Wife Gets Even

by the Troubador

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, MaleDom, FemaleDom, .

Desc: Sex Story: Follow up to Wife Got Caught. May stews that Crystal and Ralph got away with almost breaking up her marriage. With husband Gary she wrecks vengeance in a very different way.

This is part 2 of a story beginning with 'Wife Got Caught'. It was written because both my fans requested it. I mention that to let them know neither of them is alone. It is always good to have safety in number. If you haven't read 'Wife Got Caught', let me recommend it. I happen to think it is quite good. If you haven't read it, please do so before going to 'Then Gets Even'. It's not necessary, but this story would be more interesting, and possibly make more sense. (I am assuming it would make sense otherwise). I am posting this because a number of people (more than two, actually) were a bit sad about how Ralph and Crystal didn't get punished. And several wanted to know how May and Gary worked out their troubles.

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Unless someone has downloaded this from the site on which it was posted you already know it is erotic, and I assure you there will be graphic sexual content. If for some reason you aren't legally supposed to have access to such content, please go away and come back when it is legal. I assure you it will be much more enjoyable then, and you will understand it better and get more out of it. I know this is true because that is what my mother told me almost sixty years ago, and I have learned everything my mother told me is correct. That is why I always wear clean underwear. The reason I am always polite and courteous to women has other, ulterior, motives.

Six months after May and I had our brush with disaster my wife sprung a lulu on me. The intervening months had been unbelievable. Despite my catching my devoted wife in the midst of a tryst with my erstwhile best friend Ralph, we were truly a happier couple. We really did love one another more deeply and completely than we had before though I had not thought it possible at the time. And to my immense and complete surprise I actually trusted her more implicitly than I had before. Don't ask for an explanation, it just was. And I certainly do not recommend it in place of marriage counseling. We just seemed to be more open to one another than we had been before. Part of the reason I guessed was that we had each faced one of our worst dragons, wrestled with it and actually came out on top.

That situation was one of the strangest I'd ever come across. May had never intended to cheat, but got caught up in a situation dating back to her college days.

Before she met me she and Ralph had dated. They never got intimate, despite his pressure but May had come very close to becoming Mrs. Ralph. There was just some little thing that kept her from agreeing to spend her life with him. They never really broke up formally, but May's college roommate and Ralph slowly drifted together, became a couple and finally married. When May and I met, fell in love and married, Ralph and his wife Crystal became our closest friends.

There had remained with May a lingering attraction for Ralph, who was a real hunk. Ralph was maybe the only one who was aware of the hidden attraction he held for May. May swore to me even though Ralph held a special place for her, she believed it was no more than that of a dear friend.

That attraction was the basis of what happened. I don't believe May was really aware of it herself. That along with a strange "contract" she had signed with him in college after a few too many drinks. Then after a few too many drinks at a two family barbecue earlier this year when I was off on a beer run and a lot of peer pressure from her best friend Crystal that ridiculous agreement took on new life. She found herself agreeing to one night's passion with Ralph. She couldn't explain it to herself later, but it all came together just as her body was going crazy hormonally with her first pregnancy and it made some kind of crazy sense to her at the time. Those feelings, along with the belief she had made an uncoerced promise to her two best friends led to our troubles.

Tragically, or maybe luckily, I ended up witness to the whole disastrous episode. Disastrous that is to May, Ralph seemed to think he had triumphed and won a convert to his rough and demanding sex. It was lucky for May and I, as the fallout seems to have made our very solid marriage stronger yet.

Go figure!

May had enjoyed only two deep attachments before she met me. Ralph was one of those. The other guy she broke up with when she discovered the he was carrying on with several other women while he and May were planning to spend their life together. They were out shopping for rings when she found out, but that is another story altogether.

Still there had been very close emotional attachments between my wife and Ralph, apparently stronger than anyone except Ralph understood.

After the explosion following my discovery of Ralph collecting on the contract, one of the changes was May's vow never to deny me anything in bed. She had been pretty open before, but now she was open to anything I proposed. She told me she knew I would never harm her, and of course I can't. As a result we both had benefited from the wider sexual boundaries. Benefited to such an extent we now knew we were perfect lovers for each other.

To get back to May's lulu; late one Friday evening after May had experienced an incredible orgasm she nestled her head on my shoulder, threw an arm and a leg over me, and told me we had to talk.

"Yeah, sexy chick, what's up?" I answered. "Certainly not me at the moment. You'll have to wait a bit, love."

She just grinned, "Gary, let me go over a couple things we have to be careful about for the next 6 to 8 weeks. You know them already, but let me remind you. This pregnancy has become high risk, which means I can't enjoy vaginal sex with you, that is number one. Number two, with the kind of earth shaking orgasms you give me with anal sex I don't think I can risk that either while I'm carrying your child."

She grinned again at the dismay on my face.

"Lover, I can take care of you with my mouth and hands. Don't look so stricken!" She giggled for a moment then added, "I think you can handle me, too. It's just that when we put your tool to use, we don't seem to be able to avoid earthquakes. Using your tongue... Uhmm, and those lips and mouth... damn it Gary! You're making me horny, and all I'm doing is talking about what you do! Now keep those hands to yourself for a few moments!"

Pushing my straying hands away, she moved away toward the edge of the bed and continued. "So we can keep your hunger from consuming you, and keep mine under control. Still I won't be able to give you the complete relief you deserve."

She laid back and looked at me, and I knew I wasn't going to like what was coming.

"Something else Gary, I have a burn in my stomach when I think of what Crystal and Ralph set out to do to us, and how close it came to leaving our child in a one parent home. And yeah, I know that wasn't their intention, but that's what it almost led to."

She fell silent for a moment and looking at her I could see tear drops glisten in the moonlight shining into the bedroom.

After a moment May gave a shudder, "Gary, don't think I'm evil, but I want to hurt those two bad for the way they tried to manipulate us. I want to have them feel a long term hurt. And I've thought of something pretty Machiavellian. It will help solve your need for release in the next few weeks and when it works it will put a permanent pain on both Crystal and Ralph. Can I tell you about it, and will you keep your mind open until we can at least discuss it?"

May got quiet and looked deeply and sadly into my eyes, "And it would allow me to pay some of the debt I owe you for being such a remarkable human being, and might even drain off some of the my guilt for what I almost did to us."

With that she started weeping and threw herself into my arms. Damn pregnant women anyway. It took most of an hour to calm her down and get her hormones in check again. Not, mind you, that I was upset with the need to cuddle my woman, best friend and one of the world's most incredible people for the biggest part of an hour.

When she at last had settled down she was holding me tightly, with her face buried in the light fur on my chest. When I heard her mumble, 'I love you," I pulled her face up for a kiss.

"My love," I said, "sleep. Tomorrow morning we can enjoy a cup of coffee on our patio. It will be bright and fresh, the night goblins will all be gone, and we can spend the day reviewing our life and it's joys. Sleep, love." I kissed her again and snuggled her as close as her marvelous belly would permit. As I drifted off to sleep I felt my child kick me from her womb. The warmth I felt from that contact colored my sleep. I enjoyed my dreams that night.

Next morning, a Saturday, I hopped out of bed to shower. Putting the coffeepot on, I got the morning paper and went out to the patio to relax, read and wait for the coffee to perk. I'd barely had time read through the comics and was only half way through the sports section when May appeared carrying coffee for the two of us.

Sitting down carefully, she was having trouble getting used to balancing with that baby sticking out in front of her, she gave a big sigh and told me now we had to talk. Her idea was indeed Machiavellian. It took me a while to really understand what she was proposing, and quite a while after that for her to get me to calm down. Then she explained it to me, explaining how her knowledge of Crystal and Ralph made her think this was a sure-fire success.

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