Further Down the Aisle

by Frenchy the Third

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is the sequel to 'Down the Aisle.' In the first story a man shamelessly manipulates his "wife to be" to become his ultimate sex toy. Rather quickly, this selfish manipulation makes her a less than happy partner. In this story he gets some unexpected help in getting his priorities straightened out and also discovers a "third wheel" isn't always a bad thing.

I must thank my proofreader (co-author perhaps) Kkitty. She was midwife to this story and helped in far more that grammer and spelling.

Preface: Some of you may have read my second story to the newsgroup entitled: "Down the Aisle." It was a self indulgent recounting of a favorite masturbatory fantasy. I received both positive and negative feedback. Both positives were short, but appreciated. The negative was polite and detailed enough that I hope to improve in this continuation of the same story.

I was even reviewed in a Celestial Review. How's that for coming up in the world? Thank you to those who bothered to provide constructive criticism. I hope any negative opinion of the previous story doesn't keep you from reading this one (and maybe responding again). I always appreciate constructive feedback, even if I'm not smart enough to keep from ignoring some of it.

The characters in this story are based on people that really existed, but their names have been changed. The personalities are modified as well, but hopefully believable.

A short synopsis of the previous story, of which this is the continuation: I inherited a small fortune from an uncle, not enough to live lavishly, but more than enough to be very comfortable, if I were willing to work as well. My fiance at the time of the last story, now my wife, prefers to be called Tawny (like a kitten). I manipulated her into agreeing to five promises prior to our marriage: one - she would dress to please me when requested; two - she would keep her pubic hair shaved to please me, when requested; three - like the "Story of O" she would agree to wear my marks and rings without knowing what or where they would be placed (they turned out to be the piercing and subsequent placing of rings in her earlobes, nipples, navel, clitoral hood, and six rings in her labia); four - she would allow no one but me to have anal sex with her; and five - she would swallow my ejaculations, whenever requested. She agreed to all of these conditions and we were subsequently married. On her own initiative she had herself tattooed (two small hearts, one on each buttcheek, with my initials in one heart and hers in the other) right where I usually placed my thumbs to spread her cheeks for anal penetration. During our two year engagement, she underwent several cosmetic surgeries (caps on her teeth, some liposuction and significant breast enhancement). I looked forward to life with my ideal woman. Like all fantasies, however, it was pretty one sided. Therein lies this tale. Timewise we rejoin the story about three years after her first promises.

At last, for those who are reading this with their mouse in their non-dominant hand... "On with the story!"

Chapter the First

In which,

Wendy arrives but doesn't cometh, yet.

My wife was very sexually responsive this evening. Unfortunately, that was not the norm, lately. From having been such an incredible fuck, as recently as a year ago, she had become less and less enthusiastic in bed. I was having some of the best sex of my life, but it just didn't seem to be as good for her. I was starting to feel that even though her body was involved (and it's a great body), maybe her head and her heart weren't always involved. Before we were married, she had been an insatiable little squirt bunny. I was totally clueless about what could be wrong. In all honesty, my brain tends to focus about midway between my navel and my knees, so I hadn't been giving the problem as much consideration as it probably deserved.

Tonight, though, she was back to her old self. She had invited me into the shower after supper. We had a great time, soaping and rinsing every little thing and she started a terrific blowjob under the shower (glad she didn't drown), which segued into a sixty-nine when we got back to the bedroom. Her pussy was freshly shaved and her rings were present in her ears, her nipples, her navel, her labia, and her clitoral hood. I thought she looked really sexy and I can tell you she tasted great.

In retrospect, if I had any concern about pleasuring her, it was an ongoing one with the ring in her clitoral hood. Sometimes she would come almost immediately with just a small amount of careful play and sometimes repeatedly and other times she wouldn't want me to even touch it. I could never figure out what and when to do it or not to do it. Anyway, it didn't seem to be a problem this evening. And as far as my pleasure was concerned, she was doing everything I could have asked. Her tongue would create delicious friction on my glans, at the top of a stroke. She was taking me almost to the pubic hairs on the down stroke. I prefer the tongue action on the frenulum, that area just under the outlet in a penis I was doing what I could for her. She wasn't complaining, although typically I would have to do something really painful, before she complained. I think she even orgasmed during our sixty-nine. I was pretty close to getting off myself, when she announced that she needed: "a cock up my cunt. And here's a nice one."

We rolled around for a bit, but she wound up on top and rode me for a good ten minutes. Her actions would have made a belly dancer jealous. If we could have tied jars of cream to her hips, we would have had butter before she was done. The best part of it was that we would have had use for it. She was puffing hard when she collapsed on my chest and, after some heavy breathing, announced: "Your turn, lover... Woof! Woof!"

Now she knows doggy style is my favorite and she knows I'll happily plow her nether orifices for as long as I'm able. We were engaged in my favorite kind of sex, where we both get good and sweaty and move from one position to another and from one orifice to another. She positioned herself on her hands and knees and arched her back as I entered her. Her mouth was hanging open and she managed to groan: "Oh shit, I do love this!" She fucked back to me and we met half way on some slow and languorous strokes. Her pussy was just incredible that night. Mixed with my saliva and her abundant juices, it was super slippery. It held my penis with that warm tightness that a man longs to come back to again and again. After about several minutes of stroking low in her channel to get the maximum clitoral stimulation, she looked back at me and said: "Okay, you drive for a while!" I pummeled her thighs with mine as I gave her the best fucking I could. I kept it up until my stomach muscles were sore, and I was dripping with sweat, which actually didn't take all that long. She had been riding that pleasure-pain edge, sometimes yelling for me to slow down and then sometimes, I guess it was okay. Not being able to keep up the pace, I slowed down and played my thumb over her anus. She rubbed herself back against my thumb and rotated her hips around my penis. Just playing with her anus, while I'm filling her vagina will send me over the edge on many a night. Tonight, I was definitely dealing with a delayed orgasm. To give myself more of a break, I slowed my fucking motions to a stop and asked: "Did you come, yet?" How am I supposed to know, I want it to be good for her, too, right?. She looked over her shoulder at me to say: "Don't worry about me, I'm okay." And then she came up with the kind of question that will keep me married to her no matter what happens. She asked: "So... you wanna come... in my mouth or... do you wanna come in my ass?" I assured her that deep inside her rectum would be my choice, thank you very much, although I almost came just from hearing her ask. I think it is just incredibly sexy when a women offers her man a sexual choice like that.

Tawny dropped from supporting her upper body on her hands to a position where her shoulders were on the mattress. She spread her legs more widely and began massaging her labia with one hand. I made a quick poke of my penis into a jar of anal lube we keep in a bedside drawer, and massaged the excess into her anus and the surrounding area. With my penis glistening with lube, I placed my thumbs on the tattoos with our initials, which she wears on her buttocks. My wife definitely knows my sexual preferences. As a wedding gift to me, she had tattoos placed right where I like to put my thumbs to spread her for just this sort of penetration. Keeping her buttocks spread, I slid my penis up and down the crack of her ass until I was right on target. She closed her eyes and grimaced slightly as I applied pressure with the head of my penis against her anus. Ali Baba had his open Sesame that opened the doors to the treasure trove for him. I spoke the magic phrase that seems to open my wife's back door to me: "I love you, Honey!" as I felt her sphincter give way to my pressure. From years of experience she knows how to relax, so that the pain of anal penetration is minimized, but I have always tried to let her set the pace for anal intercourse.

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