The Never Ending Scene

by soul_jewel(lw)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: An inexperienced Dom works on his new slave

Wrists shackled tight to her ankles ~ they were red and raw from her pulling and tugging. Each time the strap had landed, she had strained against them ~ heaving, with the strength of her arched back against the restraints as the pain of each blow rocketed through her. She had not uttered a sound, yet her screams echoed through her brain ~ the agony tearing at her resolve ~ trying to shatter her order of silence.

Her skin dripped with sweat and her back convulsed with each attempt to draw a full deep breath, but the strap would land once again, driving the air from her in a moaning hiss. Her skin blazed hot ~ hotter than she could ever remember ~ and the pain was deeper, different than before.

His newness to the world of D/s was showing. His enthusiasm was vigorous, but His technique, while not crude, was at best unpredictable. At first she worried ~ wondered if her trust was misplaced, but at the first singing of the leather in the air, her loins had sent a quivering message to her lustful brain ~ vowing to accept whatever her new Master delivered ~ to receive His strokes and lashes ~ to show Him the true and loving slave that she was ~ the dedication she had within her.

He had asked her many times prior to take a leap of faith, and once again, she placed her soul, her very life in His hands ~ trusting this wonderful, strange Man she had come to know. Different than any other, for sure ~ and it was that difference that wove Him so deeply into her. And this difference she expected ~ even in the floggings ~ but such a difference had surprised her. More aggressive than ever before. More vicious than ever before. So much more powerful than ever before and with each blow, He growled ~ laying a rough hand on the crimson welt He had just created ~ stroking across it, smearing it with stinging sweat, inspecting it as if to see if it was to His liking. Then, adjusting, He would crash the leather against her alabaster ass once again ~ driving her breath from her.

He was more like an animal than she had ever seen Him. She did not sense danger, but knew in her pounding heart that she was completely controlled by Him ~ and it was this knowledge that allowed her to finally let go of her last shred of restraint and accept whatever. He ordered the gods of lust to deliver. The moment of that resolve ~ the instant she collapsed to His will, there washed across her such a feeling of renewal ~ her weakness became strength ~ the agony became bliss. Her sweating, tormented body became alive ~ her writhing form now a vessel of lust, newly discovered, pungent, overpowering lust ~ hungering for each morsel He tossed her ~ a blazing inferno ~ a simple climax lost its meaning, the power of her eruptions so fierce that her consciousness faltered and her world collapsed against her brain.

Sensations so powerful that her ability to contain them within her own reality disappeared and she rocketed to heights never before visited. Hovering above, she floated in erotic glory and watched the savage scene below her ~ each growl, each wrenching of her white body, each rippling muscle, the nakedness, the smell of leather, wax and sweat ~ it all floated to her and pierced her erotic soul like a sexual dagger.

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