Dreams Fulfilled

by usm1carbine

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Woman is drugged and bound up and made to please her captor, finding pleasure herself in the process

The first thing she noticed was the awful taste of plastic, her eyes fluttered as she tried to focus on the bright object overhead. Slowly, she squinted and could see that it was an overhead light, very bright and piercing as she tried to figure out what the taste was and noticed that her mouth was gapped open and her lips were sore from the thing in her mouth. She could discern the strap that encircled her head and figured it was some sort of gag. She had seen such things while surfing the Internet and when she happened upon a bondage site, quite by accident, but she had found herself unable to break away as she examined picture after picture that cropped up before her. Although she would have never tried it herself, she had liked what seeing those images had done to her and had found herself rubbing her own pussy to quench the fire that had engulfed her, having a wonderful orgasm in only a matter of seconds. She returned to the site many times, having book marked it after her fierce orgasm and had enjoyed many more as well. She flopped her head to one side, trying to figure out where she was; it looked like a procedure room that doctors used for sutures and such. She could see several cabinets and instruments lying on the counters and as she turned her head back to the other side, she saw her nipples pointing up at the ceiling. She raised her head and could see that she was nude and she tried to cover herself, but felt the Velcro straps that only let her hands move a few inches and then she tried her legs and found them in the same predicament. Unable to work herself free, she continued to assess her surroundings as she heard a noise off to her left, "Well, Constance, I see you are awake," and she jerked her head around to see a tall man standing over her. She recognized him from the bar earlier, she had gone in to get a few drinks and unwind after work before she headed home to hear her kids argue and pull at her. She tried to ask him what he was doing, but the ball gag only let her emit unintelligible sounds, "If I remove your gag will you be quiet and cooperative?" he asked and she feebly nodded her head that she would. His hands worked to get the gag loose, pulling her hair as he did, making her wince in pain, "Now Constance, a little pain never hurt anyone," and she saw that he had enjoyed making her suffer. "Mind if I call you Connie? Or perhaps even Cunny, you slut!" and he slapped her face as her head jerked from the force.

Connie could feel the tears run down her cheeks as he seemed to be enjoying it, "Oh yes, you are a little cunt, aren't you?" and she watched as his hand disappeared below her tits and she felt him stroking her pussy lips, "Why are you doing this to me?" she cried as his finger split the lips of her pussy and traced the inside as he smiled, "Don't you remember Cunny? You asked for this. Oh, I'll admit, you had one too many drinks and the powder I put in your last one, wouldn't have let you deny me anything, but I have witnesses that you asked me to take you with me and oh, how did you say it? Ah yes, you wanted me to fuck your brains out, as I recall," and he snickered. "But this is still rape, you drugged me!" Connie screamed, "Now, now Cunny, wouldn't want to put that nasty old gag back in, now would we? Best mind your manners," and she felt his finger concentrate on her clit as it rubbed it into a frenzy and she couldn't help but gasp out loud, "That's more like it my little slut," and his thumb took the place of his finger as he pushed two fingers into her vagina and she scooted back to get away, but her bindings only let her move a few inches as his fingers were buried up to their knuckles and his thumb once again had her clit on fire. "You couldn't prove rape Cunny, the drug leaves no traces and let's not forget, I have witnesses," and she felt herself begin to shake as his thumb and fingers brought her to the edge and she shook and screamed out her orgasm as he drove her over the edge. "That's a good little slut, relish that one my dear, you will have to work for the next one," and he laughed as his hand traced the line over her stomach, "I see the C-section scar Cunny, how many kids did you have?" and she felt so humiliated that she had to be on display for him while he pried into her personal life, "None of your damn business!" she screamed and before her mouth closed from saying it, another slap caught her, "Show me some respect you fucking cunt!" and she could feel her cheek sting and the heat as she knew it was reddening. She watched as his hands made their way to her tits, she had always been proud of her tits, they were a little large for her frame, but they didn't sag and she had always thought them one of her best assets. She watched as his hands traced the outer fringes of her aureoles and worked ever closer to her hard nipples, before pinching them between thumb and forefinger, she gasped at the sudden pain.

"You needn't tell me Cunny, you see I have already been through your purse. You have two very lovely children, a boy and a girl. Handsome teenagers Cunny, would be a shame if they joined their mom, now wouldn't it?" and she cringed at the thought of her kids having to endure this lunatic. "You're not wearing a wedding ring and there is only your name on the checkbook, so I assume that your husband moved on," and she worried about what else he might have found in her purse. She had printed out some of the bondage pictures and showed them to her girlfriend at work, "Nice pictures Cunny," and she turned her head to see the pictures before her, "But of course, after your drinks, you told me that this was what you wanted me to do to you. You wanted to be my little sex slave," he was right, she vaguely remembered their talking about the bondage and how hot it had made her and how violently she had cum. "Shall we begin Cunny?" he asked as she feared what would come next. She watched as he put a rod between her knees, tying it off around each knee as it held her legs apart and caused her discomfort at the same time and then she heard water running and then the sound of electric clippers as he set about cutting off her pubic hair. He brushed the cut hair from her crotch and his fingers tickled her pussy lips as he did and she could feel herself wetting again as his fingers applied the shaving cream to her pubic mound. She cringed as he started sharpening the straight razor and then moved it between her legs, "Now, lie still," and she felt the razor drag across her pubic area. As he manipulated her thighs to get better access, she could feel the sharp razor as it scraped her pussy lips, "Hold still, would hate to cut you Cunny," and she tried to maintain her position with all her might as he finished up and then she felt the warm towel as it wiped her clean. "That's much better," he said as he ran his hand over her smooth skin and dipped a finger into her, making her sigh. "Looks almost good enough to eat Cunny," he snickered as he turned his back to her and then turned back around and had a small tube of liquid in his hand. He squirted it onto her and it made her jump, it was cold! He then worked it all over her mound as his hands warmed it and she began to feel herself getting wetter, he was having an effect on her. With her knees bound to the rod, her thighs were widespread and his hands left no part untouched, she felt a slight chill as his hands worked the lotion over her ass and she felt his touch begin to linger there as he slowly pressed to gain entrance and she tightened up to try to keep him out. It became a game of wills as she tried to keep his probing finger out and applied more pressure to gain entrance, suddenly she felt the liquid poured directly on her ass as its added moisture permitted his finger to enter and her face contorted in pain. Winning this battle of wills seemed to make him that much more aggressive as he began to work his finger in and out and she grimaced from his actions, her body slowly relenting to its invader as his thrusts got easier and her muscles relaxed.

Connie had read about anal sex, but she had never had the desire to try it and she still didn't, but she could feel her body slowly giving in to him as his finger methodically worked in and out and she noticed that her breaths were getting shallower as well. He managed to work in a second finger and as they both moved in and out, she felt a warm feeling come over her and when his other hand found and worked her clit, she thrashed as she came, screams of pleasure erupting along with her own juices. "I told you that you would have to work for this one Cunny, your body seems to have enjoyed that," and she looked to see the satisfied smirk on his face. He withdrew his hands and she could feel her own juices running out of her as she cursed her body for giving in to him and she felt him grasp her wrist and then felt the cold metal of the handcuff as it was locked into place and he released the restraint and then moved her hand to connect it to the other one. He picked her up and carried her over to a small mat on the floor, placing her on her bound knees as he pulled her arms up over her head and attached the handcuffs to a rope suspended from the ceiling and drew it tight, causing her to raise up on her knees to keep her balance. "For such a small woman Cunny, you have very large tits," he said as she watched his hands cover her tits and squeeze them, her body betraying her once more as her pussy began to ooze. Her face froze in fear as she watched him get some clothespins from the bench and work the spring as he smiled and inched one towards her hard nipple. She bit her lip hard as the clothespin was clamped on her tender nipple and she couldn't help but scream out in pain. She had seen it done on the website photos and had wondered how much it would hurt, now she knew, and she feared the next one as it approached her other nipple and as it bit down on it, another scream rang out. He took delight in smacking the clothespins as her pain doubled with each smack and she finally breathed a sigh of relief when he left them alone, although the ever-tightening clothespins still burnt her nipples with pain. He left the room for a few moments and she struggled to tr

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