The Sitter

by Elrod

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Desc: Sex Story: How A baby sitter changed my life

Chapter 1

When I was 26 my wife died in child birth. She left me with a beautiful baby girl. And no idea how to care for it. Luck was with me, my mom and dad and my in-laws cared for her almost all of the time. The work I do requires me to travel alot. I'm usually gone 4 out of 5 days a week and am dog tired when I get home. So The babies grand parents took care of her until she was 8. Thats when I realized that (1) I was missing out on my child and (2) they were too old to be raising a small child.

I decide to try my best at raising my child, but I still had to deal with the trips. Thats when my neighbors across the street came into the picture. Amy was in her early 40's, divorced and living with her 16 year old daughter. They had visited several times in the past when I had Rebecca. Traci, Amy's daughter, had mentioned baby-sitting for me. So I discussed it with Amy about Traci taking care of Rebecca the next time I had to go out of town. I explained that I would pay her and let her use my car so she could get around with no problems. And the fact that Amy was right across the street helped. She agreed.

So this is how it started, Traci baby-sitting for me while I was away and me caring for and watching my child grow. Everything was working out.

Now Amy didn't make alot of money and her ex paying child support almost never, caused problems for Traci. She was bright, intelligent, and kinda pretty. But no one would have anything to do with her. She didn't wear this or drive that. So she was pretty much an outcast.

"Traci, I don't think I'm paying you enough." I told her one day. "Why don't I take you shopping for some new cloths to pay you back and raise your pay from here on out?" I asked. "Shopping? For new clothes? More pay? I wouldn't know what to get and besides all the kids from school hang out at the mall during the week-end and they would give me a bunch of crap. Maybe you could just pay me. I think that would be best." she replied. "Who said anything about the week-end? I meant right now. And who cares what those other kids say. They would all be jealous of you tomorrow. Besides, you haven't bought yourself any new cloths since you started working for me. Now lets go." I said as I grabbed her in one hand and my keys in the other.

I spent all day shopping with her, new cloths, a make over. I even had one of the ladies show her how to put on make-up. I guess I spent the better part of a grand on her. When we were finished, she looked just like all the other kids in the mall.

So I got her self-esteem up a couple of notches.

She practically stayed at my house after that. She had her own room and she treated Rebecca as if she was her sister. They got along great.

On Traci's 18'th birthday, I bought her a new car, with her mothers approval of course. Amy thanked me for being more of a father than Traci's real dad. And I thanked her for letting me have a live in baby-sitter.

I was sitting in my study/office one night, when I hear something I haven't heard in almost ten years. A moan. Not a sickly moan but one of pleasure. I had no idea where it was coming from. So I followed the sound to Traci's room. The door was open slightly, and a small lamp was all that was lit. Traci is on the bed, naked, with one hand on her crotch and the other is pinching her nipple! I was shocked! I never thought about Traci being a young woman, just a sitter. But here she was playing with herself right before my eyes! Thats when I noticed the raging erection in my pants. For the entire time the Traci has been with me, I haven't even thought about being with another woman. Alot of built up sexual energy! I quietly unzip my fly and pull out my cock and start to stroke it. Traci now has 2 fingers in her pussy and she is moving them in and out slowly. She fucks herself for a while with her left hand, then she changes to her right, bringing her left up to her mouth. She licks and sucks her juices off of her left hand, moaning the whole time. It doesn't take me long before I shoot my load all over the door. I don't know how she didn't here me cum, I thought I yelled out when I came. I eased back into my study and quietly closed my door. Thats when I remembered my cum was all over the outside of her door. I had to get back and clean it up with out her finding out. So I snuck back out and found her door closed and my mess was not there!! Oh shit! was all I could think. I'm busted!

I went to bed with so many thoughts in my head, I could barely sleep. Traci's image dancing in my head and trying to figure out what she might say in the morning. All I could think was "I'M SCREWED!!"

Traci never said a word that morning and I left for 3 days in Dallas. I forgot all about it, one of those trips where all I do is work my ass off.

When I got home on Friday evening, I wasn't expecting anything. All I wanted was I beer and my recliner.

Traci had a nice dinner fixed and the house was spotless, not that she ever let it get messed up, it just seemed "more" clean.

After dinner, Traci put Rebecca to bed and came down to the den to watch TV with me. We sat quietly for about an hour before she spoke. "How long did you watch me Monday night?" she blurted out, hiding her face at the same time. "What did you say?" I asked. She said it so fast I didn't hear her. "How long did you watch me Monday night?" she asked again. The only thing that popped into my mind was "What the fuck, tell her the truth." so I did. "I was there long enough to see you please yourself and to relieve some tension." I answered back. "I'm really sorry, Mr. John, but I couldn't help it. I've never been on a date, let alone been with anybody. I'm so sorry!" she cried. "Traci, you don't have to apologize, I understand what your going through. Hell I'm the one who should be apologizing, I peeked in on you remember?" I said trying to calm her down. "Don't worry about it, if you feel like doing it again, just do it. I'll even stay away so you can have your privacy. OK?" I said. All she could do was nod her head. I got up and left her alone, not knowing what else to do.

That night, I heard her again. I tried to stay away but she sounded sooo hot. So I got up, got me a towel, and eased to her door. This time her door was about half way open. I stayed by the door and watched her play with her beautiful pink pussy. She lay there naked, rubbing her clit, pinching her nipples. As I stroked my very hard cock, all I could think about was sliding my rod into her. She was so hot, I swear I could see her juices running down her crack to her ass. That was too much and I blasted my first load in the towel. I eased back around the door to go but stopped when I saw her move out of the corner of my eye. She rolled over and got on all fours. Her face in her pillow and both hands on her pussy. One hand was rubbing her clit and the other was running 2 fingers in and out of that sweet pussy. I stayed and watched some more. This was one hot show! She kept this up for quite a while. I was hard again before I knew it.

I don't know what came over me, but I just had to taste her. I didn't want to scare her so I slid up behind her nice and quietly, knelt down on the floor and ran my tongue from the fingers she had on her clit to the puckered ring of her butthole. She didn't even flinch! So I did it again. Nothing. Fuck it!! I put my hands on her hips and buried my face into her sweet young pussy. It took about 3 minutes of this before she was bucking in orgasm. She fell on the bed on her back, her breasts in full view. I couldn't stop, so I began to stroke my cock again until I exploded all over her tits. I can't remember ever cumming that much. Her tits were covered. "Uh, you might want to take a shower." was all I could think to say. She got up and walked to her bath with her head hanging down. I didn't know what to do, so I sat on the bed.

I thought about what had just happened, her age and everything. I couldn't remember if she was 18 or not! Then I remembered the car! Ya she was 18 so I guess I had nothing to fear. Then I remembered that she was still a virgin as far as I knew. But she was sooooo damn hot!!!

I got up and walked into the bath. She was in the shower and steam had fogged up the mirrors. I pulled the curtain and stepped in with her. "Is this what you want?" I asked. "If its what you want." she replied. "It has to be what you want Traci. Your the one with out any experience. I what to be sure that this is what you want." I explained. "To be honest, Mr. John, I've always wanted you. Since I first started working for you." she said almost in a whisper. I pulled her to me and kissed her gently on the lips. Then again with my tongue parting her lips and dancing in her mouth with her tongue.

We washed each other, hugged and kissed. Played with each other.

After we dried off, I picked her up in my arms and carried her to bed. I laid her down and crawled between her thighs again. This time I took my time, covered every inch of her cunt. I don't know how many times she came but when I finished, she was willing to try anything.

First I had her suck my cock, licking and sucking, gently playing with my balls. She was fairly good for her first time. I was still pretty horny and was ready to cum again. "Traci, I'm gonna cum so if you don't want to swallow it you need to move back!" I said. All she did was slide back so all she had was my head in her mouth. She started to swirl her tongue around my cock head and that was it, I came in her mouth. She swallowed the first blast but the rest came to fast. She tried her best but about half leaked out and spilled out onto her tits. "MMMMMM that was good!" she said as she started to lick the rest off her tits. For an inexperienced girl she did all the right things to keep me going. She lick her tits clean and then proceeded to clean my cock. I was hard again in no time.

"Traci, it's time to finish this off. It may hurt a bit, but I'll go easy. Just remember that after a while it won't hurt any longer. You'll began to enjoy it after a few minutes." I explained. "Ok, I ready." she said. I started to rub the head all over her slit, getting it good and wet. Traci was moaning the entire time. I eased the head of my cock into her tight pussy and then back out. Then I did it again. "mmmmm that feels great, give me some more!!" she moaned. So I pushed the head and about 2 inches into her, thats when I felt something give. "Are you ok, Traci?" "Yes, it hurts a little but don't stop, I want to get past this part." So I pulled it back and slid in some more. I did this until I had my entire cock in her, then I stopped. "How's that? are you still in any pain?" I asked. "No pain, this feels great! Now what?" "Just hold on, I'm gonna show you, but slowly." I said I started to slide my cock in and out of her tight pink pussy. She was moaning and wiggling all over the place. I held on and increased the pace, I was bucking and she was fucking back. "Ok, Traci, how's that?" "Wonderful!!" "Ok, when I pull out, you get down here and suck my cock again." "No, this feels too good to stop!" "You have to, Traci, your not on the pill and I don't have on a condom!" "ok, ok. say when." "NOW" I shouted. I pulled out, she flopped over and just about swallowed my cock!! She sucked, jacked and played with my balls... it was great. When I came this time, she was ready... she got every drop.

We fell asleep together that night and have maintained our relationship ever since.

Chapter 2: Amy's New Job

Traci and I had a great relationship, almost like being married, but with a wife that never questioned me. She had a mind of her own, but she never argued with me about anything. She took care of Rebecca, kept the house clean, cooked all the meals, and fulfilled all of our sexual desires. This was how married life should be... from a mans outlook anyway.

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