My Wet and Wild Dreams

by Lisa

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Lisa surfing on the Net for Piss Porn and find herself hot, masturbating with her toys and pissing herself, making her wild desires comes real.

It was a cloudy summerday. Well and what does one do on such a cloudy summerday being home alone?

I dont know what you will do but I prefer surfing the net, hunting for peeing pics, free pictures of nude pissing, most of all for my preference number 1 - watersports. But also love fuck, anal, blowjob, gangbang, lesbian & Toys. Simply the best for me: Golden Showers!

Today I give it another try via Adultcheck and WOW...look at this what I am striking. A GaySite containing nothing but watersport, free pissing pics and pee movies, pantypee. Horny watersport loving ladies what a goldmine I found. There are tons of piss pics of girls and pissing teens, but only very very few of peeing men.

The more downloading and downloading I was the hornier I got for one of these piss loving guys. Well but there was none available at this moment, my beloved Boy Friend was in the office and a short jump into some chatrooms just proofed there was no classy partner around now for doing some peeing and masturbating online with my full bladder.

Damned I thought, do I have to do everything just myself. While still downloading from the goldmine site I was praying for Win98 not doing one of these horrible crashdowns and at the same time looking for a toy giving me some pleasure.

Though my bladder was requesting attention I decided not to go to the toilet for the rest of today but making the office chair and its neighborhood waterproof instead. So I went for the well-approved plastic cover and a whole lot of already used towels from my dirty laundry. I love the feeling of warm pee wetness in my crotch and my wet panties and all the piss flowing down my legs.

Prepared like this I went back to my PC, took a seat and did some more pisspic viewing. Hey Ladies there was a whole bunch of well-trained splendid fellows pissing against walls or peeing onto themselves with their hard-ons, some pantypee pics or the strong mens piss in their jeans.

They just let it flow or did wet their shorts or jeans. On all of this I got even more in heat but still I was drinking some mineral water for my bladder being that full that it felt like bursting. I love pantiepee so much. I love desperation so much!

In the meantime I could not hold back myself and touched my wet pussy. I rubbed my clit with my left hand, the right one I needed for the other mouse. I came much faster than I thought, I not even had time to use my pink vibrator. A thick white fluid, my sweet nectar slowly came out from my throbbing pussy, I viped it completely with my finger and taste in my mouth... God... my own cummmm... tastes wonderful... it is tatser than Candy...

My bladder's pressure decreased as always when I have an intensive orgasm. After a while I even discoverd another page showing great lesbian pisspics, this made me switching between these two websites all the time. All this pissing girls make me more hornier... They are in Group piss games, enjoying drink each others piss, licking the wet pussies, slding huge Dildos in to there puckered assholes while they are pissing. Fisting assholes while drinking piss !!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh My Goddddddddddd... My pussy was in fire... I took my Pink Vibrator and without lubed I pushed in to my steaming was lubed and slide all the 8 inches in without any protest... my cunt was sucking tightly my vibrator with pleasure... Slowly pump in and out... thick white cream dripped out through my pussy bottom...

There are days when I think there is nothing more to discover since I am surfing the net for hours without finding one single pic I have not got for years already. But on the other handside there are days like today where I discover a true goldmine. There was no need for the sun to shine today - I was feeling warm without it.

One pic I found was showing two men pissing on each other with a stream you cannot even imagine. I do not just like women love but it makes me randy to watch two or even some more men doing it on each other. I like it if they blow their pricks or fuck each other up their asses; if that's spiced with watersport I cannot hold back any more and will cum multiple times. mmmmmmmmmmmm...

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