Wild Massage

by Flaps

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a short story about a very HOT massage, and an unusually receptive masseuse. I hope I have a chance to act it out someday.

For reasons which I won't go into, I recently found myself in possession of a bunch of cash. It was money I couldn't explain well enough to deposit in my bank, so I was in a squandering frame of mind. To that end I'd been researching masseuses. You know. The ones you see advertising with 'theraputic' in quotes. Well maybe you don't know, but suffice to say there's plenty of such options around these parts.

I finally settled on a woman named Lucy whose ad was in our local paper. It read: 'Lovely sensualist offering marvelous two hour escape'. I liked the two hour part especially, plus she'd had an incredibly erotic phone voice. Anyway I followed her directions, parked, and was pushing the doorbell on her little house in the hills right at the time we'd agreed on.

The patter of footsteps ended as the door swung open. She remained behind it until I had stepped into the entry. Lucy was no disappointment. She was fairly small, about 5'3", with short black hair styled around a very pretty face.

"Gordon, I hope?" She smiled.

"At your service." I said, returning the smile.

"I ask people to take their shoes off here", she said, indicating a chair in the hall, and moving into her living room.

I sat to pull off my shoes. "You're not afraid people will run away, are you?"

Lucy giggled. "Well that's not a reaction I've seen yet, but I suppose there's always a first time. No, I just don't like to vacuum the carpet, and I find I have to do less of it if people take off their shoes here. It also makes the feet happy, don't you think?"

I agreed and stood up. She grinned, "My Love temple is right this way."

My breath caught as she walked in front of the windows, illuminating her robe which became largely transparent. There was little question about underwear. Her breasts swayed slightly as moved and she turned to present me with a delightful rear view. I was thrilled to see that Lucy was not into shaving her muff, and a thick patch of dark hair was obvious between her legs.

"You coming?" She grinned.

"Nope, just breathing hard." I replied.

She laughed, "Come on, you can look all you want after you get comfortable. Do you want a shower?"

"Actually, I just got out of the shower, thanks."

I followed her into a smaller room which was dominated by a platform about four feet wide and maybe six feet long. There was a flannel-covered pad on it about butt high on me, and perhaps navel high for Lucy. At one end was a low padded step. I felt a delicious anticipation growing, along with another, more earthy reaction.

She turned on some quiet jazz, and lit some candles on the wall. "You can put your things on the chair and lay face down on the table. I'll be right back."

She closed the door gently, and I took off my clothes, folding them onto the chair and giving my cock a couple offhand strokes. I studied the room and decided to stretch out in the direction that afforded the best view of her large floor mirror. Seemed like it might be entertaining...

Laying face down, I made sure Wally was extended down between my legs for her easy access, and soon relaxed to the music as I waited for her.

A gentle tap on the door brought me back from my dreamy state, and she slid into the room. "You were falling asleep, weren't you?" She accused with a smile, "Let's see if we can't wake you up somehow". As I watched, she straightened up and let the robe slide off her shoulders. She caught it neatly and hung it on the back of the door. My expression must have been comical, because she giggled again, "You like?"

I breathed out. "Boy do I like!" She was truly spectacular. Big breasts which sagged just enough to show that they were real, and capped with long dark nipples - evidently this girl liked showing off! Her hips swooped out from a very small waist and tapered quickly into legs slender enough to show daylight between them. And as I had noticed earlier, she sported a healthy bush. Dark curls fluffing out and framing her vagina. It was dim enough that I couldn't see much detail through the hair, and I was too polite to gawk openly, but I felt sure there were some lovely thick lips hidden there.

She bent over to adjust the volume of the music, and asked if I liked the jazz. I nearly missed her question trying to take in the two sweet globes of her ass. They jiggled pleasantly as she fiddled with the dials, and her vulva yawned open fetchingly. What little light there was glinted off the moisture gathered there. I was about to start this massage with a heart attack!

Straightening up, she turned to me and whispered in my ear, "You can eat me up with your eyes, and if you're a good boy, maybe you can have a lick later".

"Um. The music is very nice," I said hoarsely.

Lucy planted her hands on my back and breathed slowly.

I followed suit. Her hands were warm and soft, and she slowly ran them up to my shoulders and then down my ribs and over my butt, to Granmothers house we go...

Lucy focused on her strokes, and I encouraged her with soft groans. Several times she traced her fingertips up between my legs to tickle my dick which had become painfully hard. After about twenty minutes I was pretty totally blissed out, just floating as she touched me. She hadn't spoken since her 'lick' comment, and my eyes were closed when I caught the unmistakable odor of female arousal. My eyes popped open to look directly at her cunt about six inches in front of my nose. She was bent over me dragging her tits along my back, and she had two fingers gently gliding around her clit. My pulse jumped to about two hundred which she must have noticed. She put her lips next to my ear and said, "Why don't you turn over before that thing breaks off?".

"If it hasn't by now, I think I'm safe," I said, turning.

She pulled a narrow extension out of the end of the table, and put a small pillow on it. "Just scoot down this way a bit and put your head on this."

When I got settled down face up, she stepped to the side and began stroking extremely lightly with her fingernails from head to toe 'accidently' brushing my penis in passing. "That's a spectacular boner you've got there! Did I do that?"

"No, I was just thinking about my taxes," I said with a grin.

"Must be expecting a nice refund!" she said laughing. Then, whispering,"Maybe you'd like some tax relief?"

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