Jocelyn's Story: Love Gone Awry
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A 31-year old housewife and mother of two escapes from a life of sexual oppression into a series of illicit affairs that ultimately lead to tragic consequences.

I really don't know where to start. I guess I should tell you who I am first. My name is Jocelyn and I'm a thirty-one year old mother of two beautiful children, Rebecca who's twelve and Michael who's nine. I married my high school sweetheart, Danny, very young at the age of eighteen and a year later we had our first child - we call her Becky for short. I've been in love with Danny for as long as I can remember and I believe I still love him today. That's why it's very difficult for me to understand my actions lately. I've started to go to therapy and have been prescribed anti-depressants although I haven't taken any yet. My therapist is very helpful and she has been quite patient with me at our sessions while I've rambled on and on about my recent misdeeds while at the same time contradictingly professing my belief that I still love my husband. And while she hasn't come right out and told me what to do, she has been intimating lately that, in order to rebuild a healthy relationship with my husband, I will have to come clean with him and confess my sins. Otherwise these terrible secrets I'm holding deep down inside will tear me apart and forever sabotage our marriage. But I just can't bring myself to tell him what I've done. I am so ashamed!

If only our marriage today was the same as when it began thirteen years ago. I can still remember how Danny looked in his high school football uniform. He was so tall, dark and handsome. He wasn't a star player or anything, but he set my heart to swooning nonetheless. I was too shy to join the cheerleading squad where I might have been more noticeable to him, so I used to sit in the bleachers every day and watch his practices. Finally, one day he noticed me ogling him and he came over to chat after practice. Well, one thing led to another and he eventually asked me out on our first date. I was in heaven! We started going steady after that and have been together ever since.

Danny used to be so horny back in those days. It was all I could do to keep his octopus tentacles out from under my dress and away from my breasts. My parents were quite strict, and it had been drilled into me for years the way a lady should behave. Therefore, although Danny and I had many torrid make-out sessions, I managed to retain my virginity until our wedding night.

The year before we married, but after we were already engaged, I did end up giving Danny a blowjob one night while we were parked at the local Lover's Lane. I can't quite remember how it all got started, but I know that he was always trying to put my hand on his hard penis, coaxing me to squeeze it, and for some reason, that night I wanted to feel it naked in my hand. I still remember the shocked expression on Danny's face when I pulled down the zipper of his jeans. I had never seen his private parts before that night, and after I managed to extract his penis from his pants, I remember thinking how majestic and beautiful it looked. It was not all that long (a little over six inches, I later discovered), but its red circumcised crown appeared almost regal as it stood at attention and saluted me.

As I began to slowly move my hand up and down on his shaft, Danny leaned his head back against the car seat and closed his eyes. "God, that feels so good, Jo," he moaned, and I began to feel a great sense of power over him. His penis was so warm and smooth in my hand, and I don't know what came over me, but suddenly I knew that I had to have it in my mouth. As I lowered my head down towards his throbbing member, I noticed a little drop of clear fluid oozing out of the opening to his urethra and I licked it off before I wrapped my lips around the mushroom-like head of his manhood. As soon as my lips touched his naked flesh, Danny went ballistic. "Oh yes, Jo!" he moaned out loudly as he pushed his penis up into my face. "Suck it, baby! Suck my big cock!"

Well, I'd never actually seen a 'cock' before let alone had one in my mouth, and I readily admit I was very inexperienced. I'd heard lots of girls at school talk about sucking cocks, so I took the term literally and began drawing hard on it as if I were sucking a thick milk shake through a thin straw. I must have caused Danny some serious discomfort, because he quickly put his hand on my head and said, "No Jo, stop! Stop, Jo! Don't actually suck it. Just kind of move your mouth up and down on it." I must have started doing better after that because soon Danny was moaning incessantly as his head began to thrash from side to side on the car seat. "Oh, baby," he groaned, "your mouth is so fucking hot! I'm gonna shoot my load any second now! Do you want me to cum in your mouth, Jo?"

I wasn't familiar with the term 'load', but I knew that 'cum' was a vulgar term for male ejaculate. I had seen a film once in science class that showed a microscopic view of male sperm cells wriggling and gyrating around in an almost perverse kind of dance, and I knew for sure that I didn't want any of those creepy things anywhere near my mouth, so I immediately pulled my lips off Danny's cock and began to fist his shaft again. Within seconds a blast of thick white fluid exploded from the tip of his penis and landed on the ceiling of the car. Spurt after hard spurt of what appeared to be a very heavy cream continued to erupt from the head of his cock and completely saturated the front of his shirt and pants not to mention my hand, which was just lathered with the slimy goo. I remember being so glad that I'd removed my mouth from his cock before he came. I thought that he might have literally blown my head off with the incredible pressure that he had built up behind his ejaculation. Danny gave me some tissues to wipe off my hand, and while he was cleaning off his shirt and pants, I did manage to sneak just a little taste of his thick sauce. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't something that I'd want to make a steady diet of either.

Anyway, that was the first and only time that I ever sucked Danny's cock until after we were married, although he tried almost daily to get me to do it again after that first night. However, after we tied the knot I dutifully gave him head whenever he wanted it, although I never did let him cum in my mouth.

During the first three or four months of our marriage, I used to get together regularly with a couple of my old girlfriends from school for a bit of gossip and a good old chinwag, and the conversation would invariably get around to sex. I listened with intent curiosity when a few of my girlfriends would talk about their husbands or boyfriends performing cunnilingus on them - well, they didn't call it 'cunnilingus'; they used terms such as 'eating my pussy' or 'sucking my cunt' or 'slurping my twat'. My vagina would get very wet as I listened to them recount the mind-blowing sensations they'd experienced having a man's mouth 'lick my cunt' or 'tongue-fuck my hole' or 'suck on my clit'.

I decided that I wanted to try this, and one night I finally worked up the courage to ask Danny. I was sucking on his penis as he lay back on the bed, and I began to slowly move my body up over top of his until my pussy was situated right above his face. Then I raised my head up from his groin and pleaded with him, "Eat my pussy, baby. Please?" Well, he couldn't really say no seeing as how I'd been sucking his cock regularly for the past four months, so I think he begrudgingly acquiesced and stuck his tongue in between the wet lips of my labia. When his mouth made contact with my naked flesh, it felt like a jolt of electricity coursed up through my body. And when he licked my clitoris, I began to cum immediately. I dropped my pussy down onto his face and ground it around relentlessly on his thick tongue. I had never experienced anything like that before in my entire life, and I was so enrapt in my orgasm that I almost let him cum in my mouth. However, when I felt his juices begin to leak into my mouth, I quickly removed my mouth from his penis and jerked him off until he came all over my hand and on the bed sheets. I thought I heard him mutter a disgruntled "Shit!" under his breath as I walked to the bathroom to wash my hand off, although I could have been mistaken.

After that night when Danny first gave me oral pleasure, that was all I fantasized about. But every time I asked him to eat my pussy again, he would always come up with some excuse not to. "Not tonight, babe, I'm too tired," or "Geez, I just brushed my teeth - do I have to?" or "I told you before, hon, I don't really like the taste." One of my girlfriends advised me to shave my pussy so that Danny wouldn't have to contend with a mouthful of pubic hair, and I did, but to no avail. Needless to say, that was the first and only time that Danny ever performed cunnilingus on me. After humiliating myself countless more times by begging him for his tongue, I finally reconciled myself to the fact that it wasn't going to happen. But I also reconciled myself to never again sucking his cock. I believe that this was the first warning I had of our sexual incompatibility, and I know now that withholding fellatio from him was the wrong thing to do, but at the time I was very angry and hurt.

Until then we had been making love like rabbits. Danny was always horny, and I have to admit that I enjoyed the intimate act of intercourse immensely, and I believed I was good at it too. I had overheard some of Danny's buddies talking around the kitchen table one night while they were playing poker. One of the guys talked about making love to his wife and how she always just lay there like a dead fish while he fucked her. A couple of the other guys chimed in that their wives were the same way. However, one of the guys said that his wife screwed him like a high-priced slut and that sometimes she fucked him so hard that he didn't even have to move a muscle to make her cum. When one of the guys said to Danny, "Hey Dan, your wife's a fox - how is she in the sack?" Danny merely replied, "Okay, I guess." My feelings were incredibly hurt that night because I knew from listening to the discussions around the table that I was more of a 'slut' than a 'dead fish'. I basically loved to fuck and I was always very active, bucking my hips up into Danny each time he drove his big pole into me and rotating my hips around constantly on his thick dick.

It was just one more stake driven through my heart.

After I got pregnant with Becky, Danny lost all sexual interest in me and he rebuffed all of my advances to make love. I was so incredibly horny all during my pregnancy that I began to buy Playgirl magazines and I used them to masturbate to while Danny was at work. I would salivate over the long pieces of meat that hung between the legs of those beautiful studs and wonder how they would look all hard and shiny in my fist. I had no idea at the time that you could actually buy pornographic magazines showing men in full erection and sometimes even fucking girls' pussies and asses and mouths. I contented myself with fantasizing how I would take my centerfold's long flaccid dick deep into my mouth and coax it to full rigidity before allowing it to splash its pungent load of man-seed deep into the back of my throat. I know, I know... I'd never actually let a man cum in my mouth before, but that was my fantasy, rightly or wrongly.

After I gave birth to Becky, I became a mother. I know that this probably sounds self-evident and redundant, and I don't expect most men to understand, but Becky became the complete focus of my life and the center of my universe. Everything else was secondary, including my sex life with Danny. Oh, he eventually came around a few months after I'd delivered and had managed to work my body back into reasonable shape, but things were never the same between us. We basically 'scheduled' sex once a week on Saturday nights and I gradually began to evolve from a 'slut' into a 'dead fish'. I'd let him get between my legs and do his dirty little business, but I seldom came myself anymore. Sex had become just another repugnant chore for me. The only time I began to take a serious interest in it again was when I decided that I wanted to have another child.

When Becky was about two and a half years old and potty-trained, I managed to convince Danny that we should have another baby and I got him to agree to adjust our 'schedule' so that we could make love at my most fertile times of the month. I even began to thrash around on his prick again, pretending that I was enjoying it so that he would cum quicker. But as soon as he'd dump his load in my uterus, I would push him off me and clamp my legs together tightly to trap his sperm, and then I would roll over and go to sleep. In retrospect, it was a very very sad state of affairs.

After I became pregnant with Michael, Danny's and my sex life again became non-existent, but I really didn't care anymore. I was once again as horny as hell during the entire nine months I carried Michael and I widened my horizons and began to buy some of the men's magazines, which were a little raunchier than my usual Playgirls. I'd go to a magazine store on the other side of town and come away with a stack of Penthouse, Hustler, Swank and Velvet. I know that they are primarily female photo spread magazines, but I'd even begun to find those spreads erotic and would sometimes fantasize about one of the gorgeous woman models in the book sucking on my pussy while pushing one of her slender fingers up my tight ass, and my resultant orgasm would be intense indeed.

One day I worked up enough nerve to go into an adult bookstore and browse around. I ended up buying a pornographic magazine showing large black men with massive cocks fucking various white women in every way imaginable before blowing their loads into their mouths and all over their faces. For some reason, the book struck my fancy and it became the primary source of my masturbation fantasies for several months afterwards. I would pull on my clit while imagining one of those black monsters blowing a thick load of sperm down my throat or into my virgin asshole. I began to buy long thin zucchinis at the market and I would fuck one in and out of my pussy and rub my clit while I fantasized that one of my big dusky studs was plowing his thick piece of black meat up my little white twat, getting ready to deposit a potent load of black baby-making sperm deep inside my unprotected womb. Sometimes after I'd cum, I wouldn't even bother washing the zucchini off but would just slice it up and fry it and feed it to Danny with his supper. I remember thinking to myself one night as I watched him eat the zucchini with his disgusting mouth open while he chewed, 'One way or another, you asshole, you're going to get a little pussy juice in your diet.' My marriage was turning into a living hell. The only saving grace was that I had two beautiful children who needed me and loved me unconditionally.

Don't get me wrong; Danny was an excellent father. He took his turn changing diapers and feeding the kids and consoling them when they got hurt. And when he bounced them up and down on his knee, I could see just how much he loved them and they him. If only Danny had loved me half as much as he did the children, perhaps I wouldn't be writing this today.

For the next five years, until both children began spending full days at school, our marriage floundered, but it didn't really bother me because the children managed to occupy my time completely. As I said before, I was a mother first and foremost above all else. But after the children began to go to school full-time, I had a large empty space in my day that I began to fill with hateful thoughts towards Danny and lustful thoughts towards other men. I was beginning to loathe myself for my perverse daydreams and I knew that I had to make a change very soon, so I managed to convince Danny that I needed to go back to school to refresh my occupational skills. After all, it had been nine years since I'd graduated from high school. We'd gotten married immediately after graduation and I'd gotten pregnant with Becky shortly thereafter. I'd never really had an opportunity to practice my learned skills in an actual workplace environment, and the inevitable result was that they had diminished significantly over the years. So Danny finally agreed with me and I enrolled in a two-year office administration course at the local community college. I felt a little uncomfortable being 27 years old and attending classes with 18, 19 and 20-year-old kids, but I quickly adapted and began to look forward to each new day. I hate to admit it, but if the truth be known, it also didn't hurt that I nearly creamed in my pants every day while ogling all the virile young studs on campus. In retrospect, I think that I may have been emotionally stunted by my bad marriage and from the isolation factor inherent in rearing children. I still felt like I was eighteen in my heart, although my body left no doubt in anyone's mind that I was all woman.

I started working out regularly at the gym on campus and my body just kept getting tighter and tighter. I had always been told that I had a pretty face - not beautiful, just pretty - and now my body was beginning to complement it. My 5'7" frame began to lose its flabbiness and acquire muscle mass, not Arnold Schwarzenegger-type grotesqueness but just lean, solid muscle. My abs were rock hard and my long legs grew sculpted and copper-toned from hours spent on the Nautilus machines and in the tanning bed. I cut my naturally brunette hair to about shoulder length and began to highlight it with a red rinse so that it glistened beautifully in the sunlight. And my breasts, while never all that large, managed to remain about a 34C even though I'd reduced my percentage of body fat substantially. I looked as good, if not better, than most of the 18 and 19-year-old girls on campus. I would have thought that Danny would have been appreciative of my efforts, but he inexplicably seemed to become even less interested in me sexually, if that was possible. Our love-making was down to about once every three or four months and was always initiated by me when I would ultimately grow tired of frigging myself off to a bunch of inanimate photographs. With my new body, I'd even begun to enjoy the sex act again, but half the time Danny couldn't stay hard, and even when he did, he would usually cum within the first minute or so from my aggressive fucking, leaving me completely unsatisfied and dependent once more on my fingers and my vegetable garden for my own self-gratification.

In the second year of my program at the college, I ended taking a lot of the same classes as a 19-year-old girl named Cassandra. Cassie, as everyone called her, was a beautiful young girl and I think that every boy on campus was in love with her, or at least lusted after her. But, alas, Cassie was gay. She didn't try to hide this fact, but then again, neither did she try to flaunt it. She seemed very comfortable with her sexuality, and within a few months after that second year started we became fast friends. She never tried to come onto me, even though we spent most of our out-of-class time together before going home at the end of the day. She did invite me once to a dance that was put on by the campus Homophile Society "just to see how the other half lives," she said, but I respectfully declined and told her maybe some other time. After all, I knew that I wasn't a lesbian. I mean, I was married and had two young children. How could I possibly be a lesbian?

One afternoon Cassie invited me up to her apartment after class for a cappuccino and some quiet conversation before we were to go to an early movie together. My mother had agreed to be at my house when the children came home from school and to stay there until Danny got off work. Cassie and I sipped on our cappuccinos and told each other stories and giggled like two little schoolgirls. When Cassie went into the washroom to tinkle, I noticed a videotape entitled 'The Sirens of Lesbos' on top of her VCR. Out of curiosity I pushed it into the machine and turned my attention to the TV screen where two young girls in their late teens or early twenties performed cunnilingus and analingus on each other until they both came in simultaneous gut-wrenching orgasms. As I watched in naive astonishment while they recovered from their violent convulsions, I felt my pussy begin to moisten and then Cassie was suddenly back in the room, sitting beside me on the sofa. She took my hand in hers, and when I turned to face her, she placed her hand behind my head and drew my face in towards hers before kissing me fully on the lips and then separating my lips with her long tongue. I knew that I didn't have to submit to this, but oh God, it had been so long since I'd had any sexual contact that my body was just aching to be used by somebody... anybody. As Cassie played little flirting games with her tongue inside my mouth, she reached under my short skirt and rubbed my mons through my panties. When she felt how wet my pussy was, she pulled my panties to one side and began to run her finger up and down through my slick hairless folds. When I felt her finger touch my naked flesh, and when she felt the silky smoothness of my shaved pussy, we both moaned lustfully into each other's mouths.

Cassie pulled her tongue out of my mouth and panted, "Jocelyn, I've got to get my mouth on that right now, so if you're going to stop me, then stop me now." Her face was flushed and I'd never seen her eyes look quite so wild as they looked at that moment. I just shyly shook my head 'yes' in submission as I gazed shyly into her lustful eyes and laid my body back onto the sofa. Our roles had been set: she was the knowledgeable teacher and I the reluctant student. Cassie had my skirt up around my waist immediately and she hooked her fingers in the waistband of my panties and dragged them over my ass and down my legs in one fluid motion. "My God, it's so pretty," she said softly as she stared intently at my little bald cunt while she licked her lips in anticipation. She dipped her head down between my thighs and began to slither her long tongue up and down between my plump lips. When I first felt her tongue make contact with my labia, my back arched and I grabbed the back of her head with both my hands as I moaned lustfully and urged my hips up into her face. She put her hands under my tight ass and began to lick and suck on my pussy like no one ever has since as she squeezed the cheeks of my ass in her hands. I closed my eyes and reveled in the incredible sensations that Cassie was creating inside my body with her mouth. I couldn't believe that this was what I had been missing for the past ten years of my life, and my hatred for Danny grew a hundredfold.

Cassie was an exquisite cunt-licker. She reached her long tongue into little nooks and crannies of my pussy that had never been touched before. When she moved her mouth up my slit to concentrate on my clitoris, she brought her right hand out from under my ass and pushed her long middle finger deep into my pussy and finger-fucked me furiously while she sucked on my clit like a bitch in heat. Then she brought her left hand around from under my ass and dipped the middle finger of it into my sopping hole to wet it before moving it back around to my ass and attempting to insert it into my anus. It was an incredibly tight fit because I had never had anything in me back there before, but by continuously wiggling it back and forth and twisting and turning it around, she was soon able to bury her long finger completely in my virgin ass. Then she began to finger-fuck both of my holes vigorously as she sucked and licked and bit on my engorged clit. I can't say that she was the tenderest pussy-eater I've ever met, but she was without a doubt the best. A few times when she pulled on my clit with her teeth, I thought I was going to tear two large handfuls of hair out of her head if I didn't go through the roof first.

After a good ten minutes of these intense manipulations of my ass and my pussy, I began to cum like I never had before. My whole body shook with pleasure as I clamped my thighs tightly around Cassie's neck and rode her face for all I was worth. Cassie never let up on her intensive oral workout for even a second all through my orgasm until she felt my body give one last jerk and then finally sag in complete and utter sexual satiation. Then she climbed up on me and once again gave me a sinful soul kiss, allowing me for the very first time to savor the tangy taste of my own pussy juice as I sucked it off her tongue.

After a few minutes of cuddling, Cassie led me by the hand into her bedroom where she spent the rest of the afternoon on into the early evening teaching me the ways of lesbian love. Yes, I also ate her pussy, and while I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed sucking cock, it wasn't at all bad. Cassie showed me her assortment of vibrators and toys and we used a few of them during the course of our lovemaking. Cassie confided to me that she was still a virgin and that she'd been very careful with her toys not to break her hymen. She told me that she had been saving herself for someone special, and that she thought I was the one. I was both flattered and embarrassed at the same time and was at a complete loss for words. She reached into the bottom drawer of her dresser and pulled out a black, eleven-inch, strap-on dildo and handed it to me. Then she looked imploringly into my eyes and simply said, "Please Joss?"

I hesitantly took the large black tool from her and hefted it in my hand to better appreciate the weight of it. I ran my hand up and down its shiny length and then squeezed the thick black shaft tightly in my fist. At that moment, I knew I was going to enjoy this. I strapped the dildo on and positioned myself between Cassie's thighs. Her pussy was still extremely wet from my earlier oral ministrations, so I began to slowly insert the thick black rod into her tight virgin hole. The dildo must have been at least two inches in diameter and the poor kid's cunt lips were being stretched so bad that it must have been painful. When I finally nudged the head of it up against her hymen, she grimaced slightly and then gave me a somewhat anguished smile as she softly nodded her head 'yes'. I grasped onto the sides of her slender hips and drove my big black rod all the way through her thin membrane and then eleven inches deep up her cunt. When she felt her hymen rip to shreds as a result of my assault, Cassie's eyes flew wide open and she screamed out, "OH MY GODDD!!!!!" She yelled so loudly I'm surprised that everyone in her apartment building didn't hear her, but no one came around to complain.

I laid my body down on hers and stroked her hair and kissed her face as I began to fuck my big black stick in and out of her tight virgin cunt. When she felt the movement inside her vaginal passage, she pleaded with me, "I've changed my mind, Joss! I can't do this! It hurts too much!" In response I just said, "Ssshhhh ssshhhh," very soothingly over and over again as I picked up the tempo of my thrusting until I was practically pulling the whole rod out of her hole before jamming it right back in. I know that this probably sounds cruel, but I'm a woman too, and I had been through this myself. I knew that there was no easy way to be deflowered, and that sooner or later her pain would turn to pleasure and she would experience her very first orgasm at the end of a cock, albeit a big black rubber one. I have to admit that her screaming and whimpering were turning me on, and my own cunt began to cream as I continued to punish Cassie's pussy with my massive instrument.

When Cassie finally turned the corner and began to gently hump her hips up into me, I straightened back up above her and placed her thin legs up over my shoulders and began to jackhammer that heavy cock savagely in and out of her ravaged fuck-hole. I must have been hitting up against her cervix because she still grimaced every time I drove that thick pole up her narrow teenaged tunnel. But she was now moaning and rubbing her small tits and pulling on her little nipples so I knew she also had to be experiencing some pleasure.

"Do you like my big black bone, bitch?!" I shockingly heard myself say. Cassie just whimpered a little mousy 'yes'. "Do you want me to fuck you harder with my big black baby-maker, you little slut?!" I said to her menacingly. Cassie submissively nodded her head 'yes'. Our roles had suddenly completely reversed; I was now her mistress and she my willing slave. "Beg me for my cock, slut!" I ordered her.

"Pl... please, can I have it?" she whimpered, sounding just like a little 3-year-old crybaby.

I suddenly leaned up over her body and screamed in her face, "HAVE WHAT, SLUT?!?!" Cassie's eyes once again flew wide open, this time in startled terror, as she timidly replied, "Your cock, mistress?"

Then her voice grew in crescendo as she continued on, "Your big, beautiful, shiny, black cock! Give it to me hard, mistress! FUCK YOUR BIG BLACK POLE UP MY LITTLE-GIRL CUNT! POUND MY VIRGIN PUSSY WITH YOUR THICK BLACK MEAT!!! MAKE ME CUM JUST LIKE A LITTLE WHORE!!! C'MON, GIVE IT TO ME!!! MAKE ME BLEEEEEEDDDDD!!!!!"

Cassie had picked up on the role-play very quickly, and for her reward, I punched my thick rod even more forcefully up her skinny teenaged twat, nearly lifting her off the bed each time I jammed it deep into her slippery hole. Finally, Cassie could take no more and her entire body was wracked with convulsions as she twisted and turned on the bed, trying to escape the eleven-inch black marauder that had her pinned there.

After a few minutes her body relaxed and her breathing returned to normal. I looked down between her thighs to where I still had the long black dildo fully inserted in her pussy and I noticed a substantial amount of blood oozing from her inner folds and dripping down onto the bed sheets. The amount of blood looked worrisome and I hoped that I hadn't accidentally hurt my young friend.

Cassie appeared to have passed out. "Cassie?" I said softly. "Baby?" Cassie slowly opened her eyes and gave me a sweet grateful smile. "Thank you, Joss," she said softly and sincerely. "Thank you so so much."

We became lovers after that day, Cassie and I. Our affair continued for a little more than three months until I finally broke it off. I didn't end the affair out of a sense of guilt either. I didn't really consider that what Cassie and I did constituted cheating. I guess I leaned more towards the Bill Clinton definition. If I had done the same things with a man, that would have been completely different. But this was more like innocent girl-play.

The reason I finally ended our relationship was because I knew that I wanted cock. And because I knew that, I figured I would never be completely satisfied in a lesbian relationship and I didn't think it was fair to Cassie to continue on. I tried to explain this to her, but she wouldn't or couldn't listen. The poor kid was completely and utterly devastated. I tried to remain her friend after the break-up, but it's very difficult to just be friends after you've been lovers, and I finally felt it was in her best interest that we make a clean break of it.

At the end of that school year, I graduated with cap and gown from my two-year diploma program and entered the working world. I tried a couple of jobs out for about six months each but I didn't really like them, and there were lots of jobs available so I didn't feel pressured to remain in them. Finally, after about a year, I found a job I thoroughly enjoyed. I was an office manager for a small electrical supply company. There weren't a lot of people to manage. There was only one other woman working in the office with me and she was an older gray-haired lady named Betty who was getting ready to retire in about a year's time. But my job allowed me to do a little bit of everything and it was therefore never boring. Other than Betty, I was the only woman in the place. The order desk and the warehouse and the loading dock were all staffed with men, most of them in their early to mid-twenties. It was there that I met Jack.

Jack was twenty-four and worked on the loading dock, loading and unloading transport trucks. Half the time he went shirtless, and when he'd come into the office to bring in a bill of lading or a shipping report, I'm sure it was quite obvious to him how much I appreciated his lean muscular chest, his washboard abs and his strong tanned arms. I found myself glancing more and more at the large bulge in the front of his jeans whenever he stood in front of me while we talked. We began a casual flirtation that went on for close to a year. He didn't seem to mind that I was an 'older' woman at the ripe old age of thirty-one. He also didn't seem to mind that I was married. But it didn't really matter at the time because it was all pretty innocent, at least until that one night he showed up at my front door. That was the night all my troubles began.

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