The To-Do List

by Sam Lindsey

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A henpecked husband has a chance encounter at a restaurant with a beautiful redhead that leads to an interesting afternoon with startling consequences.

Kevin Reilly sat under the dim lights of the empty movie theater. The front of his trousers were completely saturated with a gooey concoction of pussy juice and cum, and he was still in a state of shock over the events of the last few hours.

It all began that morning, the first glorious day of his vacation. Well, it had been glorious until his wife gave him that damn To-Do List. He even skipped breakfast so he could get a head start on it, but by 12:30 he was less than halfway through it. That was when the hunger began to gnaw at his gut like a dull knife. He decided to try Chez Maison, a newer upscale restaurant located only a few blocks away. He'd heard that the food there was excellent and plentiful, which was good because he was very nearly starved.

As Kevin began the three-block walk, he felt a deep resentment building towards his wife. A few things about Janet had begun to annoy him lately. The damn To-Do List was a perfect example. After she gave it to him this morning, she went over each and every item on it in painful detail until he felt like a small child being berated by his mother, and he was both hurt and humiliated by the experience.

Married life had been pretty good for most of the last three years, but for some reason lately, his and Janet's passion for each other seemed to have diminished considerably. Kevin's eye tended to stray more, and he had the occasional mild fantasy about some woman he'd meet. He'd heard about the "seven-year itch", but nobody warned him there might be a "three-year tickle".

To be fair, normally Janet's lists were much shorter, but her sister, Laurel, was flying in from Australia for a two-week visit and a number of the items pertained to her visit. Kevin hadn't had the opportunity to meet Laurel yet. She wasn't able to attend their wedding because she was broke at the time and couldn't afford the airfare home. A few years ago he'd seen a picture or two of her in her younger days in one of Janet's photo albums, but he couldn't really recall what she looked like and, to be honest, he didn't much care. All he knew was that her visit was going to wreak perfect hell with his vacation, at least if today was any indication.

Kevin was weak with hunger as he walked through the front doors of Chez Maison, and when he saw the long line-up inside he nearly keeled over. He couldn't believe it was so busy on a Monday afternoon, but he knew his options were limited. The next nearest restaurant was a twenty-minute walk away, and he was sure he'd die of starvation before he got there. He could call a cab, but the cabs in this city were notoriously slow during the day. As he counted the number of people in line, Kevin judged that he only had about a twenty-minute wait. And besides, there was a sweet-looking redhead in line in front of him who he could ogle while he passed the time.

Kevin scanned the front page of his newspaper while covertly studying the attractive young woman. She had long, teased, red hair that flowed halfway down her back and she wore a short, canary-yellow, cotton sundress with a low back that exposed a substantial expanse of creamy white flesh. Even under the loose-fitting sundress he could see the prominent outline of her full round ass. Her legs were long and lean and led down to two beautiful feet that were encased in a pair of white sandals with very short heels. Her toenails were manicured and covered in a shiny coat of bright red polish that nicely complemented the softer red color of her hair and her creamy complexion. As Kevin admired the view from her back, he felt his cock begin to stiffen, so he returned to reviewing that day's headlines before things got too far out of hand.

After twenty-five long minutes the line finally dwindled down to just Kevin and the redhead.

"How many?" the hostess asked the redhead.

"One," she replied in a beautiful dulcet voice.

The hostess took a menu off the pile and handed it her before turning her attention to Kevin. "I'm sorry, sir," she apologized, "but I'm afraid it may be another twenty minute wait yet."

"Twenty minutes?!" Kevin exclaimed. "But I've already been here nearly half an hour!"

"I'm sorry, sir," the hostess explained, "but we've been very busy today and the tables haven't been turning over as quickly as we'd hoped."

"I'm sorry, too," Kevin apologized with a sheepish expression on his face. He gave the hostess a weak little smile as he said, "It's just that I'm famished."

"If the gentleman wants, he can share my table with me," the soft sweet voice ahead of him said.

As the redhead began to turn around to face him, Kevin replied, "Why thank you very much, miss. It's nice of you to offer." The last few words nearly caught in his throat as she completed her turn and he saw her face for the first time. She was, quite simply, gorgeous! She looked like she had just leapt from the pages of Cosmopolitan or Elle. Her eyes were dark blue and she had a perfectly shaped nose. Her skin was creamy and flawless and her lips full and sensual and coated with lipstick the same shade of red as the polish on her toenails and long fingernails. A pair of slender shoulders held up the straps of her sundress, and her bare arms were thin but by no means anorexic. The front of her sundress dipped quite low, revealing a subtle valley of creamy cleavage, and her hard nipples pressed against the thin material of her dress making it quite obvious she was not wearing a bra.

As the redhead handed Kevin her menu, the tip of her tongue peeked out of her mouth and licked at her upper lip causing Kevin's cock to jump inside his pants. It may have only been wishful thinking on his part, but he thought he saw her glimpse downwards for a second at the bulge that was beginning to form in the front of his dark wool trousers.

As the hostess led them to their table, Kevin thought the redhead was a little too forward when she wrapped her arm through his, but he didn't pull away. His body trembled slightly at her electric touch and he hoped she didn't notice. When they arrived at their table he pulled her chair out for her and then pushed it back in as she took her seat. "My my, not only handsome but a gentleman too," she said as she teased him with her smile. Kevin felt a warm blush creep across his cheeks and he was at a complete loss for words.

As he took his seat, the redhead extended her delicate arm across the table and said, "I'm sorry. I didn't introduce myself. I'm Kit."

He reached across to shake her hand. "Kevin," he said. "Pleased to meet you, Kit." It seemed to him that she held onto his hand for a few seconds longer than necessary after the handshake ended, but he might have only imagined it.

The server brought a bread plate and two tall glasses of iced water over to their table, and then the waitress came and took their orders. As soon as she left, Kevin grabbed a handful of bread sticks and began to devour them like a ravenous animal in a desperate attempt to restore his body's glucose level to something approaching normal.

"My my, aren't we hungry?" Kit said as she watched him engorge himself while continuing to torture him with her smile.

"Missed breakfast this morning," he muttered through a mouthful of breadcrumbs in a feeble attempt to explain away his gluttonous behavior.

As soon as he finished his bread sticks, Kevin excused himself to go to the washroom. He didn't really have to go, but he needed some time to gather his wits so he wouldn't continue to come across as a complete idiot to this beautiful young woman. He splashed some cold water on his face and rehearsed a few lines of conversation so he could present himself as slightly more charming and witty than he was sure he'd seemed up to that point. He brushed his teeth with his finger to eliminate the residue of any breadcrumbs that might have adhered to them, and then proceeded to towel himself off. As he dried his hands he noticed the gold wedding band on his finger, and for reasons even he didn't fully understand, he removed it and stuck it in the side pocket of his sports coat. Then he took one last look in the mirror and ran his fingers through his hair before he exited the washroom and walked back to his table.

In his absence, their drinks had arrived and Kit was already sipping on hers. They had both ordered Bloody Caesars, and he took a large swallow of his before he spoke. "So, Kit, do you live here in town?"

The pretty woman smiled at him and replied, "No, I'm just visiting for a few weeks."

"Family or friends?"

"Both," she said. "How about you?"

Kevin told her that he was a resident, born and raised here, and he proceeded to expound about some of the local attractions she should consider taking in. After that they continued to chat about nothing, discussing the weather and their restaurant experiences. Kevin managed to steer the conversation clear of the topic of marital status, although he was almost certain that Kit noticed the telltale circle of white skin around his ring finger.

As they continued to converse while waiting for their food, Kit stuck out her cute little tongue and licked away at the celery salt that coated the rim of her glass. When she took a sip of her drink, she placed her lips around the end of her straw and gently drew the thick red fluid up into her mouth, all very lady-like, except that she then ran the tip of her tongue up and down the underside of her straw for several seconds before releasing it from her lips. Kevin wasn't sure if she was aware that she was doing this or whether it was an unconscious habit on her part. Either way, the effect on him would have been the same. His cock began to lengthen and stiffen inside his pants to the point that he became so uncomfortable he had difficulty sitting still in one position.

Finally the food arrived. Kevin placed his napkin in his lap and was just about to start his meal when Kit asked, "Do you mind if I take my shoes off, Kevin? I bought these sandals today and they're killing my feet."

"No, no, go right ahead," Kevin replied.

Kit removed her sandals and gave her feet a quick rub before she straightened back up in her chair and joined Kevin in eating their meals. Kevin wasn't much of a conversationalist with all that food staring him in the face, and he let Kit carry the verbal load for a while until he had managed to stuff enough red meat down his throat to enable his blood to once again produce a satisfactory level of iron.

As he ate his meal while Kit bent his ear, Kevin was almost certain he felt her bare foot brush up against his leg once or twice. Also, on those few occasions when Kevin managed to say something witty or humorous, Kit would place her hand on top of his and lightly rub her fingertips over it for a couple of seconds while she laughed at his remark. These few instances of physical contact, combined with the general lust Kevin was feeling for his lunch companion, managed to keep his cock at least semi-erect throughout the meal.

When the waitress came over with the dessert menu, Kit declined but Kevin couldn't resist. "Pecan pie," he said, "the biggest piece you've got." Kit had only eaten half her meal, and had Kevin known her better, he would have asked her if he could finish it. But he didn't want to appear to this lovely creature to be any more of a pig than he'd already shown himself to be.

As Kevin inserted the first forkful of pie into his mouth, he nearly choked. This time he knew it was no accident! Kit's foot was up between his legs, rubbing up and down his length with smooth steady strokes. He stared at her in a confused mixture of disbelief and gratitude while she gave another mini-blowjob to her cocktail straw. As he began to chew his pie, he felt her big toe massage his cockhead, and his prick immediately jumped to attention. When Kit felt her effect on him, she delivered a mischievous smile and began tracing her tongue up and down the sides of her glass, lapping up the heavy condensation that had formed there. She licked the glass for several long seconds while her foot teased his cock until Kevin finally couldn't stand it any longer. "Check please!" he called out.

When the waitress came over with their tab, Kit opened her purse to pay her share. "No no," Kevin said, shaking his head while he reached for his wallet. "You were kind enough to let a starving man sit at your table. The least I can do is buy you lunch."

Kit gazed at him with her steady blue eyes as she said, "Why thank you, Kevin. Maybe I'll be able to repay you somehow before I leave town." Kevin gulped hard as he threw a few bills down on the table. He stood up from his chair and immediately pulled his long sports coat around him and buttoned it in an awkward attempt to hide the massive erection that was now poking up towards his belly while Kit gawked at his large bulge and ran her tongue over her red painted lips.

Kevin seemed to be in a hurry as he walked over behind Kit and pulled her chair out for her. It felt more natural this time when she hooked her arm in his and leaned against his body as they walked toward the exit. Out on the sidewalk, they stood at the cab stop and a bit of awkwardness ensued as they waited for a taxi.

Kevin broke the silence. "Well, it's been a real pleasure meeting you, Kit, and I hope you enjoy your stay in our fair city."

"I have so far," Kit replied with a wicked little grin. When Kit's cab came around the corner, Kevin extended his hand out to her and said, "Well, so long then."

Kit took his hand in hers and then, without warning, pulled on it and wrapped it around her waist as she stepped in to his body and pressed herself up against his stiff rod. Before he could object, she placed her hand behind his head and pulled his face to hers and then wriggled her tongue between his lips until they opened and she was allowed inside. Kevin's cock grew another inch as Kit's tongue danced around in his mouth, and he moved his hands onto her ass and drew her closer to his hardness.

"Do you kids want a cab or not?" the cabbie yelled out through the open window. Kit removed her tongue from Kevin's mouth and he let go of her ass before he opened the back door of the cab for her. As she entered the cab she again pulled on his hand and he was forced to follow in behind her. As soon as the door closed, Kit was once again all over him, snaking her tongue down his throat while she rubbed and squeezed his rigid cock through the soft wool fabric of his pants.

"Where to, kids?" the cabbie asked as he studied them in his rearview mirror. Kevin's mind raced and he blurted out, "The International Cinema over on 23rd." The International Cinema was an art-house cinema that specialized in second-run foreign films, most of them screened in their original language with English sub-titles. It might have seemed like a cheesy place to go for a romantic tryst, but it was only a few minutes away and was sure to be deserted this early on a Monday afternoon. Also, it would only take a few seconds to buy two movie tickets whereas checking into a hotel could take forever. And besides, a reasonable quality hotel room downtown cost at least $150 while two movie tickets were a mere ten bucks, not that that was the deciding factor for Kevin, mind you.

When they arrived at the International, Kevin paid the cab fare and ran up to the ticket window. "Two please," he said as he pushed the seller a ten. He took the tickets, grabbed Kit's hand and rushed through the front doors of the theater. When they entered the darkened auditorium, Kevin selected two seats in the back row farthest from the screen. As soon as they were seated Kit wasted no time. She freed his raging hard-on and then sank her mouth down on it and began sucking it like crazy.

As Kevin basked in the sensations of Kit's hot mouth around his cock, his eyes slowly became accustomed to the darkness and he noticed two other people in the theatre, one sitting around the middle row and another up close to the front. He thought he recognized the actress on the big screen as Liv Ullman, the one-time paramour of the famous Swedish director, Ingmar Bergman, and he reasoned that this was probably a Bergman film.

With Kevin's cock fully imbedded in her mouth, Kit ran her tongue around on the underside of it just as she'd done earlier with her little cocktail straw, and she was nearly driving Kevin insane. To reciprocate, he worked his hand up under her short sundress, desperate for a feel of her hot little pussy. When his hand made contact with her mons, he thought he'd died and gone to heaven. It didn't really surprise him that she wasn't wearing panties nor that she was leaking juices like a faulty faucet, but what did make his heart go pitter patter was the fact that her pussy was perfectly hairless.

Kevin ran his finger up her smooth slit and then located her clitoris and began to massage it gently under his thumb as he sank two fingers into her warm wet interior. When Kit felt him touch her little nub she moaned so loudly that her lips vibrated on Kevin's shaft, in turn causing him to groan like a small hurt animal. When they heard an angry "Ssshhhh!" from the front of the theater they tried to suppress their passionate sounds while continuing to give each other pleasure.

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