Good Boy

by Dinghy5(Jo)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, White Couple, .

Desc: Sex Story: Domineering woman takes care of her man.

He was on his hands and knees, like a dog.

"Swish!" Even though the miniature whip was only 15 inches long, I knew that it hurt like hell when I lashed him across his bare buttocks.

"You'll do what I say, when I say it!"

"Yes, Mistress." He whined a little but knew better than to argue with me.

"Come over here, I want to go for a horseback ride."

He dutifully crawled across the garage until he was sideways in front of me. I threw my leg across him and lowered myself on to his back until I was sitting on him like I was sitting in a saddle. I leaned back a little and gave him another whack on the ass with the whip. "Gettyup." I knew that his cock would be as hard as a rock; it always was when we played this game. I wrapped my legs around his waist so the heel and sole of my bare foot would come in contact with it as we moved around the garage. I was right, it was rock hard!

"Mistress, can we go inside? The concrete is very hard on my knees."

"Yes, but I'm not dismounting. Be very careful that I don't fall off or I will whip you again."

I had to help him a little as he negotiated the three steps up from the garage floor to the kitchen. We crawled across the kitchen to the carpeted dining room. I balanced myself with my left hand on his shoulder, leaned back and gave him another little switch with the whip.

"Ouch, now where to, Mistress?"

"Into the bedroom! Look what you have done to me! You've made my pussy sloppy wet with your game." That was the truth. I could feel my pussy juice all over his back. "I want you to clean me up. Take me to my bed."

He did as I instructed. I dismounted and sat on the very edge of the bed, my legs spread wide with my heels still on the floor. "Now, come and obey me, lick me clean!"

Like an submissive servant, he crawled over to me and, still on all fours, gently touched my pussy with his tongue. "Hurry up, I don't want to get pussy juice on my bed." Although he was sucking and licking for all he was worth, I knew it was a lost cause because the faster he lapped, the better it felt and the more liquid I made. "Let me move further up on the bed so I can lay back."

I slid up far enough so with my knees bent and my legs spread wide in a "V", I could put my feet on the bed. "Okay, you can continue, but you better please me or I will spank you again!"

"Yes, Mistress."

We had done this many times before so he knew exactly what to do. With his knees still on the floor, his torso on the bed and his head between my legs, he played the game with his tongue on my clitoris. I could feel the beginning of the tide of climax. Each stroke of his tongue, each nudge of his lips brought me closer to the abyss of sexual gratification. Soon I could feel the beginning of the end and moments later, wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over me. Each touch of this mouth or tongue anywhere on my pussy brought new pinnacles of pleasure until I was so sensitive I couldn't stand it anymore.

I pushed his head away and sank back panting for breath.

"Is Mistress pleased?

"I guess so but look at the pussy juice on the bed. I will have to punish you for that." I knew that I had an obligation to give him as much satisfaction as he had given me. "Stand against the wall so I can put the shackles on you."

"Yes, Mistress."

I handcuffed his hands in front of him and attached them to a rope running through a pulley over his head. I pulled him up until he was on his tiptoes and tied the rope to a cleat. He was almost comical, completely nude, standing on his toes, his cock sticking straight out.

"Are you mocking me? Look how hard your cock is! Do you think I am going to let you fuck me?"

He hung his head in shame and his dick seamed to wilt a little. "No, Mistress, I am not mocking you. It's just you are so beautiful and I thought I was good to you."

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