Work Experience

by Cheekylad2002

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Desc: Sex Story: A working lad gets a little help from an older lady customer.

When I was about eighteen I worked for a while in the newly dawning leisure industry as a sales assistant in a small sports store. The boss was a guy of about 60 and rarely came to the store.

The day I want to tell you about was much like any other but the manager was off sick and the middle aged lady assistant was on her day off leaving just Tom another lad just a little older than myself and me to run the shop. Being a Monday it was fairly quiet and no big deal.

Tom had arranged to meet his girlfriend for lunch, so at 12.20 he decided to get a flyer and leave a little early. Because of staff shortage the boss had already told us by phone to close for lunch at 12.30.

Just before 12.30 I was starting to lock up when the door opened and I was confronted with the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. She was about 25, tall, maybe 5'9" and sensually slim. This being accented by the tight white T shirt and short, (yes this was the era of the micro skirt) pleated plaid skirt. Her legs made to look even longer by the high heels she was wearing.

Giving me a white toothed smile that nearly stopped my heart she said,

"I'd like to see some training shoes please."

"Er... yes OK." I said stuttering. "They are upstairs. I'll have to lock the door if you don't mind. I'm the only one here and was just about to close for lunch."

She didn't reply, so assuming she thought herself quite safe with a young lad like me, I locked the door and followed her wonderfully wiggling hips up the stairs. Viewed from just below I could see just about all of those lovely legs but not quite to her panties.

She pointed out an expensive pair of trainers and sat on one of those low square cushion seats that shoe shops all over the world seem to have. I retrieved the indicated shoes form the shelf and knelt on the floor just in front of her. She put one of her feet up onto the angled fitting platforms for me to un-do her high heeled shoe for her. As she did her skirt slipped up her leg and my face being in-line with her lower body, I was given an unobstructed view of her crotch area. Not only was there no sign of any sign of underclothes but a distinct lack of pubic hair.

I tried desperately to concentrate on the training shoe I was lacing when she asked,

"What do you think?"

I said, "They are probably the best pair of trainers we have ever stocked."

"No. Not the shoes Silly. I meant this..." As she spoke she raised the hem of her skirt with one hand and ran her other hand over the flat of her stomach and down over the neatly shaved area of her vagina. Cupping her hand between her legs I saw a finger disappear into her depth.

She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath.

"Er... Its great." I said. "Lovely." Having never before been in this type of situation.

"You sound like you are still describing shoes." she said smiling. Moving her hand from between her legs she reached up towards my face and placing the still moist finger just below my nose dragged it down over my mouth pulling my lower lip down. Her finger then traveled down over my chin.

I could smell the musty womanliness of her and taste the slightly salty tang of her wetness on the inside of my lower lip. My reaction was to give a meteoric boost of blood to my blossoming erection which had started the moment she had walked in the store.

Trying to relieve the discomfort of my tool which was now bent double in the confines of my underpants I instinctively reached down to try and untangle it.

"Mmmm." She mumbled, a smile in her voice. "Is it the shoes or me having that effect on you? Want a better sample?" She said laying back over two of the padded stools exposing even more of her charms to me as she opened her legs for my inspection.

I tentatively reached out a hand towards her groin knowing we were safe behind locked doors. It's not everyday a lad of my age gets this kind of opportunity.

"Oh no you don't." She said. "I want your tongue."

Kneeling on the floor between her legs I placed a hand on each of her thighs and lowered my head towards that bare expance of welcoming crotch. I gingerly touched the tip of my tongue at the top of her lipped slit. Encouraged by the low moan from somewhere above me, ran my tongue lower and deeper in finding her clitoris. She gasped and thrust her hips up towards my face both hands placed on the back of my head preventing any escape. Not that I was inclined to.

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