Our Theatre Experience

by Eroticmale65

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Oral Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: On impulse they go into an adult theatre and start something wild.

Based on a true event!

I met my wife in Thailand about seven years ago and we were married a year later. She is not the supermodel type, but something about her makes her very sexy to all the men that see her. She has a roundish face with puffy lips that were perfect for sucking cock. Her breasts are very large for an Asian woman 38D with large dark nipples that stick out a half-inch when she gets turned on.

We had a very active sex life for a few years then it cooled off a little except now and then it would get a little crazy. Normally she is shy and reserved but she loves sex and talking dirty during sex makes her crazy. She cums easily and gushes more fluid than any other women I've been with. On occasion she reaches a state that she doesn't know how to stop. I had to get her a few large vibrators for these times. Eventually she reaches exhaustion and collapses in a wet shaking ball. I had been to the Regency several times and she knew about it and told me I was a pervert. One thing that really gets her going is simulating more than one man with a finger in her mouth and a vibrator between her large firm breasts. At the same time telling her how many guys were there and wanted to fuck her and cum on her tits and body. I didn't think she would ever do anything like that but always wondered.

One night we drove by the theater and she made a joke about my favorite movie playing. I told her she was right and pulled into the theater parking lot to get her reaction. She was surprised and I think annoyed but she kept the joke up so as not to let me win. I thought for sure she would stop at the door and start laughing. We went in got my ticket, I think she got in free. She was wearing a tight sweeter that showed her tits well and a knee length skirt. She noticed that all the guys in the lobby were looking at her. It was dark outside so we could see pretty well as we entered the theater and sat down in the couples section with me on the aisle seat. A group of guys immediately sat across the aisle and watched us and not the movie.

We quietly watched the movie for about ten minutes. I reached down between her legs to see what the reaction would be and found her hands already there. I noticed that she was looking at the group of masturbating men and not the movie. I ask her if she would mind me doing the same and she whispered go ahead. I moved to the other side of her pretending that I just wanted not to be so obvious. Actually I wanted to give her and the guys a better view. I reached over and slid my hand up her sweater and pulled her large breasts out of her bra. Her nipples were hard and her hands moving quickly between her legs. I could tell she was headed for one of those points where she can't stop. I pulled up her sweater to expose her breasts and began licking the nipple on her breasts next to me. One of her hands moved over to my cock and slowly stroked it freeing up my hands to touch her. I wiggled her tits a bit for the group across the aisle and pulled up her skirt with the other hand so we could all see her finger fucking herself as she watched the guys across the aisle. A few of them had cum already and moved elsewhere in the theater as another moved into better viewing position. I felt her shake and heard the sound of liquid hitting the floor below her. I pulled top back down and several guys got up and left.

I ask her if her seat was wet and she said yes and ask if we could move. We gathered ourselves and she led the way to the area in front of the couple's area. I told her we were not in the couples are and she gave me a confused look. She hadn't understood that the guys stayed on the other side of the aisle for that reason only. She didn't seem to mind a closer look herself and sat down about halfway to the wall. Soon there were men a few seats away in each direction. As soon as she reached down and put her hands under her skirt they moved closer and pulled out their cocks, most were already hard. She pulled off her bra from under her sweater. I still can't figure out how women do that. I reached over and pulled up her sweater again and let her big firm breasts bounce out with nipples hard and protruding. I had also undone my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. She bent over and started licking the head of my shaft. The guy

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