Diana's Slavery

by E. Z. Riter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Sadistic, Torture, .

Desc: Sex Story: She was a total bitch, but she finally met her match, and he would control her destiny

©1998 by EzRiter

WARNING!!! This is heavy Sado-masochism. Go away if this is not what you want. Go away if you are under eighteen (twenty-one in certain locations). Go away if this kind of stuff offends you.

This is not meant to be reality. If you think it is, seek a mental health professional immediately. Do not attempt these sex acts at home.

Diana was the best looking girl in the university, and there were thousands of girls. She was the head cheerleader. She dated the captain of the football team. She was president of her sorority and homecoming queen. Her father was filthy rich. And she was a total BITCH!

You know the kind. They are fabulous looking and they know it! And, they use those looks to manipulate people any way they want without concern for anyone else. Diana was the worst of them because she loved making men feel little, feel used, feel worthless. Even her boyfriends!

But, David knew... finally he knew the KEY to her. It was key he would use.

Diana was coming to his place for free tutoring. And what lessons she would get! The first session was planned for three hours on Saturday. She arrived at nine, only one hour late.

She looked bouncy. She was wearing a halter top, black against her tanned skin. The halter was nothing more than a push up bra. Her big breasts were overflowing as the halter hid little and maximized what was there. She wore shorts, little shorts that allowed the bottom of her ass cheeks to peek out when she bent over. She was a knock out. She was outstanding. She was a tease.

The lesson started slowly. Diana was having more fun teasing him then she was studying. He could see that this PRICK TEASE BITCH was loving rubbing against him, bending over to show her ass, putting her hand on his thigh, and all the other little tricks bitches do to make men hard... hard and hot for them. Diana was being vicious in her teasing, licking her full lips, telling him of how the loved to suck her boyfriend's cock, making sure he was hard from her words and movements.

But, it was time... it was time for Diana to change forever... time for her to recognize her true reason for being... to be a SLAVE for a man... to be a slave to him... David's slave.

He was ready. Diana was teasing him again... standing close... letting the tips of her fine breasts barely brush his chest. He put her hands on her shoulders, fingers touching her spine in her neck, thumbs against collarbones.

"Now, now, David, no touching," she said, teasing him with her sexy bedroom eyes.

"OUCH! What was that?" she said as the small needle went into her neck and he pushed the plunger.

She pushed him away. Her eyes went vacant. She looked at her hands and tried to clench her fists but they would not work. The medicine was working... she was losing control of her muscles.

She looked at him, surprise in her eyes.

"David, what have you done to me? What did you give me?" Her voice was slurred.

"Just a little relaxer for you, my sweet slut. You need to relax."

Her legs started to shake and she suddenly sat down, unable to support her own weight. Slowly, she lay back against the carpet.

Fear was in her face... fear.

"David, I can't sit up. What is happening?" She was trying to make her body respond, trying to control her muscles but she could not. She could barely talk. He looked down at her. The relaxant would not last long. But, for now, she had no control over her body. She lay at his feet, looking up at him.

"Well, sweet bitch, darling Diana, you look comfortable and relaxed. Here, let me help you out of your clothes to make you even more comfortable."

He reached behind her neck and undid the tie of the halter. His hands quickly went to the front and undid the large, ornate clasp holding it on her lovely breasts. The halter fell away and he stared as the most perfect tits popped into view.

His hand gently stroked her breast, letting his finger tips caress them. Her face showed no reaction as she felt his hands on her but her nipples quickly became erect from his experienced fingers. She lay limp as a rag doll as David played with her perfect breasts, manipulating their full, ripe fruit in his hands, feeling their softness and the hardness of her nipples, big and purple from blood engorgment.

"You must be wondering what I want. You, Diana, I want you. But, I don't want a quick fuck, Diana. I want you to be my slave... my SLAVE, Diana... for always."

"No! Never!" she wanted to say but she could not say anything. She was paralyzed. She tried to move but she could not. He could see frustration in her face as she tried to force her muscles to work but she was helpless... she could not even lift her head from the carpet. Only her brain worked. And her brain was full of FEAR!

He undid the button on her shorts and pulled down the zipper.

She could feel him... feel him undressing her... feel his hands on her... but she could not stop him... she could not move. Only her eyes showed the fear coursing through her.

His hand went down her leg, feeling the soft feminine flesh... so soft yet so firm... so wonderfully feminine yet so muscular... she twitched in reaction... twitched as his hand caressed her.

He grabbed her arms and pulled her... pulled her dead, unresisting weight toward the area he had prepared for her. As he pulled her shorts and panties were dragged down to her knees exposing her sweet pussy. He stopped and kneeled beside her.

He touched her perfect pussy, her love passion. His finger slid into her. Tears started to run down her face. Tears of humiliation... of frustration and fear.

David smiled at her.

"You worthless slut, your pussy is wet... it is juicing... your pussy knows what you will not admit... your pussy knows you are looking forward to being my slave... to serving me... to submitting to me in all things."

He pushed his thumb hard against her clit... her little love button. Her body jumped in reflex because she could feel, she just could not control her movements. He continued to massage her clit. Her hot love button was erect and her pussy lips full and plump telling him of the desire to be fucked she could not control... the passion he could tell was building in her... passion that could not be released because of the relaxant.

Tears were flowing down her face, tears she could feel but not stop or even wipe away.

"Stupid, worthless cunt... slut... bitch... I will fuck you but only after you beg me to do it. Only when you cry for me to fuck your worthless cunt will I do it. And you will BEG! Your will BEG for me to do whatever I want to you."

He stroked her face. She could not even move it to turn away from him.

"Diana, you worthless slut, I am going to OWN YOU... make you my SLAVE... I will do it by causing you great pain... more pain than you can imagine... and that pain will cause you pleasure... more pleasure then you ever could dream of."

"You will love the pleasure I give up... love what only I can do for you... you will beg me to do whatever I want with you."

Her eyes were wide in fear. David laughed, a cold, true laugh.

"Soon, darling slut, soon, I will own you."

He began tying Diana with the rope. The pulled her to upright position so she hung limp but erect in her bondage. He watched her and stroked. Stroked her continually, hands running all over her, feeling the wonderful flesh that would soon be his to own... to control...

"Worthless slut, I am going to enjoy owning you... controlling you... having you as my personal whore... my slave. But, you will enjoy it even more than I do. You will love belonging to me... of losing control forever of your body and your sex... of surrendering to me totally and completely. It will make you so happy. More happy than you deserve, bitch, but happiness you can earn by being my slave. Do you understand what is going to happen to you? Do you understand that this is the first day of your new life? Your life as David's slave... David's whore."

Again, he stroked her sweet pussy. Again, she moved involuntarily.

As he planned, the muscle relaxant was wearing off. He could see the twitching of her arms and legs as the nerves began to return control to her. She could raise her head now, she could look him in the eye.

Diana was afraid... totally afraid. Tears flowed freely down her face. But, deep inside her brain, in a small part of her subconscious, she was eagerly anticipating her slavery... her punishment... and this scared her as much as anything.


Sweat poured from her naked body... her fine body. She hung from the ceiling, her tender wrists wrapped five times with the heavy white rope... arms spread. Her legs were spread too, spread wide and roped to bolts in the floor. She was tied in an X shape to the floor and ceiling.

The girl couldn't move! She was exposed... totally exposed!

Her breasts heaved... quivered... fine, heavy breasts... D cups... big nipples standing erect... firm, feminine flesh... tits she liked to rub against men... to flash through the fine clothes she wore... those super, perky tits with their big nipples, like little fingers... those tits she used as a weapon...

Her large, round, firm ass was available... available for him to fuck... or to WHIP!...that ass that she liked to show off... in her tight, tight jeans... her miniskirts... or in her cheerleader's outfit at the games, when she swirled in her short skirt so her fine ass was exposed to all, covered only by the thin white panties she wore...

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