by soul_jewel(lw)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, MaleDom, .

Desc: Sex Story: A new slave is tested by her Master who allows her to be used by all

The heat behind the heavy leather hood was unnerving, almost unbearable. She could feel trickles of her sweat mixed with her tears run down her flesh. Her cheeks muscles ached from the penis shaped gag that had been forced between her teeth. Muting her screams and groans of fear and ecstasy. She was captured in the darkness. The silver ring on her collar had been fastened with heavy chains to the padded floor.

The platform she knelt upon was tilted, her body inclined so that her ass was raised high to the offering of anyone that passed by. Her shoulders throbbed unmercilessly between the blades, her wrists tightly chained, shackled together. She was the mercy of all. The world around her only visible within her mind.

From the solace of the shadows he had watched. He liked the comforting cloak of the shadows in the pit of the night to lend its mood to the debauchery of the rooms. For debauchery was best indulged in the night, in the darkness with only the pale flickering of candles to illuminate his desires. He had watched as one after another the men had come to sample the girl chained to the floor. For a new slave had to be tested. Her endurance had to be monitored.

He had stood in the quiet obscurity of the shadows and observed. He had seen her creamy cheeks parted with dirty fingers, the soft pink of her anal opening provocative to the gaze of all. Her secret depths violated by long thick fingers. He had watched as they had licked at her buttocks, some savouring the taste of her juices and the lingering aroma of spent semen that dried upon her flesh.

Long tongues that had feasted upon her thighs, piercing into her puckered asshole. He had witnessed the administration of fierce bites that had marred her tender flesh with small rosettes of bruises. The procession of high classed society women that had come to run long tapered nails over her soft skin. marking her with claw like scratches down her naked back.

He had viewed the man, well built and large that had knelt behind her chained body and with practised ease pulled back the foreskin of his hardened penis to reveal a bulbous swollen head, glistening purple in the dim light with his juices. He watched as the man slide the tip up and down along the cleft of her cheeks. Smearing her behind in with his ardour.

He had heard her muffled grunt as the erect phallus was pushed inside her body. The muscles of her ass resisting the penetration. He had watched as the tight muscles of the man had bunched as he thrust forward, impaling her upon his stiff member. He marvelled at the way the shadows and tiny rays of light mirrored off the silvered candle reflectors had slid across her body as she was rutted like an beast in heat.

He had inhaled deeply the range of aromas, the scent of the wood-smoke from the dying fires, the smell of rancid sweat, the heady fragrance of the girl, her fear and lust mingling in an exotic perfume of passion. The time was now almost his, he closed his eyes briefly feeling the throbbing of his need. The girl would help him, help him sate his desires. He would let his lust have free rein and he felt the glorious wanton ache fill him.

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