The Fire

by soul_jewel(lw)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BDSM, Light Bond, .

Desc: Sex Story: A couple explore each other wihtin a tent pitched on a busy campsite

The night was cool, but the dancing flames of the fire warmed the yellow circle around it. It was late, well after midnight and the rest of the campers were in their tents, their fires, just glowing embers... just the sounds of the night insects chirping through the dark.

It was the hour, and He had called her forth. The campground was His alone and He owned the darkness... and He called her from the tent to Him. To serve Him this night. His erection was immense and angry, looking even more ominous in the dancing light as He stood before her... between her and the fire. Her pale skin gleamed in contrast to the darkness behind her and He watched as she shivered... more from the anticipation than from the cool air.

The straps were tight and she wriggled against them... arms pulled behind the chair. Leather thongs around wrists, drawing her shoulders back and thrusting her breasts forward toward Him and the fire. Her lips were already curled in pain and the welts were red and raised on her inner thighs. Knees had been pulled open and tied to chairs on either side and were spread wide. Her fleshy pink lips already gleaming from the dew that wept from within, and each crack of the strap summoned still more, until the droplets clung to the smooth lips and dripped onto the soil beneath.

He danced before her as a demon, a grizzly spirit of the night, wracked with need and hungry for the sound of her moans and the taste of her flesh. One fist glided up and down His shaft, the purple head popping from the fist and swelling even more as it was squeezed from behind, the slit winking at her through the dark. Each stroke milked the slimy precum from His balls and soon His cock was glazed with the juices. The other fist held the leather high over His head and it hissed as it sailed through the dark.

Another crack, and her hips bucked forward... leaning into the pain and trying to escape it at the same time. Another and another. The last, drawing a long, low moan from deep within her belly and it drifted through the trees like a wailing spirit.

Her pussy was red and enflamed... engorged with blood and pulsing for attention. Her muscles clenched and the flames cast deep shadows in the creases of her flesh. Shining on the sweat drooling down her skin. He smiled with great satisfaction. His chest heaving... His balls drawing tight under His cock as His cum began to roll and rise. "Are you My girl?" His voice growled at her. "You are an angel, but tonight, you are My obedient little whore... and your body is a tool for My pleasure."

Eyes fly open. He can see the flames dancing in them as the long slender candle is withdrawn from the shadows and held into the fire. Withdrawn, He holds it high over His head as if it is a torch... lighting His way toward ecstasy. Her eyes rivet upon it, upon the flickering flame at its tip. The wax drools down the length of the tapered candle and onto His fingers... each drop, as it oozes and solidifies down its length brings a heave to her breathing. Knees quiver and strain against the leather, cutting deep into her skin.

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