as he stretched his back. "Yeah I know what you mean my friend. That lass in the supermarket was pretty nice. I wouldn't mind going home to her."

"Mmmm, I know where you're coming from. A little on the heavier side, that little lady was definitely built for comfort rather than speed."

Before either officer could expand upon what kind of comforts they would enjoy with their favoured lady the radio burst into life,

"Control to Tango Oscar 39. Sorry to call you guys at this time but we just got a prowler on the St Johns Road Estate. Number 12 reported a guy dressed in black looking into windows. Can you have a look around please?"

"Damn! Carl cursed. Ah what the hell. Its almost the other side of town, bye the time we get there he will have gone on his way."

The street was indeed deserted with lights on in only a couple of the houses. After calling into number 12 to reassure the occupants they knocked at number 14, the only near house with a light on. The door was opened by a lady who looked in her mid to late 30's. About 5'7" tall and pleasingly rounded of figure. She wore a thin white T shirt, presumably her night-shirt and nothing which could be seen on the bottom half. Although quite long as T shirts go, it exposed an awful lot of leg.

"Oh god! Sorry she stuttered, I thought maybe it was my girlfriend. I wouldn't open the door like this normally." Having made her apology she made no attempt to hide herself or get behind the door. John who had done the knocking Just stood there and stared at her. Thinking that the late evening breeze was responsible for making her nipples suddenly more evident he muttered something about it being chilly on the doorstep and could they come in and have a quick word.

The woman herself appeared mesmerised by the sight of the two fully uniformed officers and meekly stood back to allow them entry.

Entering the main room, John immediately noticed a large screened computer in the corner. The image presently showing included an awful lot of flesh. Walking over to the machine John could see what the woman must have been looking at when they knocked. The picture was of a naked woman sprawled face down on a desk. A guy in what remained of a police uniform was standing between her legs with his enlarged tool about to enter her waiting pussy.

Glancing at the woman standing in the middle of the room, John reached over to the mouse and hit the back button. The same couple were showed but this time the guy was sitting on the edge of the desk and the woman, still naked was kneeling between his legs with his cock deep in her mouth. A look of ecstasy on both players faces.

"Hey Carl come look at this." John drawled. To the woman he said, "You know possession of this sort of stuff can get you in a lot of trouble?"

"I know." She replied meekly. "Its just... a thing I have... uniforms that is, particularly cops."

"You live alone here?" Carl asked.

"No. I share with two other friends. They are away for the weekend. I thought maybe it was them back a day early when,... you know,...knocked." She held her hands behind her back, this making her breasts push forward. If anything her nipples were even harder. "I don't want to get into trouble..." By now she could see the interest building in the two cops eyes. To Emphasise her boldness she sat down on the lounger allowing the shirt to rise even further.

"You guys never looked at naughty pics huh?" By now the cops had gone through several of her fav pics on the computer.

Let me show you some of my best porn sites. Squeezing between the two large cops she bent over the keyboard and brought up a group sex site. She could feel the presence of the cop called john come alongside her. He placed his right arm around her waist and onto her hip. From there he slid his hand down onto her ass. She gave a little moan in the back of her throat and sidled a little closer to show her interest. Carl not wanting to be left out, went to her other side and reaching under her caressed her right breast. She gasped as he took a nipple between thumb and finger and squeezed.

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