Beaten and Raped Blonde Cashier

by Hail Caesar

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Rape, BDSM, Torture, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports, Violent, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Kathy just wanted to close up the store and go back to her dorm. Tony and Rick just wanted to rob the store for money and drugs. But once they got a good look at the beautiful blond cashier, everyone's plans got changed.

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Rick and Tony had been staking out the local CVS pharmacy in a small college town for a few weeks now and they knew that every Thursday at 6pm the Manager left for the night leaving just a cute 19 year old blonde cashier and a scrawny little stock boy to close the store at 9pm. The plan was to go into the store just before 9pm, tie up the two employees and get as much cash and the drugs that they could find.

Kathy hated working at CVS. In fact the big chested college girl hated working in general. She was only there for spending money, the discount on cosmetics and because her best friend Beth worked at the film counter. Although she did find it fun to tease Jimmy, the geeky freshman stock boy, with flashes of her long hot legs and perfect shaped ass that she loved to show off with short skirts. She was always bending over to pick things up right in front of him. It drove him crazy. In fact Jimmy beat off thinking about Kathy on a regular basis but was too afraid to say anything more that hello to her.

At five minutes to nine the two thieves came into the store. Looking up, Kathy groaned to herself hoping they would leave fast so she could go home on time. She looked down and started to straighten out the counter, heard a clicking noise, looked back up and saw Rick standing in front of her pointing a gun to her head!

"Don't move!" Rick yelled at her. "You got him back there, Tony?"

"All set." Tony replied pushing Jimmy in front of him and making him sit in front of the candy rack by the registers.

Kathy could see that Jimmy's hands were tied behind his back and he had duct tape over his mouth.

"OK, sweet tits. Walk around the counter so we can tied you up like little Jimmy here."

When Kathy was tied with her hands behind her back and her mouth duct taped, she was left standing as the men locked the doors and shut off the appropriate lights. Tony ran back to the pharmacy counter and started to look for the drugs they wanted.

They both knew Kathy was cute from watching this place but they had no idea what kind of a killer body she had hidden behind an apron and register counter. She didn't have the smock on now and Rick couldn't take his eyes off Kathy's body. She was 5'4", 105lbs, had the type of face that said cute but had the type of lips that screamed bitch, but he really needed to get a look at those fat looking tits under her blouse.

He just started kneading them through her blouse, gently letting them fill his hands but gradually getting a tighter grip and using a twisting motion until Kathy moaned in pain through the tape. Rick didn't want to tape her mouth because her pouty lips turned him on but they had already gotten the safe combination from her and they needed her to be quiet for a while.

Eventually he let go and moved his hands down to her thighs. He grabbed the edge of her skirt and slid it up to her waist so he could get a good look at her legs. Kathy was just standing there shaking and crying in fear, hoping they would leave her alone. She had no idea how what was in store for her. He slid his hand inside the little cotton thong panties that she was wearing and started to finger her pussy. Tony was really getting turned on because she was almost totally shaved down there. Kathy had just trimmed herself at her boyfriend's request and she did it in a way so there was just a tiny "racing stripe" up the front.

Rick was really getting fired up at this point and he reached up, grabbed the two sides of her blouse and with a tug that sent the buttons everywhere, ripped it open and pulled it down to her bound wrists. Kathy now regretted the bra she had chosen for today.

It was one of those sheer thin white ones that hooked in the front. She knew it would drive this man crazy with lust and she was right.

"Look at that! And your nipples are sticking out! Are you liking this bitch?" he yelled into her face.

With that he grabbed both her nipples through the bra between his thumbs and index fingers and squeezed as hard as he could. All Kathy could do was shake her head and moan into the duct tape. He unlatched the front of the bra and let those big 36D tits fall free. Rick bent down, pulled her forward, shoved her left tit in his mouth and sucked on it as hard as he could. Kathy rocked from side to side trying in vain to get him to stop but all she was doing was turning him on more. His right hand moved down and started to squeeze her ass. Keeping her tit in his mouth he was able to slide her panties down to her knees and then making his right hand into a fist he punch upward into her unsuspecting pussy! Her whole body jerked up and she smashed her back into the cash register and then slid down with her back on the counter.

Rick was laughing, as he looked at her bent backwards over the counter, unable to right herself with the way her hands were tied behind her back and her panties stretched to the breaking point between her thighs. He was about to reach out and pull her up by her tits when he had an idea and grabbed a lighter on the counter instead. He flicked the lighter on before her eyes so she could see the flame and then moved it down towards her crotch. Kathy's eyes bulged out of her head as she felt the heat move down her flat belly and near her pussy lips. She screamed and jerked but Rick kept the flame going lower until he reached her underwear. The thin white cotton was pulled tight across her thighs and Rick had to hold it for half a minute before it started to burn by itself. Kathy went wild when see saw the smoke and could feel the heat between her legs! With a squeal she snapped the panties in half to keep herself from burning. Rick was laughing as he grabbed her by the nipples and pulled her upright on her feet.

"Not bad Bitch." he said as he started to remove his pants. "Now, time for the main event."

"Hang on Rick." Yelled Tony coming up from the back. "If we're going have some fun take one of these and do it right." And he handed Rick a blue pill.

"What the Fuck is this? He said.

"Viagra." Replied Tony. "We'll be able to fuck this cunt for hours before we lose interest."

"Good idea!" he said as they both popped one into their mouths.

"So what do we have here?" asked Tony as he took in the sight before him. Rick was naked from the waist down and had moved behind her rubbing his big dick up and down the crack of her ass while at the same time digging both his hands into her pussy. She was bent slightly forward and her straight blonde hair was blocking the view of her hanging tits.

Tony grabbed a fistful of hair and lifted her head up to get a good look at her chest. Her tits were just made for sucking! He forced as much of the right titmound into his mouth as he could and began to suck and chew as hard as he could. And with his hand he had her other breast in a grip so tight that her flesh was squeezing through the gaps between his fingers.

Kathy couldn't believe the pain she was in! Never in her short life had she been treated this way. She never let her boyfriend take charge when they fooled around and now these two men were doing whatever they wanted to.

Tony stopped biting her tit and kicked her legs further apart with his feet as Rick started to rub his dick over and into her pussy lips from behind. The only warning Kathy had of what was about to happen was a few short penetrating jabs into her snatch before Rick fired all of his 7 inches into her from behind. At this point Kathy was both screaming and crying into the duct tape over her mouth.

After each thrust into the small blonde he would pull out so just the tip of his dick was in her cunt and then after a small pause he'd fire it in up to the hilt.

While this went on for a good 10 minutes, Tony just couldn't get enough of her tits. He kept on kneading and squeezing to his hearts content. Then he motioned Rick to grab her blonde hair and pull her head back so her fat tits were sticking straight out. With Rick's dick buried balls deep in her pussy from behind Tony wound up and punched her right breast as hard as he could. And then the left one. Again and again and again.

BAM! WHAM! SMACK! Kathy screamed each time in pain. Rick just stood still enjoying her jerking motions because her tight pussy was still wrapped around his dick.

Tony was using her tits like a punching bag. After 10 minutes of jabs, crosses, round houses and upper cuts to both of her tits, Tony had to stop because Kathy passed out and Rick couldn't hold her up anymore.

They let her drop to her back on the floor.

They both stopped to look down at her. She looked beautiful with her long blonde hair spread out around her head. Kathy still had her arms duct taped behind her which made her back arch and tits stick out. Her stomach was tight and flat and her pussy was so trimmed it was almost bare. Her legs were spread out and slightly bent at the knees. But her tits! They were bright red and swollen almost TWICE their size because of the beating they just endured.

Rick was going to wait until she woke up to fuck her some more but he couldn't. He kneeled down, spread both legs wide, and started to fuck her like crazy.

Tony wanted to hear her moan and cry so he took the duct tape off her mouth. Then he went off and sampled some of the drugs they were stealing. Rick meanwhile pounded her into the floor like he had never fucked anyone in his life! He was ramming Kathy's cunt so hard that bottles and small boxes were falling off the nearby counter. Little moans escaped from her now open lips only to be cut off as all the air was knocked out of her as Rick's body crashed into her. He felt himself getting ready to cum inside her so he slowed down to make it last. He started to suck on her fat tits again and squeezing them as hard as he could.

But after a while her tight pussy was too much for him and felt himself about to blow so he grabbed her tits and used then to pull himself as deep into her pussy as he could and flooded her inside with a blast of cum.

Afterwards he just laid on top of her waiting for his dick to shrink while still squeezing her tits. He was exhausted. His knees and arms hurt but he started laughing when he thought how much pain the little blonde beneath him was going to be in. 5 minutes later he started laughing again when he realized that he still had a hard on.

"The Viagra!" he said to himself. "I'm still hard as a rock."

He pulled out with a pop and walked into the food aisle for a snack and high fived Tony as he made his way to Kathy. Rick could tell just by looking at him that Tony was high as a kite.

Tony stripped down to nothing and kneeled so Kathy's head was between his knees. He grabbed his 10-inch monster cock and smeared it over Kathy's cute face. She just moaned softly and rocked her head from side to side. Oblivious to what was going to happen. Because she was still laying on her back with her arms behind her, her head was raised, giving Tony perfect access to her mouth. His cockhead was so large that it barely fit in the opening between her lips but he was determined to ram it all down her throat. Grabbing both her tits in each hand for leverage and balance he started to rock back and forth. Each time putting more and more dick in her mouth. After a few minutes he reached the back of her throat and stopped, repositioned himself, and then lunged all the way in!

All of his 250lbs was lying on top of her. His big hairy balls were squashed into her nose and his head was resting between her legs. He lifted his pelvis a few inches and then fired his cock back down into her throat. After a few minutes of this he checked to make sure she was breathing through her nose, saw that she was, and then went right back to throat fucking the unconscious teenager. A few minutes into this Kathy woke up to see Tony's smelly asshole inches from her face!

She went wild when she thought she was suffocating and started thrashing and bucking to get Tony off her but Tony never let his cock out of her mouth. She quickly learned that she could breath through her nose to survive. It was the greatest fuck Tony ever had. He came twice. The first time Kathy's eyes went wide as she felt him squirt down her throat but could do nothing but swallow it down. Tony loved the feeling of her throat muscles around his cock, gulping down his sperm and thanks to the Viagra, 15 minutes later he was still hard as a rock and lodged in her throat. After he dumped a second load into her belly he pulled his still hard dick out of her mouth and left her gasping for air.

"Awesome Bitch! You're the best." He said as he sat down next to her and started rubbing her breasts.

Jimmy was sitting on the floor about 5 feet away watching the whole thing. He couldn't believe what was happening. The girl of his dreams is naked and getting raped right before his eyes! He knew it was wrong but he had a huge hard on ever since they ripped her blouse off over an hour ago. He didn't know if he'd run away or join in if he had a chance. Just after Tony came in Kathy's mouth the first time Rick came over to Jimmy with a gallon of water and three blue Viagra pills.

He cut Jimmy free, pointed a gun to his head and said, "Swallow these and drink all of this water." He ordered.

Jimmy had no choice and by the time Tony had finished with Kathy's mouth for the second time the gallon jug was empty.

"Now take off your pants and underwear" ordered Tony "and don't look at me like that kid. We're not going to touch you. She is."

When Jimmy was naked from the waist down Tony tied his hands back behind his back and made him sit back down on the floor.

Kathy was lying with her eyes closed on the floor in agony. Her breasts were so badly swollen it hurt every time she breathed. Her pussy was burning and her hips were all bruised from the Rick's vicious pounding. Her throat was throbbing, itchy, and sore. But her shoulders were the worst off. They both felt like they were torn and her hands and arms were numb. She didn't want to open her eyes.

Tony was still right beside her kneading her breasts with his hands. When he leaned over and started sucking on one of her nipples she started screaming and was quickly kicked in the head by Rick. She looked up and saw him standing above her naked from the waist down with a hard on pointing straight out.

"If you scream again we'll kill you!" he threatened. "Moaning is OK though. We like moaning." he added.

In his hands he was holding 6 bags of ice, 2 long strands of fishing line and a roll of duct tape. He laid all 6 bags of ice across her tits and used the duct tape to keep them from falling off and to keep them all together. Kathy was glad for the first time this night because the cold felt good on her tortured breasts but after a few minutes it began to burn with cold and was so heavy it was hard to breathe.

"Please stop." She said softly. "Please let me go."

"Sorry sweet tits. Lets try this. Clean my asshole with your tongue" said Rick as he straddled Kathy's face and placed his shit hole right over her mouth. When she didn't do anything he started rubbing it into her mouth.

He stopped, made eye contact with her and said in a serious voice "If you want to still be alive tomorrow you better do exactly what we say and fast. If I have to tell you again I'm going to cut one of your tits off!"

Kathy shut her eyes and quickly jammed her tongue into his asshole.

Her tits were burning with cold but sweat was running down her forehead as she jammed her whole mouth around his asshole and licked and sucked the shit and stink away.

After a while Rick got up and Tony took his place. She wanted to puke but didn't dare to. Tony was ten times worse than Rick! Kathy didn't think he ever wiped himself. There were pieces of shit and dried piss all over his ass. But there wouldn't be after she was done. Just when she thought this horrible forced rimming was over and her mouth was totally around Tony's ass, Tony let loose with a giant blast of gas right into her mouth! He was laughing and used all of his weight to keep himself right where he was and cut a few more into her mouth. She was choking and gagging as he got off her.

"I guess you're lucky I don't have to take a shit. Aren't you Bitch?" he asked as he gave Rick a high five.

Rick wasted no time and ripped the bags of ice off her tits and sat down on the teen's belly. The swelling had gone down a little and her nipples were like tiny hard rocks. After he put a strip of duct tape back on her mouth, he grabbed one piece of fishing line and tied it so tight around one of her frozen nipples that she almost threw him off her as she screamed in agony. Tears were flowing from her eyes as he tied the other line to her other nipple. Then Rick tied both lines together so that both her nipples were tied together.

He sat there on her stomach admiring his work. Running his hands over the giant mound of tit flesh he had created. Kathy just looked at her chest in horror. Her nipples were starting to turn purple and she thought she was going to pass out again due to the pain.

Rick had found some baby oil in the store and he poured it all over her tits. Then he slid his dick in the perfect channel he had made between her breasts and started to tit fuck her.

The pain was too much for poor Kathy. The way he squeezed her tits as he fucked them made her think that her nipples would be torn right off.

Then a new feeling came over her. Tony had found one of those muscle massagers/vibrators on a counter and had pressed it up against her pussy. She was totally ashamed and refused to believe it but she was started to get off on it. Rick just continued to rape her tits, pushing the flesh together as his dick slid back and forth. Eventually he pulled out of her tit mound and slid himself over so his dick was on her face. He just fully laid himself over the pretty blondes head so that his dick was across both of her eyes and began to rub himself back and forth over her face. With the head of his cock totally pressed into her left eye Rick groaned and came filling her eye socket. He lay there for a few minutes before he got up and made sure that he got his cum into her right eye as well. Kathy kept her eyes shut and wouldn't open them for any money but it was hard to concentrate with that massager/vibrator rubbing up against her clit. She was actually close to cumming!

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