I Want It Bad, (Real Bad)

by Linda Jean

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Interracial, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Linda tells her trip to a bar to pick up men.

So you don't think I am a slut right? Well let me tell you what I did Last night and then you can judge for yourself. First of all you need to understand the relationship that I have with my husband. You see he married me because I was the biggest Whore that he had ever known, (so he told me.) He knew that I love fucking men and the bigger their cocks are, the easier it is for them to get me to spread my legs and let them fuck me. Now I married my husband because I do love him and because he loves me just the way I am. He not only gives me the freedom to go out and have my fun with anyone that I want. He enjoys it I think almost as much as I do. (So he says) So I can have sex any time, any place, and any time that I want with his blessing, He is a very loving husband.

Normally Monday-Thursday I don't go out of the house cock hunting. Even though I get a lot of calls from men, I normally keep those days for us. That leaves Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. We have this little thing that we do on Friday evenings and weekends. If I am not at home when my husband gets in, he knows that I am out on the prowl looking for a man to fill up my little kitty. He knows that I will always be home by 10 at the latest and the man or men will be gone by 1 AM. Sometimes he will even come to the nightclub and watch me work them (the men.) We always go to "Don Jose" When he does he just comes in, sits and watch me pick up a man (when I am really horny a few of them.)

Our bedroom is wired for camera and sound. That way we can record everything that I do with them so my husband and I can later watch and have our own fun. Now after telling you all that let me tell you what I did last night. I called my husband and told him I was heading out early to the club and he could either come and watch or go to a movie. Sometimes he will just go to a porno theater and after that go to the bookstore and watch the peepshows. I am pretty sure he gets a blow-job there, but then he is allowed all the fun he wants too you know, hey fair is fair.

I walked into the nightclub that I love to pick up men in so much. It is almost always filled with horny single men just out from work. I moved and sat at the bar by myself as I always do. I was wearing a sheer black blouse with the buttons undone and tied across my chest; no bra and my beautiful tits clearly are showing. My large erect nipples are jutting out like pointed darts for everyone to stare at. I am proud of them, I was wearing one of my short, tight black skirts that barely cover my sheer black nylons and garter belt. I did not wear panties (I never do) and with my 4" black spiked heels I look hot! With my hair and all my makeup I look very sexy and seductive.

It tells the men in the club exactly why I am there. I look like a slut, and I act like a slut. I know how to advertise myself; after all I have had many years to practice. With my hard nipples pushing through and my long sexy legs I attract a lot of attention. Now I love to tease the men in there I get a wonderful thrill knowing they can see what I am and how much they desire me. So I turn to look at the dance floor on the bar stool, and as I do I start out by slowly crossing and uncrossing my long slim legs to give them a glimpse of my bald sexy, wet cunt.

With every crossing I am telling them just how nasty of a slut I am. I am telling them that I am looking for cock and that is why I was there. I was saying all this with my body language, I was shouting it out loud that I wanted to be fucked tonight, I wanted to be fucked real badly. (I made that very clear)

Many men approach me to dance; I would dance then go back and sit down. I would not dance twice with any man. Now some men just wanted to sit next to me at the bar and talk. Some evenings I am not picky what so ever however last night I was. I wanted a man with a large cock and so far no one seemed to show me anything to really interest me. I just hadn't seen him yet. The way I felt, I wanted more than just a cock tonight. I wanted a man that had a log between his legs. I felt like I wanted to real bad, I wanted a man that was bold enough and big I wanted to look in his eyes and see that he can fuck me like I deserve to be fucked and has that massive cock that I long and craved for.

I saw a man approached me with an air of confidence and aggressiveness that tells me that he will fuck me like I need and crave it. I look at his crotch and I see a huge bulge telling me he had the package that I was looking for and that I wanted tonight. I decide right then and there that I'll surrender my hot little wet cunt to his big cock. I invite him to sit down next to me at the bar. We made small talk, as we talked he looked into my eyes and began to run his hands up and down my legs touching me ever so lightly He did not start on the outside as most men did. He went straight for the inside. Each time I would laugh coyly and gently push his hands away. He always comes back because he knew the game that I have to play. Each time I let him get a little bit higher before I would push them away again. Each time he would coyly start over making his hands travel higher up my legs.

I didn't play this game long; as I didn't want to by the third try I stop resisting. I was on fire and I wanted his fingers touching me. I open my legs so he could explore my naked cunt and finger my very wet slit as well as rub my clit. With my top now untied I bent forward to expose more of my luscious tits to him. When I did He massaged them slowly with his one hand. He moved to kiss me and he kissed me deeply. I love the exquisite touch of his hands on me. I am so turned on and hot I don't care who sees us in fact knowing that strange men some of which I had fucked before where watching made my heat stronger (if that was possible.) The men around us are staring at us as I glance around past his neck. I see a lot of them with their own big bulges in their pants. Seeing this only adds to my desire between my legs. The stranger broke the kiss and asked me to dance.

I loosely tie my top and he moved to the very dark dance floor with his hands on my ass. As we slow dance, he takes control of my body. He thrust his large (I hope 10") rock hard prick against my pussy and he rubbed his hands on the back of my ass pulling me tight against him. I grind my hips back into him and I attempted to dry fuck his cock on the dance floor as I had done so many times before with so many different men. I want to simulate it and make him so hard that he hurts with desire or that he gets off in his pants.

I fantasize what it will feel like to be filled by its thickness and length. He says in my ear to stroke him, I put my hand down between our tight bodies and without hesitation wrap my hand around his shaft. The same way I did last weekend here on the dance floor with so many different men. I ran my fingers along its entire Length and imagine my hot tongue licking the hard cock flesh.

I can't almost wait until he is stuffing all of my holes in my body with it. I feel his left hand move down the front of my body between us, I felt his hand lift the front of my skirt up, and then slowly he slid his fingers up and down my exposed cunt. I felt myself boiling between my legs I knew my pussy was sopping wet and his fingers slid back and fourth with out any friction at all to hinder him. It's more than I can take and I begin to climax on the dance floor. To stifle my moans of pleasure I bury my head against his neck and grabbed hold of it with my mouth. With my eyes open I look straight into my husband's eyes as he sat there watching me. Everyone in the club could see and hear us having sex on the dance floor. Knowing this excites me even more. I closed my eyes and moaned out my climax as the song ended.

The timing was perfect, we started to walk back to the bar when I told him I had to use the little girls room or I would go insane. He moved to the bar and I walked to the ladies room. I was so hot I knew I had to masturbate or I would get arrested again for indecency in public. I walked in the ladies room and before the door closed I saw a figure come in behind me, I turned and saw it was Tommy, or Billy (Oh hell I don't remember his name) he was one of the men that I screwed last Saturday out in the parking lot. He closed the door. I smiled and we both knew what was needed. He came to me as I moved to him. We kissed as I unzipped his pants. I grabbed hold of his big black rock hard cock. Once I had it out I knelt down and got it nice and wet sucking it and licking. I stood and turned around bending over the sink and vanity.

I reached behind myself and held him as he came to me. I guided his cock to my wanting hole and I moaned as he filled me. I began to climax the minute he began to fill me. He was as turned on as I was because it did not take him long before he slammed hard into me and held me as I felt his cock flexing inside of me. He moaned and I screamed with ecstasy. We did not stay like that for long; he pulled out and asked me if I was going to take the man at the bar home or not. I told him I was and he said "how about tomorrow?" I said I'll be here, maybe we could do this again tomorrow." I had told him how I loved to get screwed in the little girls room, so he was happy to do it for me.

We kissed and I followed him out the door as another woman was walking in. she gave me the dirtiest look, (I loved it.) As I walked back to the bar I looked at my husband and I think he knew what I had just did in the ladies room, he smiled and gave me a thumbs up. I got back to my seat and sat down. When I did my new friend placed his legs between mine so he can see and play with my pussy more easily. My skirt rode up even higher and I was sure everyone in seeing distance all had a good view of my steamy hot wet cunt now dripping with sperm.

I felt his fingers touch me and he seemed to love the wetness of my cunt. I don't know if he realized it was another man's sperm or just my own wetness. He asked as he fingered me wantonly "did it work or do you need the real thing?" The more people watching me get fingered fucked like this, the more exciting it was, and it made the pleasure even stronger. The fact that he was fingering my cum filled pussy made everything so much nastier and the nastier it was the more I loved it.

I said, "It only worked for a moment I need the real thing." I said that as I squeezed his huge hard cock through his pants. I love being a hot sexy slut like that I loved letting a stranger know that I was nothing more than a hot cunt wanting his big cock to fuck me. Now top that off doing all of that with people watching, well I get off on being the center of attention for all of those horny men in there.

I knew they as well as my own husband were watching this stranger finger-fuck me at the bar. I held onto his thick, rock hard cock I wanted to take it out of his pants and I wanted to openly stroke it. I did that a month ago and some off duty cop caught me and arrested me. He thought I was a hooker. I wanted to wipe his pre-cum leaking out of his cock head with my index finger. I wanted to lick the pre-cum off of my finger with my wicked, slutty lips.

I couldn't take it any more I said, "Honey if we are going to do it, lets get out of here and go to my place." He said "lets go now or I'll fucking rape you right here." I smiled and said "honey if we don't go I'll fucking rape you." He paid the tab and as we left hennery the bartender asked, "coming back later Linda?" I said "don't think so, I think I got what I came for right here."

I left with him, as we walk out of the bar area we both heard a lot men cheering him on. Some men thanked us for the show. Others told him he was in for a treat tonight and that I was a great piece of ass. I got in his car and we kissed again. He put his hand between my legs and I opened them as far as the seat would allow. He fingered me to a lovely strong climax as we sat there. The sun had gone down however it was still light out. I don't know if it was his arm or his dick that stopped him. Once he knew that I had climaxed, he started the car, and I gave him directions to the house.

As he drove me to the house he kept his finger/s in me and he slowly finger-fucked my hot slippery cunt all the way there. He kept telling me how he never felt a woman so juicy like I was. I didn't have the heart to tell him it was because I got fucked in the ladies room. As he fingered me I massage my delicious tits and nipples. He kept telling me what a beautiful, hot whore that I was. He ask me to suck him as he drove, he tells me he wants me to swallow all of his cum.

I bent over worked his cock out of his pants (now that was a job) I wrapped my lips around him, I strained to encompass his entire thick shaft. His hands pushed my head down to suck him. I moved faster and faster taking him deeper in my mouth with each push downward. I felt hi touching my gaga point and I took a gulp that took him past it. I felt his fat cock down my throat and felt the pressure of it pushing my throat wider. I timed his strokes with my breathing. I moan as his cock fucks my mouth and throat to let him know just how much I love sucking cock.

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