Sex With a Hot Babe

by OneIdleHand

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Reunion of husband and wife after a business trip, with a willing wife for mild verbal bondage, and, uh-oh, a hint of a voyeur.

I had been out of town on business during the week, and, returning, home, I had one goal: relieve the urgency in my balls. All week I had been reading "Penthouse Letters" stories, but I had not allowed myself to cum. My wife, Hayley, likes to either see a large load shoot, or feel it within her, so I wanted to save up for my return. As I was driving home, I was trying to decide how I wanted the evening to progress. My wife hadn't indicated she was particularly amorous during our evening phone calls. Her comments basically included kid facts and home repair needs. A toilet had a slow leak, and the doorbell had jammed. Since the subject of sex had not come up, I didn't expect her to be aggressive, or even suggestive. It would be up to me, likely.

The return home involved the usual hugs and "I missed you." After eating dinner, spending some time with the kids, and tucking them in bed, I was left with little time to get my plan together. I made a quick trip to our "toy" supply, and went downstairs with it, planning on fun in our den floor. It wouldn't be the most comfortable, but I wasn't in the mood for the "in the bed" routine. Going upstairs, I found that my wife was showering, and after a quick talk through the door, figured that she would be a while.

Given this apparent extra time, I found our homemade porno movie, which was now a "best of" camcorder moments taken over the last couple of years. We had just purchased a new VCR that would hold a single image frame, that we had placed in our upstairs bedroom. I fast-forwarded to the end of the tape, to our last session, where I freeze-framed a shot of my cum shooting onto my wife's face. It had been the only time she had allowed me to do that, and I was certainly hoping she would again someday. The video was stunning, and I had watched it often. I turned off the lights in the room, so that her eyes would be drawn to the TV when she exited the bathroom. I found a post-it note, and placed it on the TV screen. It said simply, "come downstairs, naked."

She was still in the shower and everything was ready, so I went Downstairs to check my e-mail, since I had been out of town for the week. After connecting and reading most of the messages, I became aware that Hayley had approached behind me.

As I turned, she was standing near the doorway. She was naked, just as I had hoped. My wife stood before me, her skin flushed pink by the hot water in the shower. My wife was 35, with brown hair just past shoulder-length, blue eyes, and she stood about 5'5". She was an attractive woman, and was blessed with skin that gave her a natural beauty. And after a shower, with wet hair, she always looked especially fresh and desirable. People that we had just met would often comment that they had met her before, or knew someone who looked just like her.

My wife had retained much of her girlish figure. She was fortunate to have hips and thighs that didn't easily gain weight. Her midriff had the normal female curves, pronounced by childbirth, and her breasts, always the magnet to my eyes and hands, looked perfect. Her breasts were 38C's, and although she was self-conscious that her tits no longer stood firm from her chest as they had when she was a teenager, the natural sagging that had lowered their placement made her all the more real to me. She wasn't an "untouchable" pin-up girl, complete with surgical enhancements. She was, instead, the embodiment of a real world woman, with a natural sexiness, who had a face and figure of which most men would be jealous. And most women, too.

As I stared at her, her nipples stood to points, and her dark brown areola contrasted with the never tanned whiteness of her breasts. Looking down, I could see just a few beads of water that remained in her cunt hairs. Her hair wasn't particularly thick, and she had trimmed it to a tidy triangular shape. I could just make out the cleft in her cunt between her legs, especially as she stood with her legs slightly spread. I looked down to her slim thighs and her defined calves. I liked the shape of her legs, and thought briefly that I should spend more time caressing and kissing them.

Hayley had remained silent as I looked her over, a smirk on her face. Whether this was because of my gradual once-over or the picture on the TV upstairs, I didn't know. I placed my fingers over my lips, so that she would know I didn't want her to speak. She still looked at me with that smirk, which, if anything, meant she knew games were afoot. Whether she was just putting up with them or ready to go with it I didn't yet know.

"Reach back with both of your hands, and pull your hair up over your head." She did this, and I was happy that she obeyed, understanding that I was "in control." This particular move also had the effect of raising her ribcage, thus lifting and projecting her breasts. As she stood there, I casually reached to the computer desk and retrieved my Polaroid camera. We had taken only a few "intimate" pictures over the years, some of which I still had. For whatever reason, the camera didn't take pictures as well any longer, so I had bought a new one while out-of-town. She didn't know this, and probably expected the pictures to be washed out as with other recent tries.

I told her, "Strike a pose," and snapped a picture, then another. "Very good! Now come closer." She did this, and I placed a blindfold on her. She accepted it easily, as we had played these games before. Although the computer room would have been adequate, I had the rest of my toys in the den. So I turned her around, and led her there.

My wife had finally somewhat gotten used to being videotaped. Whether she knew I had it on, I didn't know, or care. It was to be my night. As I turned the camcorder on, she didn't give any appearance that she heard its mechanisms start. I had left three lamps on in the den to provide adequate lighting. She knew that the bay window to our front yard did not have curtains or blinds, but it was summer, and the leaves were full, blocking the view to the street. It also helped that we were in a cul-de-sac. The lights added a certain amount of risk, but were necessary to film her. She had played our "porno" movie in the den before, without concern from walkers-by, so...

First, I wanted her to understand that this wasn't going to be a night for making "love." I wanted hard-core sex. And first, I wanted a show. I told her to cup a breast with one hand. She did. I told her to pinch her nipple with her other hand. She did this half-heartedly. It was too early for nipple stimulation to turn her on yet, but this was for me, not her. "Pull on your nipple, between the tips of two fingers." As she did, I watched as the skin of her upper breasts pulled taut, her 1/4" nipples stretching to almost an inch. I moved closer to her, and began nibbling on one tit as she continued to play with the other.

It was a minor miracle, actually, that about 4 years ago, Hayley had rather suddenly begun to enjoy my playing with her nipples, or sucking on them gently as she hovered them above my mouth. This had more recently changed so that as she approached climax, she enjoyed having them pinched or rolled between my fingers rather savagely. This had the unfortunate complication of bringing me to climax too soon, but it was worth it.

As she wasn't yet getting into the mood, I knew a little talking would get her juices going, "I've been fantasizing this week about your breasts. About snuggling my head between them when we go to bed, about holding them while standing behind you, feeling the warm softness of the flesh underneath. And then I think about stretching your areola tight with my fingers while flicking my tongue back and forth against just the tips of your nipples. And of course, I think about how they swing so hard when I fuck you doggy-style. And then I cum while remembering fucking you on the back porch, naked and leaning against the rails, while I pinch your nipples against the hand rail boards."

She began to respond to this with deep breaths, and I noticed that the smirk was gone from her face. I had her lay on the floor. I had thought about tying her arms and legs, but decided I wanted her to be able to move around some, at least for now. I held her hands to the floor, and began to tease her by kissing her lips, her cheeks, and her neck. Her neck was the key to getting her juices flowing. I quickly stripped off my clothes, and before she had a chance to wonder what might come next, I placed my cock against her lips.

She didn't much care for the taste of cum, but she recently began to give better efforts at sucking my cock. And, although she didn't suck as well as porno stars seemed to, the main turn-on was to watch my cock slip in and out between her lips. I was happy with a wife that would make the effort, knowing she looked like a porno slut while doing it. As I removed my cock, I wiped the pre-cum against her cheek, leaving the wet trace glistening in the light. I got up to change the aim and focus of the camera, then continued my instructions.

"Pull your legs up. Good. Now spread them. Wider." As she did so, I could see the wet folds between her legs clearly in the light. She didn't care much for oral sex on her, so I wouldn't bother with the effort. Again, I wanted a show. "Now, gather both of your tits between your arms, and reach down with your hands to your pussy." I knew she hated the word, "pussy," but the word conjured the feeling within me of raw sex, more so than "cunt." "I want you to pull your pussy lips apart for me, using both hands." Maybe she was thinking this was obscene, but she did it. An advantage to being married 15 years is that there's little left to be shy about. My cock was fully hard at the sight, fighting the desire to just plunge into her.

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