Rite of Passage

by Anonymous

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Uncle, Niece, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Size, School, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: College football player hijinks.

That little Long Island scandal that hit the papers recently could only happen in today's society, where the media tries to create their own news.

My college football buddies and I were at this pre-season party, reminiscing about those 70's parties - the ones just before the discovery of aids!

One guy, an assistant coach today at a well kown Midwestern college, told us about the Rite of Passage they used to have, there, and the ironic twist of fate that ended it.

There were no media scandals, no firings, no indictments, just an unfortunate accident (no injuries or fatalities), so they toned it down, themselves.

I'll be this still goes on, to some degree, somewhere out there, but this university was in the middle of nowhere!

So, as college kids will, the football team and the cheerleading squad found a way to create healthy competition by granting the outstanding rookie in camp, a romp in the sack with a rookie cheerleader.

If there was more than one rookie cheerleader, then there was more than one "prize".

This one outstanding rookie came to the school with the nickname: "junior", but that nickname already belonged to the new star freshman quarterback, so he changed his nickname to honor his favorite wrestler: "the Rock".

No one had any objections and rookie camp got underway.

Meanwhile, back in his home state, his older sister was giving motherly advice to her college sophomore daughter about her transfer to the same college.

She said, "Be very careful! This place has a reputation for wild, drunken, sex parties and you don't want to turn up pregnant.

When you get settled, you might look up your uncle Jules. He's known as 'junior'."

(Ofcourse, it was the wild drunken sex parties that attracted young Kitty, in the first place!)

She didn't go to college for anything else!

She figured that maybe she could meet and bed an up & coming NFL star and live on "Easy Street", or clean up in a divorce proceeding.

But the big money came in child support, so she wouldn't mind "getting some" while she was trying to "get some"!

Kitty had natural gifts to this end: blond, green eyed, perhaps 38Ds, trim, lithe, and a very sexy coyness, no matter how artificial it was.

Since the blond hair was created, courtesy of Clairol, she hid the 'giveaway' by shaving her pubes clean, to keep 'em guessing.

As she was a transferee, Kitty was treated as a rookie at cheerleader camp.

This suited her fine, since she had heard the rumors and couldn't wait for camp to end.

It had never dawned on Kitty just how many black men (as a percentage) were playing college football versus how few black women (likewise) were on cheerleading squads!

She was soon faced with the very real possibility of fucking two or three black men!

But she quickly got over it - the lure of the big bucks was just too much!

Besides, if anyone got too rough, she could look up her uncle Jules, known as Junior?

She put her all into her craft and was chosen as outstanding new cheerleader, but since there were four new girls on the squad, they had a little 'ritual' to perform with, as yet, un-named varsity players. No one objected to this situation.

Since first game was going to be on the road, it looked like their tete-a-tetes would be in hotel rooms, which was okay with Kitty.

Her status as outstanding new cheerleader didn't matter that much because the men had a certain pecking order which was handed down over the years, at school.

Quarterbacks had first dibs, then running backs, then receivers, etc.

As the day before the first game arrived, Kitty was told she had the honor of doing "Junior", the new star quarterback.

Her smile turned to fright, "Junior is his name?" she wanted verification, and got it!

Panic set in, and she told the head cheeerleader that she just had to trust her on this but, for personal reasons, she couldn't have sex with "Junior"!

The normal questions began to arise, but there was no time! Couldn't they just switch guys?

Ofcourse they could! Each outstanding rookie expected to make it with EVERY cheerleader, sooner or later, during the season!

Sherry got the honor of introducing their new quarterback to his first pre-game sex!

Kitty, as you guessed, got 'the Rock'!

Now, they hadn't seen all that much of eachother, and it was all as kids, when Kitty was still called Katerina.

Her mother lived a hundred miles from her original home, where Jules still lived.

So, Kitty and 'the Rock' were introduced and left to themslves.

And neither of them was bashful!

Rock started by complimenting the way Kitty filled out her cheerleader's uniform (wearing the outfit was part of the ritual).

Then he moved to the hug position while his hands undid her top from behind.

When her wonderful morsels of mammalian delight flopped free, he placed his mouth over one nipple while supporting the other breast with his free hand.

Kitty had much less work to do: Rock was only wearing shorts!

As she undid them, they were allowed to free fall to the floor as Rock lifted Kitty and brought her to his hotel bed.

When he placed her with her head towards the foot of the bed, Kitty guessed the next step!

Rock stepped out of his shorts, his penis already saluting his private cheerleader.

As he knelt astride Kitty, Rock dipped his tongue between the moist petals that his busy hands had pried apart, and Kitty involuntarily stiffened dramatically from the sensations her clit was sending her brain.

Meanwhile, since she had an agenda, she did a poor job on Rock's penis, not wanting to waste his cum outside her steaming vagina.

Rock mistook Kitty's reticence for demure, as in, inexperienced, and asked her gently if it was her first time or whether she was in the 'wrong time'.

She assured him that she just needed to feel a man inside her, all the way.

Only too eager to please, Jules turned around, gave Kitty one last lick frontally, then knelt close and toyed at her opening with his penis.

She begged him to put it inside her, so he slid it inside, an inch or two at a time!

Finally, after a short while and Kitty's continued begging, Jules had all nine inches of his man meat inside his niece!

Then Kitty started gyrating, and so did Rock, until they were seated properly.

Then the slow process of pulling almost all the way out and pushing it back in began.

Rock was impressed. What Kitty lacked in BJ potential, she more than made up for with her pussy, seemingly snapping at his meat, trying to milk his orgasm from him!

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