Lisa's Adventure

by Lisa

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Lesbian, DomSub, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Food, Water Sports, .

Desc: Sex Story: My Doormet. life with Leslie, my roommate she was a slut, we are going to solo, lesbian, Toys, exibition, and group fucking adventure.

My roommate Leslie is a real slut.

I knew that when she brought a guy back to our room the first night in the dorm. I had to camp out in the lounge with the Scrabble geeks while she got pounded in our room. The next morning the whole room smelled of sex. I even found a pool of dried cum and pussy juice on my dresser.

Luckily she's got a really hot body and a gorgeous face, and is hard to stay angry at - especially when she gives you one of her broad, shining smiles. I think she could easily be a fashion model if she wanted to - kind of a blonde Cindy Crawford, without the mole. But Leslie wants no part of it. "Models don't get to fuck enough" she claims. I don't know how much would be "enough" for Leslie: she's got a pretty high libido. I don't think she's gone a single day here at school without at least one sex partner.

At first, I was annoyed by her sluttish behavior because it threw me out of the room. But one afternoon I told her that her throwing me out so she could screw boyfriend #16 really pissed me off, and she surprised me by telling me that she didn't care whether or not I stayed. So from then on, whenever she came back to the room with a guy, I just stayed on my bed reading.

Some of the guys were freaked out about having me in the room, but they soon learned that since Leslie didn't care, if they didn't go along with it they wouldn't get into her pants. Over the first week I watched Leslie screw five guys out of the corner of my eye. Usually they would just hump under her covers, and so while I was able to hear almost every detail, I never got to see the guy's cocks. At the time that's what I was straining to catch a glimpse of. It didn't occur to me that Leslie was where I should have been directing my attention.

One Friday night she brought a guy named Dave back to the room after they had seen a movie. She pulled him onto her bed and began kissing him. He noticed me across the room, but I just played it cool. I could see that Dave was a little uncomfortable at first. When he and Leslie started making out he kept peeking over at me, but I just sat there with my book. Gradually Leslie started to tug at his clothes, trying to take off his shirt. It was clear, however, that he didn't want to go any further with me in the room. He tried to get Leslie to come with him over to his room but she had settled into her bed and wasn't going to move.

"This is it, Dave," she said. "Leslie's pussy opens up on this bed, and this bed only!" She sat back and smiled, pulling her tube top over her head. Her tits flopped out and she cupped them in her hands. As I would learn later, Leslie never wore a bra if she didn't have to.

Now, I've seen women's breasts before, but even I was impressed with these beauties. Soft and firm, they sat perkily on her chest, just begging to be sucked and caressed. After that Dave sort of forgot that I was there. He grabbed Leslie by the waist and started off. I pretended to keep reading, but kept my eyes on the action on Leslie's bed. She tore off her clothes revealing her smooth hard body. Dave looked pretty good himself and I started getting excited watching the two of them fool around.

Dave moaned as Leslie pulled off his briefs and gently licked at the head of his cock. He fondled her tits as she took him into her mouth and started to pump his cock in and out. I could see Leslie's saliva leaking out the corners of her mouth, running down her neck. She got on her knees for a better angle, and raised her ass up off the bed. I got my first clear look at her pussy. It was soft and hairless. Her lips poked out pretty far and her clitoris was clearly visible. As she shifted her hips, her labia opened a little and some of her creamy lubrication began dripping out. She reached back with one hand and held her pussy open with two fingers while a third gently prodded her clit from side to side.

I started getting hot watching this smooth-skinned blonde slut finger her pussy right in front of me. Now, I'd seen other girl's twats in the gym shower and all, but never juicy and spread open like this. I could see how her lips got all swollen with her cum-lust. Little drops of cunt juice glistened on her pubic hairs as her fingers probed and stroked. I'm no lesbo, but I felt like going over and just sticking my tongue up that steamy box, and getting my face sticky with her cream. I leaned forward and stared as Leslie's ass swayed from side to side as she moaned into Dave's cock, now furiously pumping down her throat.

Unfortunately just as Leslie was about to push her fingers directly into her box, Dave started to cum. He grabbed her head and pounded vigorously into her mouth. Leslie had to use both hands to keep her balance. He must have poured a lot of cum into her mouth because she didn't swallow it all. I could see some of it on her tongue and lips as she swirled it around in her mouth. Smiling, she swallowed the rest and licked her face clean. Leslie was about to pull Dave down to her pussy, but just then he leaned over and switched off the light and pulled the blanket over the two of them. Now I couldn't see them, but Leslie's slurping and moaning left little to the imagination. I lay back on the bed and rubbed my pussy through my jeans, imagining that I was joining Leslie and Dave under the covers.

It wasn't exactly like I wasn't getting any male attention at school. I mean, I've got a slim bod, medium to small breasts, and long dark hair. A few guys had already asked me out, but I just didn't move as fast as Leslie did, and I guess I was feeling left out, not to mention being horny as hell. My usual internal dating schedule went something like, talking on the first date, a good night hug or kiss on the second, light kissing on the third, and general making out and necking on the fourth. If I really liked the guy I would let him start feeling my tits and ass after that. I'd only gone all the way twice in my life, so you can see how Leslie's moving from the initial "Can I buy you a drink?" to "Ow! You're on my hair!" in one evening left me out in the cold. Frustrated, I sank beneath my covers and fingered my pussy while listening to Leslie's squishy cunt get tongued and sucked.

The next morning I watched through my sheets as Leslie led Dave naked into the bathroom where they shared a shower before he left for team practice. I could hear the shower stall shaking next door as he fucked her against the wall. Leslie's grunts of pleasure echoed through the room.

When Leslie came back into the room, she was wrapped only in a towel. She plopped herself down in the easy chair and just sat, watching the trees rustle in the breeze outside. I pretended I was still asleep. Absently, Leslie began to stroke her breasts. She opened the towel, showing me those fabulous globes again. Her hands stroked and cupped them, her fingers softly pinching her nipples. Her left hand began to slide across her smooth belly. It gradually snaked down to her crotch, and one by one, she pulled her thighs back until they were almost at 90 degrees to her waist. Her cunt was now fully exposed, and her pussy lips were pulled apart. The scent of her juices wafted forth as she gently stroked her pussy. Her little clit pointed out of its hood, and her fingers softly pushed it back and forth.

She sighed and shifted in her seat. With her eyes closed, her head lay back and her fingers began to stroke her clit in earnest. I watched in amazement as she unashamedly masturbated in the middle of the room by an open window. Soon she began to moan as her climax approached. Her fingers blurred over her pussy as her hips started to churn up and down. Grunting and gasping, she came over her hand, her cunt coating her fingers with creamy lubrication.

I guess I had forgotten that I was supposed to be asleep 'cause I had sat fully up, and was staring open mouthed at her brazen display of lust. My right hand was busy at my own cunt. Leslie opened her eyes and looked over to me. Embarrassed, I broke away and tried to pretend nothing had happened but Leslie knew better. She came over and sat next to me on the bed and began unbuttoning my nightshirt. I should have stopped her, but before I knew it she had pulled off my shirt and had pushed me back onto the bed. With a form grip, she pulled my thighs apart, pressing them back up towards my tits.

Slowly she knelt between my legs and began kissing and licking her way up my thighs. When she got to my pussy she took a deep breath and let her tongue play across my lips. It was the most incredible feeling I'd ever felt. I've had guys inside me, and have even gotten licked once or twice, but the thrill of having this luscious soft baby sucking on my box was just too much.

Leslie kept on licking my lips until I pulled her head closer in. She pointed her tongue and shoved it straight up my cunt, tasting all my inner juices. I saw that she was fingering her own pussy while she was tongueing mine, so I pulled her hips towards me. She had obviously done this before, since she swing right around in one motion, and rotated her hips so that her cunt was right at my mouth level. I had never tasted another girl's vagina before, but was so hot that I guess I dove right in. Leslie had a shaved pussy, and her lips were soft and tender. No wonder she had such a steady stream of guys at her door.

I stuck out my tongue and got my first taste of cunt. I never really thought of how I tasted, but now with my face in another girl's pussy, I wondered how my snatch juices were to Leslie. I guessed that when I kissed her later (as I knew I would) I would get my answer. For now, I was enjoying the feeling of Leslie's pussy on my tongue. I slurped and licked and gobbled and sucked on her juicy cunny. We must have lay there for over an hour, just tasting and getting to know each other's vaginas as we drifted from orgasm to orgasm. Finally I lay back, my face and neck all covered with Leslie-juice.

Leslie crawled up to me and started to lick me clean. I was so touched by this gesture that I also started to tongue my lubricating juice off of Leslie's face. Our tongues quickly found each other and we eagerly dove into each other's mouths, tasting and probing. Leslie was a better french-kisser than any boy I had ever gone out with, and I was starting to wonder if I was becoming a lesbian.

Leslie's tongue thrust its way down my throat, and I sucked on its length. We swapped saliva back and forth for another 30 minutes before Leslie pulled back and collapsed next to me, her arms wrapping themselves around my waist. "Good Morning, Roomie!" she said with a giggle. It was only then that I realized we had gone this entire time without talking. Our lusts had spoken for us, and our moans of passion were all the conversation that was needed.

"That was fabulous!" I said, caressing her breasts. "If I'd known what all those guys were getting, I wouldn't have waited until now to get some myself." Leslie snorted. "As I recall it, you weren't the one to make the first move. I had to put on that show for you and literally grab your pussy before you joined in!"

"That's true," I said, "and I'm so glad you did. I love the way your tongue felt up my cunt and in my mouth. How did you learn to lick another girl like that?" "Practice!" Leslie said with a grin. "I started out when I was young." Leslie was only 18 years old - I smiled to think of the lucky bitch who got to be the first one to dive between those milky-white pre-teen thighs.

"I was at summer camp and one of the older girls got me alone in the shower room one night. She said that she would give me a shampoo, but after she got my hair full of lather, she started rubbing the foam down onto my shoulders and arms. I guess I didn't seem startled or pull away, so she kept going, and started lathering my tits. Now, I wasn't exactly as big as I am today, but I had a nice set of breasts, fairly sizable for my age. Actually I think they were just a little smaller than yours are."

I blushed and tried to pull the sheets over my chest.

"No, no!" Leslie said, "I like'm that size. You know, anything more than a mouthful is wasted!" Leslie pulled the covers down and cupped my tits in her hands, tweaking the nipples between her fingers. She leaned forward and gave each one a tender kiss before continuing.

"Anyway, she got me pretty hot and kept telling me how sexy I was, and how she'd been watching me all summer, wanting to get her tongue up my pussy. She kept soaping me up, and worked her way down my body. It wasn't too long before she had on the floor of the shower with my legs wide open, and her tongue up my cunt. She really knew her stuff, and I must have cum about twelve times - kind of appropriate 'cause that's how old I was!" Leslie giggled to herself.

"Anyway, the next night she introduced me to two of her friends. They took turns licking my cunt and sucking on my nipples. I kind of felt funny being passed around from girl to girl like that, but they all really got into seducing someone so young. I can't really complain since I was on the receiving end most of the time. Those sluts just got off by eating pussy. By the end of the summer I was so well licked that I couldn't even pass one of those girls on the path without creaming up! Looking back, I can see where they were coming from - I know that I really juice up when I see some cute little jailbait walk across campus!"

I looked at Leslie with wide eyes. "Trust me, Kath" she said, "there's nothing that tastes better than cherry pussy! But now, it's getting late and we have some work to do if we want to have some fun tonight." She got off the bed and started getting dressed.

I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't have Leslie to myself for the night, but knew that anything she dreamt up was bound to be good.

A Trip to the Mall

Leslie and I dressed up in some slutty outfits: she in a halter top and mini-skirt and me in a half-tube top and cut-off shorts. Of course we didn't wear any bras or underwear. We headed off to the town mall and waited by the record store for someone to try and pick us up. It wasn't long before a businessman in a grey suit began chatting to Leslie, asking her where she went to school and what kind of music she liked. She steered the conversation to her boyfriends, and what she liked to do with them.

I just smiled and acted shy. I couldn't believe how dirty Leslie was talking. She started telling him how good she was in bed, and how her boyfriends liked her breasts. Then she pointed to me and said that I gave better head than any other bitch in the school. I almost felt like a whore when she said that, but it also turned me on. I smiled at him some more, and ran my tongue over my lips, letting some spit drool down my chin, like cum.

The guy got real excited and tried to get Leslie and I to come to his hotel room, but we just laughed at him. Leslie pushed him to a corner, and began rubbing his crotch and telling him that he couldn't afford us. I joined in and snaked my arm behind his ass and through his pants legs, cupping his balls with my hand while Leslie stroked his cock. Even through the fabric of his suit Leslie could feel how hard he had gotten. She picked up speed and he came in his underwear. I could see a growing wet spot over his pants front.

Leslie then leaned over and gave me an incredibly long and wet tongue kiss and we strolled away. When we rounded a corner I found out what Leslie had been up to. She showed me the wallet she had taken from his pants pocket while she was stroking his crotch. We found a phone booth, and Leslie called the guy's house and left a message on his answering machine.

"Um, hi, I'm trying to reach Bob," she stammered. "Um, I heard from the doctor today about, well, you know. And I think that, well, we should probably talk, OK, bye..." Leslie hung up the phone and we laughed and ran down the mall to the post office. Leslie took all the guys' cash out of the wallet, and put the rest in an envelope and mailed it to his address. For a joke we put down the return address of Leslie's professor, Leslie Smith.

Fully loaded with cash, we headed to the department stores where we each got new outfits. Afterwards I thought we would be heading home, but Leslie led me to a row of stores nearby the mall. There was an Adult bookstore there, and I followed Leslie right in. I'd never been in one of these stores before, and was shocked to see all the explicit stuff just sitting out in the open. There were separate racks for straight, lesbian, bondage, pre-teen, and rape fantasy magazines and videos. Leslie pointed out a magazine that was called "Les Girls", and which had nothing but pictures of lesbian women making love to each other with tongues, fingers, vibrators and cucumbers. Leslie smiled and whispered to me "Bananas are better!" as she moved along the rack.

Another magazine had pictures of girls being fucked, and having their pussies licked by large German Shephards. My cunt actually started getting wet as I looked at this red-haired girl pouring beef gravy onto her clit, and having it vigorously lapped up by two big brown dogs. The dreamy expression on her face told me she couldn't be faking this: those dogs must be phenomenal pussy lickers. I thought of my parent's dog, Butch, who was always sniffing around my crotch, and made some plans in my mind for my next trip home over break. I tried to catch Leslie's eye, but she just smiled to herself thoughtfully and quietly moved along.

A few guys were in the store, and looked surprised to see a pair of young sluts like Leslie and me in a place like that. Some of them moved to a hallway in the back. I guessed that's where they had those movie booths where you could watch a few minutes of a porno film in private to see if you wanted to buy it, and to jerk off if you felt like it.

"Hi there, Leslie!" the guy behind the counter called out. "I've got your order!" "Great," Leslie said. "Let's see it". The guy pulled out a large double-ended dildo from under the counter and handed it over to her.

"I hope it's the one you wanted" he said. " looks great" Leslie said. "Oh, this is Lisa, by the way. She's the one I told you about. I'm hoping to use this on her!" I blushed strongly as the guy leered at me. "Can we try this out before I buy it?" she asked. "Sure, use the private room, as usual" he said pointing to a door in the rear.

"I can't believe you said that to him, Leslie" I whispered to him as we moved to the back of the store. "Oh, chill out" she said, "don't worry about him. He won't give us any trouble!"

In the back room Leslie pulled down her mini-skirt and sat on the couch. She grabbed a tube of KY jelly from the bag and started greasing up both ends of the dildo. She pulled her pussy lips apart and inserted one end of the dildo into her cunt.

"Come over here" she said, "and get this into you so we can try it out." I wasn't really enthusiastic about fooling around in this strange store, but Leslie was already pumping the dildo in her cunt. Her soft thighs were open and inviting, and so I reluctantly pulled my shorts off and joined her on the couch.

I spread my legs and used my hand to pull my pussy lips apart. Leslie guided the plastic cock into my cunt, and we slowly started to pound into each other. It felt great. It was like fucking a guy, but I was holding Leslie's creamy body at the same time. Leslie's tits bounced in my face, and I leaned forward to bite on her nipples.

I thought I saw some movement in the big glass mirror that was on the wall across from us, but Leslie pulled me closer and I forgot about it as I felt my climax approach. Leslie and I both had outrageous orgasms, and the dildo was slick with our juices. Leslie wiped it off and we got dressed and went back outside.

"I'll take it!" Leslie said, and we walked out of the store. "Leslie, you never paid for that!" I whispered to her. "Relax, sure we did. What do you think that business in the back room was? Those perverts have a two-way mirror in there, and the owner charges $20. a person to watch whatever goes on. We just made that guy a few hundred bucks - This dildo is our cut!"

I was shocked that we had just put on such a show for a bunch of strangers, but again, I was a little turned on by it. Little by little I was starting to see things as Leslie did. She didn't care about anything except for satisfying that lucious slit between her legs. She was always horny, and was always looking for someone (anyone!) to fuck, lick or suck her until she creamed.

"Who goes into that room?" I asked.

"Oh, businessmen, horny college students who can't get into our pants normally, even a few professors!"

"No! What professors would pay to see you in that room?"

"Well, you know my spanish tracher, Professor Johnson? I saw him leaving the viewing room once after I'd "tried out" a vibrating dildo. I must have used that thing for half an hour. I ended up not taking it because it was too intense for me. Anyway, I hung out in the store for awhile looking for something else that I could use, and I saw him walking out the backroom. He never looks at me directly in class, but I can see him looking at my ass when I walk out the room."

"Wow! What kind of grades does he give you?"

"So far it's been all B+'s, but I may try to push that up to an A."

"Who do you think was in there today?" I was curious as to who had just seen my pussy.

"Well, I can't say for sure, but I thought I heard Carl Frederick's voice."

I blushed strongly. Carl was in my history class. He was a nice guy, but was kind of a geek. He was always paying attention to me, and offering to work together on projects. Now he had seem me dildo-fucking my blonde roommate in the backroom of some sleazy porno shop. How would I face him the next time we saw each other? Leslie advised me to take it easy.

"I think about half the guys on our hall have seen my cunt. I make a point of leaving the door open while I'm changing, or of wearing no panties while sitting across the room from a guy. The look on their faces is priceless when they get a glimpse of your box. Once I left the shower door open and spent half an hour in front of the mirror shaving my cunt and jerking off. I could see Mike from down the hall in the corner of the mirror watching me, but pretended I couldn't see him, and just kept rubbing my pussy until I came around five times!

"After that Mike became the nicest guy around, getting things for me, picking up my cleaning, even buying me food when I didn't feel like going out for dinner. Once a guy's seem your box, he'll do almost anything for you in hopes of getting back into your panties. Trust me. You want Carl to start doing your term papers for you? Now all you have to do is to ask him and smile!"

We were coming up to the taxi stand that would take us back to campus. Leslie and I threw our bags in the trunk and got in the backseat. As we drove down the highway, Leslie started stroking my legs.

"Leslie, stop it!" I whispered. "The driver can see us!"

"Oh, look who's getting modest all of a sudden!" Leslie smiled and more insistantly rubbed my thighs. She pushed my legs back until they were spread wide open. I could see the driver eyeing my crotch in the rear view mirror. I tried to act casual as Leslie rubbed my crotch. She pulled the thin fabric of my shorts aside, revealing my swollen pussy lips. Since I wasn't wearing any panties, the seams in my shorts had been rubbing against my pussy lips as we walked, so I was in a constant state of semi-arousal all the time. Leslie's gentle stroking pulled me over the edge and I was now a horny slut!

She ran her fingers up and down my pussy lips. I thrust my hips up, begging her to go inside me but Leslie just kept stroking softly. My clit budded up and forced its way out from its hood. "You're driving me crazy!" I whispered in her ear. Her hand was carefully avoiding my button, tracing circles around it and getting the whole area wet with juices that she would bring up from my hole.

At last she lowered her head to my crotch and stuck out her tongue. I moved my hips even more forward and gasped loudly with pleasure when I felt the tip of her tongue rub against my clit. "Oh God!" I moaned, "Lick me harder! Please, stick your tongue up my pussy!" I no longer cared that the driver was staring directly at me, I just wanted Leslie's wonderful mouth to make love to me.

Leslie unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down my legs to get better access to my box. She gripped my thighs and pulled me closer to her probing tongue. I could feel her mouth nibbling on my cunt lipe and sucking my cream out of my slit. Suddenly she clamped her lips on my clit and started sucking directly on it. Her tongue swirled over and over the tip of my clit, and I soared to a climax. "Ooohhhh Goood!" I moaned, "That's sooooo goooood! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!...Mmmmmmmm" Slowly I came down from my intense cum. I sat back in the seat and smiled at Leslie, who's face was once again dripping with my juices.

I looked up and saw that the cab had stopped in front of our dorm. I slid back into my shorts and started to get my money out to pay for the cab ride, but the driver just waved our cash away. "Just make sure you ask for me if you ever want to get anywhere" he said, handing Leslie a business card.

We got out of the cab and sauntered back to our dorm room.

When we got back to our room it was just getting dark. There was a big party over at Sigma Theta, and Leslie was invited. I didn't know anyone over there, and so I didn't think I should be going but Leslie convinced me that there was no better source of hot cunt than at a Sig Thete bash. Both the football and basktball cheer- leaders hung out there, along with the women's gymnastics team. "You haven't lived until you've sucked off a gymnast," Leslie told me, "they have muscles in their pussies you wouldn't believe!"

Leslie's ability to get into the panties of just about any girl on campus was astonishing. She said that since all women have a curiousity about lesbian sex, its not too difficult to "help them along" the path.

"What you have to do is, once you've picked out a yummy target, just imagine her naked in your arms, her breasts pressing against your belly as the two of you nibble at each other's pussy lips. You just get so horny that she knows you want her ass when you look at her. I think girls can even subconsciously smell your cunt as it heats up. Pretty soon she can't help but respond. After that, all you need is a room alone. Sometimes you pull her into the bathroom, sometimes a closet has to do. One time I sucked off a cheerleader under the stadium seats during a game!"

"Once in a while a chick will pull back, but sooner or later they come knocking on your door. The nicest piece of snatch I had in high school was this girl Beth. She was the sister of this guy I'd been seeing. I was over at his house one afternoon, and had just fucked him when I heard Beth come home.

"Beth was about 16, dark brown hair, glasses, really cute. Kind of like that Becky girl on 'Life Goes On', y'know? Anyway I started talking to her, and got her talking about guys and sex and stuff. It was clear that she was interested in sex, but was totally unexperienced. I was telling her about this guy I had fucked that summer, and how horny he made me. I said that sometimes when I was alone I would pull down my panties and make myself cum. She was, like, totally shocked that I was saying this, but didn't stop me. Pretty soon I was telling her what it's like to be eaten and stuff. We were sitting *really* close on her bed. I told her that she was a fox, and that she should have no trouble getting some stud into her pants. She just blushed and stuff, but I was insistant and told her how hot she looked, and that if some guy didn't take her cherry soon, I would!

"I was about to kiss her, but she chickened out and pulled away. I just let her go, and acted like it was no big deal.

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