Mountain Air

by Carnage Jackson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, .

Desc: Sex Story: A couple goes hiking for a week, and nature brings out the best in them - and their fellow hikers.

Day 1

Ever since I first met her, my wife Danielle has been extremely daring sexually. The first time I ever saw her was on Spring Break of my last year in college, when she (having drank a little too much) was up on the bar of a club, putting on a one woman strip show. Danielle is quite beautiful, with 30c-24-26 measurements and I didn't notice her on stage putting on her little performance until her halter top was flung across the club floor, landing at my feet as I sat talking to my friends.

After that moment, I slowly began to fall in love with her. I met up with her as she was leaving the club, we hooked up for the remainder of my vacation and dated for the next year, before I decided that she was too great a girl to pass up and we got married on her 20th birthday.

I knew that she had come from a storied sexual past when I first started dating her. Often times just hearing her talk about having sex with two or three men (and sometimes women) at a time was enough to get me aroused and I would take her to the bedroom and fuck her silly. She is a total nymphomaniac, looking for sex whenever she can get it. Or at least she was until we got married. After she got that ring on her finger, Danielle settled down and used all of her sexual energy on me, for which I was very grateful.

But in the two years we had been married, things had kind of simmered down in bed. That's not to say that the sex still wasn't great; it was. It's just that we had tried just about everything possible that two people can do together. Taking an initiative to try and get both of our libidos out of the rut we were in, I signed us up for a week long trek through the mountains. That's another thing about Danielle - she would like nothing better than to spend weeks on end hiking through the woods, enjoying nature. Her looks reflect that: Her dark brown hair, contrasted with her naturally olive skin, and her emerald green eyes make her appear like she could be an earth goddess who rose from the soil.

The hiking trip would entail us going up and down two mountains in a week's time, accompanied by a group of other nature enthusiasts. After a 3 hour drive to the base of the mountain we unloaded our gear and went into meet everyone we would be spending the next week with. Danielle is a very outgoing person, so she wasted no time getting to know everyone there. The group consisted of 20 people, most of them in their late 40s or so. I had been on many of these type of hiking trips before and knew that these older people would have a problem keeping up with the 5 or 6 of us who were still in the prime of our youth. Danielle introduced me to two college guys, Chris and Tim, and we the four of us stood there talking and joking for a few minutes. When Danielle walked off to go talk to the ranger in charge of the hike, I saw Chris and Tim staring at her ass as she walked off. Normally, this would bother me a bit. But it must have been something in the mountain air, or the majestic-ness of the forests around the base of the mountain, that instead of being bothered by it, I actually felt a small stir in my pants as I envisioned both of them double teaming her. This had long been a fantasy of mine that I hadn't ever shared because no matter how great the fantasy sounded, there was always a nagging part in my mind that I knew would feel jealous. So with the refreshing atmosphere of the mountain, I set my inhibitions aside and decided I wouldn't worry about anything that happened on the trip.

After the park ranger gave his speech about the hike, we all set off for a week long trek through nature. We would get about two thousand feet up today, and then stop at a cabin base for the night, and spend the rest of the trip camping out at various spots on the mountain. After about the first hour of the climb, people became more friendly with each other and started mingling together, rather than staying in their own little separate parties. Because of the closeness in our ages, Danielle asked if it would be alright if we hiked with Chris and Tim. Now, I'm not stupid. Sure, they were close to us in age, but I also knew that both would be considered handsome men. Combined with the fact that the two guys and Danielle had been flirting on and off all day, I knew that this would be a natural choice. I tried to stay in the conversation, but being the "old man" of the group, I often times felt like a fourth wheel. However, I took comfort in knowing that at the end of the day, I would be the one sleeping with Danielle, not them. Or at least I thought I would.

Night began to fall quickly as we moved up the mountain, and for the last half an hour part of the climb, everyone was carrying lanterns to guide their way. When we finally reached the cabin, I collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion from not only the hike but the three hour drive there AND waking up at 4am to start the drive. Danielle meanwhile, was still very lively and awake, and sat down next to me to start unpacking our packs. The group got together about an hour later for dinner, and then everyone retired to our separate bungalows in the cabins. I again fell on the bed and waited for Danielle to get undressed and join me. Tired as I was, I was definitely in the mood for sex.

"Hon, do you mind if before I go to bed I smoke a cigarette? I won't be long," asked Danielle, leaning against the door way.

She knew I detested the little vice of hers, but since we were on vacation and I was so tired, plus that mountain air again, I told her it was alright, and she walked out the door. Expecting her back in a few minutes, I laid my head back on the pillow, put my feet up on the bed and struggled in vain to stay awake till she got back. I knew I had dozed off when I woke up and looked at the little travel clock and knew I had been sleeping for 45 minutes. Danielle still was not back, and now I was worried. Getting my clothes and shoes back on quickly, I walked outside of the cabin into the area in front of the cabin complex.

It was almost totally pitch black there in the forest, as all of the other hikers had gone to bed. Walking around our cabin, as well as all of the others, I still couldn't find Danielle. I was about to be panicked when I noticed way off deep in the woods the light from a lantern. While it probably wasn't the best idea to go out into the woods without a light, I hoped that maybe Danielle was with whoever was out there, or that maybe they had seen her go off somewhere. Boy did I not have any idea how right I would be.

Thanks to the cloudless night, I could see about 10 feet in front of me as I made my way through the woods. When I had entered the woods, the lantern seemed to be moving away from me, and I wasn't convinced that it wasn't an allusion or swamp gas or something, but the light finally stopped and I wasn't too far behind, walking slow enough so as not to make too much noise and scare whoever it was. It would have been awful if they had mistaken me for an animal and shot me or something. Finally, the light was close enough that I could see that the people had stopped inside of a clearing. There were three of them, two men and one woman. As I drew nearer, my heart raced, as I realized the woman was my wife.

Danielle was leaning against a rock that was jutting from the ground, facing me. I had taken a position about 30 feet away from the clearing, behind a pair of crisscrossed trees so that I wouldn't be seen. In the flickering light of the kerosene lantern, I knew right away that the two guys were Tim & Chris.

Tim walked over to my wife and stood beside her, unfastening her beautiful hair from the pony tail it had been in all day. My wife shook her head and her gorgeous hair fell down to her shoulders. Stepping behind her, Tim began to massage her shoulders as my wife laid her head back against his chest, her eyes closed in enjoyment. Chris meanwhile was leaning against a nearby tree directly across from me, arms crossed, enjoying the show. My heart raced further as I saw Tim glide his hand down to my wife's breast, cupping it with his hand. Tim was a huge man compared to my 5'2 wife. His arms were as big around as she was, and his chest was very well defined. His hair however, gave away his youth, as it was a blond tousled mess. Chris meanwhile was even taller than Tim, though not as built. He had a finely chiseled chin, and hair that was basically the color of my wife's. One would think he was her brother if not for his dark blue eyes. As Tim kneaded her breast with his hand through her white tank top, I saw my wife's arm move around her back to the front of his pants. A few seconds later I saw her pull away his belt and fling it to the ground. Tim's other hand had slid down from my wife's breasts and were busy making there way into her khaki shorts and what I can only assume were her panties.

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