Who Was It?

by OneIdleHand

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Hayley's attraction to a new neighbor turns into an opportunity for a ruse, maybe.

Hayley had been pulling weeds from her flower garden when the moving truck pulled in to the house next door. The house had been sold a month earlier and had been vacant for the past two weeks. Their previous neighbors had been nice enough, but no common interests, other than kids of similar ages, had kept the relationship pleasant but superficial.

Hayley had hoped that the new neighbors would also have kids, and that the wife would stay at home during the day so that they could do things together.

She shortly realized, however, that the size of the U-Haul indicated that the new neighbors were probably moving in from an apartment, and that the amount of furniture probably meant that there were not any kids. As some friends, apparently, of the owners helped moved the furniture and boxes into the house, she walked up to the guy that she presumed was the husband. He was about 6'2", about 30 years old, with brown hair, blue eyes, and an athletic build. As evidenced by the weights, bicycles, golf clubs, and other sporting equipment temporarily placed in the driveway, she knew that he was active physically.

She introduced herself, and he said that his name was Craig. In the course of discussion, she found out that he was a pharmaceutical salesman and often would be out-of-town. She asked if his wife worked, and he indicated that she was between jobs, as she had to quit to care for her mom that lived in Texas. As airfare costs between North Carolina and Texas were substantial, they had not been meeting often, and she probably wouldn't be back permanently for several more months until her mom recovered from her illness.

A week later, Craig rang the doorbell and introduced his wife, Kim. She was in town for the weekend to help get the house sorted and basically make a list of "honey, do" items for Craig to complete while she was away. They also met Hayley's husband, Steven, as well as their kids, and it seemed like they would be enjoyable neighbors once Kim was able to return. Kim was about 5'5", with black hair, blue eyes, slender, and with the kind of smile that could light up the room. Hayley knew that she was the type that her husband found very attractive.

Over the next several weeks, Steven and Craig got together often, with Steven helping him around the house as he moved furniture, painted, hung shelves, and other projects. As Steven had helped unpack, he had found several photos of Kim in a beauty pageant, and found out that she had been first runner-up as Miss Texas. Craig and Kim had only married several months previous, and most of Kim's furniture was still at her apartment in Texas, where they had met. Craig had been transferred to Charlotte, causing the move. But, because Kim's mom was ill, they had never been able to move their belongings together as she had been needed at home, basically since they had returned from their honeymoon.

Steven had said to Craig that it must be tough to be married and yet be living apart. Craig was comfortable enough with Steven to hint that they had used letters and phone calls, and lately home videos, to keep each other excited about their next reunion. When Steven told Hayley this, she wondered how much Steven had shared about their own sex lives.

One late afternoon while Steven was out of town, Hayley saw Craig mowing his yard. It was hot outside, and he was wearing long gym shorts and tennis shoes. His skin was tanned, and she was mesmerized watching the rippling muscles in his arms, shoulders, and torso as he pushed his mower around the yard. He was sweating, and his body looked wonderfully slick as he glistened in the sunlight. The sweat had dampened his gray shorts along his waist, seeming to form a dark triangle pointing to the conspicuous bulge between his legs. She suddenly returned to her senses when Craig turned a corner, and she looked up to find him returning her gaze. She had not realized that she was staring, and she quickly waved, looked away and began planting a flat of pansies by her doorstep.

A short time later, she went to her bathroom to shower, and decided to take a bath instead. Her thoughts quickly left the "Reader's Digest" article she was reading to the physique she had been watching earlier. Noiselessly, she brought herself to climax, her fingers between her legs, amazed that she had been in the tub long enough for the water to turn cool. She dressed, cooked supper and fed the kids, helped them with their homework, and tucked them in.

Her husband called from Nashville, where he was working, and she realized she missed more than his presence. Her general mood was quickly perceived, and they made an "appointment" for each other in two more nights, when he would return.

At bedtime, she changed into a light nightgown and climbed into bed. Still warmed by her conversation with her husband, she again began to play with herself when she was interrupted by her dog, a Labrador, jumping on the bed. Clearly, he needed to go outside, and she had forgotten to take him.

Their yard was not fenced, but her dog, Jessie, would do his business if she stood on the patio. He wandered off slightly while she stood watching, noticing fireflies getting higher in the trees. Jessie returned after a couple of minutes, and as she held the door open, she saw a light from Craig's screened back porch, apparently his laptop, although she could not see any indication of him, because his lights were off. As she turned to go in the door, she realized that the yard spotlight from her other neighbor's house was on. If he had been on the back porch, he probably could have seen right through her nightgown. As she closed the door and ran up the steps, wishing for a home with privacy, she realized that she was incredibly turned on, and picked up where she left off before the dog had so rudely interrupted her.

She didn't see Craig the next day, and she wasn't sure if she would be embarrassed or not if and when she did. But, she was very happy when her husband returned the following afternoon. The sex that evening was much hotter than usual, with her husband struggling to keep up with her needs. Afterwards, he asked her if there was a reason for her sensual state.

Running her fingers up and down his softened shaft, hoping for a second round, she realized, she began to describe what was going on in her head, as they had shared fantasies before.

"Well, I was out working in the Garden Wednesday afternoon, and I sat on the front porch steps just to sit a minute and drink some water, because it was hot. I heard Craig start up his lawnmower, so I looked his way. He's got a nice body, you know, and he wasn't wearing a shirt, so I looked. He has that small waist and he was wearing tight gym shorts. It's not that he was turned on, or anything, but I could tell there was a good-sized lump in his shorts. I'm afraid he caught me looking, but I don't know for how long."

Steven replied, "So, you were turned on by our new neighbor, and then, what?"

"Nothing. I finished with the flowers and went inside and bathed." She decided not to tell him about the possible nightgown view.

"Come on," Steven said, "I know you. What, you climbed into bed and masturbated thinking about him?"

"No, actually, I was still in the tub."

"So, what were you fantasizing?"

"Oh, nothing specific about Craig. I don't even know him, really. I just imagined what it might be like with another guy who happened to look like him. It wasn't like 'cheating' was included. I kind of had the idea that you knew, or that you were there." She could feel Steven's cock hardening in her hand.

Steven moved behind her back, lying on their sides, and inserted himself between her legs. He now could whisper in her ear.

"So, what was it like? Was it a fast, hard thing? Or was it a slow screwing?"

The feel of Steven's cock in her cunt and the lingering fantasy in her mind combined to form words that were said without thinking. "Oh, it was slow, like he knew he had one opportunity, and he wanted it to last. I wish there were a way of having sex with someone you knew without knowing you were. If that makes any sense."

Steven removed his hand from her breast, and placed it over her eyes, saying "SSShhhhhussshhh" as he increased the tempo of his thrusts. Hayley quickly picked up on the idea that he was pretending to blindfold her, and her sex went into high gear with the thought of a nameless (well wait, he had a name, Craig!) stranger screwing her cunt, with the comfort in her passion that her husband knew about it.

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