by Lyssa

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Rape, Coercion, Fiction, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Light Bond, Torture, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A slave going to go meet her Master, and she gets abducted and raped by her Master

Arriving at the airport, her hair let down draping over her soft shoulders, wearing a long fitting blue dress, with a slit mid way up the thigh, and black velvet high-heeled shoes on her feet. Her makeup done just perfect. After gathering her luggage, she makes her way out to the taxi stand waiting for Him, waiting for His driver to come take her to Him. Waiting I shift nervously, wondering what He has in store for her for the weekend. Wondering if it is going to be a weekend of extreme pleasure, or is it going to be a weekend of pain, or a weekend of pleasure and pain. my body shaking a little bit, shaking from the unease of not knowing what is going to happen to her this weekend.

i notice a car pulling up in front of her, a man steps out motioning her to Him as He opens the door. i point to my self, me is it me He wants... He nods His head and I step closer to the car, He tells me to get into the car. Doing as I am told I step into the car, I sit there nervously, shifting in my seat, my mind racing. This is it no turning back now. The driver puts my luggage into the back of the car and gets in. He pulls away saying nothing to her, nothing at all. I say "hello Sir" almost in a whisper to Him. He nods His head, still not saying a word to me.

We drive down the road about 20 minutes or so. The driver pulls over and stops. Two Men walk up to the car and get in, One in the front with the driver and the other in the back with me. Never have seen them before I start shaking even more. I speak up asking " what is going on where are You taking me where is Rich" the man in the back says "says shut up You slut I have no Idea who Rich is and don't care you are coming with us and that's it" He takes a piece of rope out of His pocket telling me to lean forward and put my wrists behind my back. I hesitate, my body shaking even more, He stares at me and Yells "Do it Now" I slowly put my hands behind my back. He ties the rope around my wrists tying them tight, my mind racing wondering who these Men are and where they are taking me. He takes out a scarf and wraps it around my head around my eyes, closing off my sight. Making my head wander more. "oh gwds I got into the wrong car... this Man isn't taking me to see Rich" The Man yells back at me telling me to sit back and stop shaking. I whisper to Him "Sir I am sorry but girl is nervous not knowing what is going on where You are taking her, please Sir please let me go and I will not speak of this to anyone" the man in the front says " shut that whore up or I will." I sit there nervous my body trembling even more. The man takes out a gag and wraps it around my mouth shoving it deep into my mouth. "there now she wont udder another word" the man in the back says. He continues "now sit back and stop shaking You slut or I will give You something to shake about" I sit back resting against the back of the seat, I still can feel my body trembling hoping it is not noticed.

I feel the car stop, my heart beats faster, my breathing fastening. The driver shuts the car off and I hear the doors open. A Man pulls on my arm shouting at me "get out of the car" I slide my legs out of the car stumbling to my feet, my body trembling even more. He tugs on my arm telling me "start walking and that you better keep up with Me, and if you don't I will drag your sorry ass". I follow Him my feet stumbling tripping over each other. My heart racing even more my breathing becoming more rapid, shaking my head I continue walking trying to keep up with the Man He says "take 2 steps and step up 2 steps" I do. I follow Him wondering where I'm following Him to. I hear the door slam shut behind her locking as it does. My heart beats even more rapid I'm gasping for air. The man leads me through some rooms walking me to another door opening it and telling me to step inside. I step inside and He pulls my arm down, pushing me down with it. He tells me " kneel and be a good quiet slut" I do as I am told and kneel on the cold hard floor. I hear footsteps coming closer, hearing Men talk, but can't make out what they are saying all of a sudden the door slams shut. My mind races off..."what are they going to do to me, where am I, what did I do to deserve this"... I start hearing them, They start talking louder, louder so I can hear them... "I hear one say lets sell her, yeah lets sell her to the highest bidder she has a fine body I'm sure she will make some lucky man very happy". I hear another one say "no lets fuck her and abuse the slut, lets treat her like a slut should be used, make her fuck us all, suck our cocks, please us all" I start to whimper tears rolling down my face my whimpers becoming louder...even through the gag them men can hear me... One of them bangs on the door telling me to shut up or He will give me something to whimper about. Hearing Him I quiet down my whimpers low, but still there. I hear a 3rd Man a voice I'm sure I have not heard before this. The man says I have a better idea how about You leave me alone with this whore and I will use her, then each of You can take a turn with her and use her but only after I am done.

I hear the other 2 men say "yes boss, as You wish". My heart starts trembling even more as the door opens, tears streaming down my face. I feel His eyes upon me. Staring at me He pulls at my arm pulling me to Him. He whispers in my ear "you slut will obey everything I say, You will not question anything I say or do and if You do, so help You. I will take the gag off of You for now so You may answer me but do not dare to scream no one can hear You except My Men and they will do nothing to help You so screaming is not an option". He takes the gag off of my mouth my tongue snaking out of my mouth moistening my lips. He whispers in my ear " girl You better thank Me now or..." Before He even finishes His sentence I whisper back to Him "Sir girl thank You, thank You for taking the gag off of her" He turns me around untying my wrists. I move my arms and hands to the front of me rubbing them rubbing away the soreness.

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