Down the Aisle

by Frenchy the Third

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: The author takes his memories of a might-have-been girlfriend and pushes them to his limits of fantasy. If he could be totally selfish in manipulating a woman to be his ultimate sex toy, what would he wish for and what would he want. As she steps down the aisle during the wedding ceremony, he remembers "steps" in the process of her becoming his fantasy woman. If you want to see him forced to even things out, somewhat, look for the companion story "Further Down the Aisle."

She walked down the aisle, my bride to be. She wore white, which was somewhat appropriate. She was still a virgin, in her left ear, (or maybe between her toes on her left foot? I'm not 100% sure, the three of us were pretty drunk that night, but that's another story, another time). She looked fantastic to me. As she did the hesitation step to the traditional wedding march, I remembered some female standup comic asking: "When someone compliments a man on how attractive his wife is, why do guys say 'Thanks.' (pause) What does that mean? Like: "Yeah, I'm pretty proud of her, myself. I built her from a kit, ya know." People laughed when she said it, but she wasn't too far off, in my case.

My bride's name is Tonya. She didn't like the associations that come with that name, so her friends called her "Tawny", like a kitten. She has always been like a kitten, in that she can be very playful and likes a lot of stroking, but she's far more trainable. She doesn't have the classic looks of a great beauty. Actually she's rather plain looking. I mean she doesn't scare small children or anything, but her face is just ordinary. (What the hey, I'm no 'Ahhnold Hamandegger' myself, or whoever male beauty is measured by.) We met in college and slept together for most of the school year before I was really sure she was the one. Tawny definitely was not the first woman I had slept with, and I don't think she was the most sexually adept partner I had ever had. She just had this tremendous potential, you see. She had the basic requirements of a playful, but somewhat submissive personality and she took my cock up her ass with absolutely no complaining (and has learned to enjoy it, but that's another story, too).

I watched her steps down the aisle and thought back over a three year engagement, as I had "helped" her become more and more what I wanted in a wife. I know Tawny didn't think it was going to take that long to get married, I just didn't share all of my plans with her. Not that I encourage a husband's withholding secrets from his wife (even a 'to be'), but I don't think she would have understood what all was going to be modified to be the new one and only. She might have refused initially, had she been required to agree to all the details at once. She didn't know them, of course, and I had a carefully orchestrated flow that led her to being what I most desired.

Were those her first steps coming down the aisle? She had bouncy short hair, for our wedding, but it wasn't that way when I met her. At first it had been sort of a lifeless, thin helmet that didn't quite make it to her shoulders. We went to a stylist, who convinced her that she really looked great with a shorter do and showed her how to get more volume to her hair. He deserved an oscar for his performance and I only tipped him ten times the amount of the haircut (of course, I gave him half of that one week before Tawny came in to see him). Her lips in our wedding pictures are quite full. They're not really original equipment (so to speak). Tawny has always seemed to have a generous mouth, but her lips were very thin. A little trip to the plastic surgeon, once a year or so, has made her lips much more full. They go along with the short hair, in a manner of speaking. They both make oral sex far more pleasurable: no hair getting in her mouth or blocking my vision of my penis being pleasured. The more full lips provide just that little extra stimulation to improve the overall friction.

You see, sexually, I had already had this woman in every way I wanted. You could say it had been like an extended test drive and now I was finally ready to buy. But one of my biggest concerns had always been that, while she would give me a blowjob if I asked, she didn't want me to come in her mouth and she certainly wouldn't swallow my come. Well, that was my wedding present from her: she started swallowing my come on our wedding night. She was comfortable with that and had gotten use to the idea over the last few years. I had to overcome some abusive conditioning to get her to that point.

There had been a number of carefully planned enhancements in this young lady, thanks to me. Don't get me wrong, I was certain I wanted to spend the rest of my life married to that woman. I wanted her to have my children. I was committed to busting my buns to be the best provider and most supportive mate that I could be. I just wanted a few "comfort factors" to be in place before we hunkered down for the long run. Does this seem rambling and confused? I suppose it would be easier to start from the beginning with this. Our story together started in our college years...

Her previous lovers were put off by general bad body odor and a nasty smelling pussy. A little encouragement toward improved personal hygiene and a trip to the college clinic (free, mind you) to clear up a persistent yeast infection took care of those problems. Some guys have no ability to see past their nose (so to speak). You have no idea how easy it is for a woman to fall in love with a man who can bring her some satisfying orgasms orally. Besides that, there is probably no greater compliment to your love skills than when her back arches and she pushes her pussy into your face, in the throws of her excitement. On the other hand, maybe it's when she offers you her anus for your sexual pleasure, without prompting from you, but I digress.

Actually, I was pretty shamelessly manipulative about the whole thing. You can call me a cold-hearted son of a bitch, if you want. (It would be nice if you would smile, if you're going to say it to my face, but it's your call.) I knew Tawny was completely in love with me by the end of my senior year. She's one year younger than I am. On the last day of the school year, I was leaving for job hunting and she was staying for summer school. I sent her a note and a box of candy. The note told her that I didn't think we could continue the relationship any further and felt it would be best for both of us if we broke it off now. She was at my door in almost no time with huge tears and sobbing to such an extent that half the dorm floor was wondering what was going on, before I let her in my room and closed the door. Yeah, I'm a shit. I never planned to break it off with her. I needed her in a vulnerable position to gain some important concessions. So, anyway, there she was in my arms, sobbing her head off and asking: "Why?...(snuffle, snuffle, shiver, shake, snuffle)...Why?..."

I calmly declared that I was afraid we were getting so close that we would probably have to get married, but there were five things I must have from a wife that I wan't sure she could handle. I said: "I would love to have you as my wife, but I know I can't expect you to be my wife, if you can't agree to provide for these five specific needs".

I'll tell you what. I'll ask them one at a time and you can say no any time you absolutely have to. If you can say yes to all my needs, I will ask you to be my wife. But they're not negotiable. I need my wife's absolute commitment to each need. Do you want to be my wife, with these conditions?" She snuffled and shivered a little more and hugged me as hard as she could and assured me: "...anything you want... you know I love you... (snuffle, snuffle)... anything, just don't shut me out... (snuffle)...".

I said to her: "Alright! The first thing I need from you is that you have to promise not to get fat. I need you to promise to take care of yourself. I don't want you getting fat. I absolutely can't deal with a fat, lazy wife. You look great right now, but if you're going to be my wife you've got to make a commitment to keeping yourself looking good." I had met her mother, once, who had the same underlying body shape and now looked like the bride of Frankenstein. We're talking about an abused woman who sought refuge in stuffing herself and trying not to look attractive to her husband. Never the less, I didn't want Tawny reverting to what she might regard as "normal" for a woman, as she grew older. I also wanted to start with a demand that would be easy to agree to instantly. I mean, what woman is going to tell her beloved that she is really looking forward to letting herself go and becoming an old cow? So, of course, she agreed immediately to that demand and was ready to say yes again. I gave her a kiss and said "Thank you, just four more things to go."

My next request was that she would have to shave herself for me, when I asked. This would mean that I would require her to have no hair anywhere except on her head from time to time. She would have to shave herself or let me shave her, but there was to be absolutely no hair under her arms or on her legs at any time. And, when I asked it of her, she was to shave herself completely between her legs. It could grow back if she wished, but she must shave whenever I asked. I told her: "You know how much I love looking at your pussy and I want yours to look like the ones in the magazines and the movies we enjoy." We would both get hot sharing letters to Penthouse, every once in a while, or watching the occasional porn tape, so she knew what I meant. "I think you would much rather have me looking at your pussy than some other woman's, but I want you to shave yours just like theirs." Just to make it seem there was some self interest for her in this, I added: "I want to eat your pussy, not a hairball. If I ask you to, I want to eat a pussy that's specially prepared for a loving man to see and enjoy without all that hair getting in the way. Can you do that?"

Two months before, I had bought her a designer label bikini with an intentionally low bottom. She had been so excited to have the expensive name on her clothing that she hadn't thought about how low it crossed her belly. We occasionally spent a weekend at a motel, eating from room service and living in the hot tub and sauna. (What the hey, it gets cold in Fargo in the winter!) This gave her somewhere to wear the bikini. To accomodate the bikini and some carefully selected panties from me she was already shaving a significant bikini line without being upset, so this was just an extension of what she was already doing. She stopped snuffling, for the moment, and quickly nodded and mumbled: "Okay..."

I wanted to make sure the long term carrot was out there and that she was still in the "MUST answer yes" frame of mind, so I added: "If you're going to be my wife this might start today. If you can say yes to the other three things I need in a wife, you'll probably need to go back and take a shower and shave that pussy. Then you can give me a call so I can come over and lick you until my tongue falls off and I can fill you with all the come I have in me until we can be together again." A much more audible "Okay!" from her this time. Again, I gave her a kiss. She was starting to beam through her tears. I said "I really want you to be my wife, just three more things I need."

The previous request had been a more demanding one. Now I had another one that I expected would be easy for her to accept. Let her think the remaining demands would be all be simple. I said: "I want you to dress sexy for me, when ever I ask you to. We love each other, so you'll just have to trust me not to embarass you. This might mean such things as garters and stockings instead of panty hose, or high heels instead of your usual flats, or occasionally going without panties under a dress or all of the above along with some new outfits. And, I might ask you to wear some special lingerie when it's just the two of us. There are going to be no limits except what the law allows. Can you do that? You can buy whatever clothes you want, whenever you want them, but if I pick out something that's really important to me that you wear, then you have to wear it. And, you have do it with a smile and no regrets, and no back talk, and no bitching. Blushing is allowed, but absolutely no refusals. Okay?" Can you do that? She didn't even stop to think about it before she agreed to wear anything I wanted her to wear, anytime I wanted her to wear it Just please don't show too much of her body in front of her family.

You see Tawny came from a poor family and had almost no wardrobe at all, when I met her. She was working her own way through college and had moved out of an abusive home life while she was still in high school. I had bought her a few very tasteful clothes, as well as some sexy underthings and had always praised her lavishly whenever she chose to wear any of my purchases. An extra good tonguing usually provided a subconcious encouragement to leave the K-mart panties in the drawer, when we were going to be together. I made it a point to let her go without much vaginal pleasure, if she was wearing boring underwear. I never put it into words or withheld any activity, I just didn't focus on her pleasure, as much as mine. She unconciously learned to associate the sexy things I bought her with a good time and lots of positive attention. That made it easier for her to agree to my request. Over the years we've been together, I've added plenty of sexy outfits. True to my promise, she's never been arrested, but she has been responsible for more than one hard-on, just walking down the street on my arm. And as far as showing her body to her family, the less either of us see of her family, the happier we both are. (Again, I digress, sorry...) Her agreement to this demand was pretty much a gimme and I received it quickly. She was obviously in the mood to give considerably more territory, if necessary. Again, the kiss and smile thing. I said "I'm feeling pretty good about this, just two more things I need from my wife."

"This is a tough one honey, but you know the reason already. Will you consent to wear my marks and rings, not knowing how or when or where they will be placed on you?" Did I mention I had required her to read the "Story of O" by Pauline Reage? She got this really worried look on her face and was about to start some serious snuffling again, when I pulled out some small boxes from my pockets. "Tawny!... Hey. Hey. Take it easy! I promise... No Branding Irons... ever! Okay?" She looked a little bit relieved. "This is just like the clothing, okay. We'll go shopping for jewelry, together, lots of times, and you can pick out things for yourself. But you have to consent to this now, without knowing what or how or when. How about if I give you an idea of what this might include?" I opened the first box and there was a huge diamond solitare. "Now here's a ring I want to place on you. Your consent will mean you must wear this and wear it everywhere?" Yep, she started crying again. She reached for the box, wanting to lift the ring out. I stopped her, saying: "Wait now. There's more to this." I opened a second box containing two diamond stud earrings. "I suppose technically these aren't "rings", but they can be in the future. So I guess they would qualify as marks, for right now. This won't not be all of them, but how do you feel about these?" Tawny had never had her ears pierced, but I figured now was the time. Then I added: " And this?" I opened a third box containing a small, very thin ring with a tiny diamond chip on it.

Tawny put her forehead on my shoulder, snuffled and asked very quietly: "Where do those go?" I gently pulled her head back and gave her a peck on the forehead. I told her: "Well, I suppose under the terms I expect from you these could go into your nipples... or your pussy lips... or maybe your nose?" Her forehead was burrowing into my shoulder and a tear was starting to slide down her cheeks. My plans definitely called for nipple rings and some genital piercings, but not for some time yet. However, no major tears... no loud refusals... maybe these latter additions weren't going to be as difficult as I thought. Gotta stick with the plan though.

"Tawny, what I had in mind was that these go in your ears and this goes in your navel. I have an appointment for you this afternoon at __________'s." The place I named was a very 'stylish' (pronounce that "expensive") little shop at the mall. They did piercings by appointment only and had supplied the jewelry I was presenting. The shop doesn't do erotic piercing, or tongues or stuff like that. A navel or a nose ring was as kinky as they would go and only for clients who were paying well. Her head was burrowing into my shoulder and the words came out very quietly. "I'm scared of getting my ears pierced. I'm really scared." A little shiver actually ran though her body. She finished with: "You know what happened to Chris."

(Ya right.) 'Christine' and her boyfriend got totally smashed at a party one night and she let him try to pierce her navel by numbing her with an ice cube and pushing a red hot safety pin through her skin. Tawny and I just happened to be at the same party. All of the girls had gathered around like she was going to give birth or something. Chris screamed bloody murder, the wound bled all over, and she wound up with a really disgusting infection that took quite a few weeks for the college health service to clear up While they were treating the infection, the hole closed up and all Chris ever got out of the whole ordeal was a lot of pain and a navel with a lot of scar tissue. I told Tawny: "I don't want you to do anything unsafe. ________'s can do this with only the tiniest amount of pain. They'll have the stuff we need to prevent infection. Hey... Look, I'll go with you. I'll be right there for you and hold your hand through the whole thing. I will always keep the safety of my wife as a first priority. Don't you know that much about me, yet?" She took the earrings and navel ring, from me and looked at them. "Okay.," she said, very quietly, "but I'm really scared about this."

"Tawny, if we're going to be married, you're going to have to put your trust in me sometime. That's what this is all about." (Bull shit it is, honey. It's just part of the plan, but it's going to be pleasurable for both of us,...eventually.) "If you can't trust me, then we ought not to be getting married, right?" Her response was a little pout and a lot of nodding. The words tumbled out again: "Okay, but I'm just really scared." I assured her: "This is just like a private wedding vow, that we won't exchange in front of other people. It's just between you and me. If you're going to be my wife, I need your consent okay?" She looked at me and nodded again. I told her to repeat after me: "I consent to wear the marks and rings of..." and she did.

And now for the grand finale. (Drum roll maestro, please?) I still had the engagement ring in my hand. I got down on one knee and looked her in the eye. I said: " You've agreed to all my requests this far. You can't back out, you know, if we get married. These are solemn promises on which our marriage is based. You understand that? She nodded, her eyes tearing up again. "Tawny, I'm going to ask you to marry me if you can say yes to this last request." I could see her steeling herself to say yes to damn near anything, as long as it didn't involve self immolation. I started with: "I want you to take care of yourself. You have to do your best to keep that yeast infection from coming back in your vagina." Major relief swept across her face and she wiped her tears and started to agree. "Wait, I'm not done!", I said. "I want you to grant me the exclusive right to the sexual use of your asshole. No other man may make anal love with you, from this time forward. If you choose to let another man fuck you, if you want to swing or something, I'll try to be supportive and understanding, but I'm the only man you're to allow to fuck you in the ass." She was ready to almost burst with agreement, when I dropped the last bomb. "AND, beginning on our wedding night and forever thereafter, you will allow me to come in your mouth and if I do, you will swallow my come, without complaint. That's what I want from you." She dropped to her knees in front of me, just like she had been punched. Her hands went up to her face and she started to really cry. (sob, sob) "Oh God...I want to be a good wife"... Oh God... (sob, sob) Oh God..."

Ever the helpful suitor, I said: "Shhh, Tawny. I'm not expecting this until our wedding night. You don't have to do anything different until that night. That can be your wedding present to me. I'll expect you to do it from then on, but not before. And it's not like it's something that's going to happen every single night." She looked at me quizzically "And it isn't like you have to start tomorrow or anytime soon, I figure we aren't going to be married for two years, right?" Her eyebrows shot up ablsolute amazement. I quickly continued: "Look, your education is important to me. I want you to finish your degree and so do you. I can help you pay for some of your bills, now that we're going to be married. I mean, if we are, that's still up to you. You're on the pill now aren't you?" She nodded yes. (She had told me she was, she had damn well better be.) "Well they say it takes two years to get the pill out of your system completely. You want to have children don't you? I want you to have my children." I knew there was a signifjcant NEED TO BREED, pent up in this gal, so I was playing to some strong self interest here, and completely ignoring the need to swallow, as if it were already a given. "You finish your degree. I'll be getting a good job to support us. You can move in with me when your degree is complete and we can spend the next year planning a terrific wedding. After that, we can have kids right away, if you want. You know how we said we should plan to wait until two years after we were married to have kids? Well this would be the same thing. But, I guess that's up to you. You still have a decision to make, besides whether or not you want to marry me,...cause I haven't officially asked you, yet. So what do you say to my last request: keep the yeast infections at bay, I'm the only man you open your ass to, and you swallow, if I come in your mouth, starting on our wedding night?"

I was a little concerned when she got her face all screwed up and a beaten look crept into her eyes. She wrung her hands in her lap and spoke through tears running down her cheeks: "Alright... but please don't go trying to ram your cock down my throat. I'll make sure it's good for you. And I'm not going to lick the shit off your dick, if you've been fucking me up the ass. Pleeeassse?"

Geez, what have I wandered into here? "Tawny! That's sick! Do you really believe I would do something like that to you. I sometimes hold your head in my hands when your blowing me, but have I ever, even once, forced myself on you? No, I never have and I never willl And, I would never do anything that would threaten your health or your life. You're the most important person in the world to me. I would never allow you to do that, even if you wanted to. Am I really that kind of person, do you think?" Some of the tension went out of her and her voice was a little less stressed. "No, I guess you're not." she said.

I continued with: "I'm asking for this to begin on our wedding night, two whole years from now. If you don't think I'll be a caring husband who deserves this from his wife, you can bail out any time you decide you don't want me. Right?" She appeared to be looking at some point in my shoulder, but she certainly didn;t look like she was going to leave. Okay then, time for point, set, match. "Then will you agree to my needs and allow me to ask you to become my wife?" She hesitated, looked at the ring, looked at me. I took her chin in my hand and kissed her on the mouth.

"My love, will you do these things for me?" She was still hesitating, but the decision had already been made, I could tell. "YES!" and a big hug. We were both on our knees, so I told her to sit on the bed. I proposed on one knee, as formally and politely as ever a woman could want, and (big surprise) she accepted as nicely as ever a man could want.

So, now it was time to exercise the options. I stood her up and gave her a big hug and kiss. "Tawny, my love, I told you it might be shaving time, if you said yes. You did and it is. I've just got a few things to finish packing. I'll do that while you're taking care of yourself, and when you're done, why don't you try this on?" I opened my closet and took out an attractive, moderately sexy skirt and a cropped top she had admired on our last trip to the mall. "I think it will be even better with these." I brought out a pair of thigh highs and a pair of spike heels to match the oufit. I had enlisted the help of a good looking and well dressed clerk to help me select the last two items. If she knew how to look good, I figured she could make someone else look good. "Give me a kiss and you'd better get going. I want some quality time with your pussy before we have to get to __________'s. I figured it wouldn't break your heart if we don't eat in the dorm cafeteria and have lunch at the mall instead? Would that be okay?" It was quite acceptable and with her new clothes in a big name shopping bag and the rock on her finger, she headed back to her room. I was pretty sure she was going to take the long route, with stops at a few friends to show off the newest acquisitions. No need for her to hurry, as I wanted to have myself completely ready to check out of the dorm, so I could spend as much time as possible with Tawny.

The phone eventually rang. Her voice sounded a little funny to my ears. "I'm... ready" she said. I asked her: "Have you shaved yourself like I asked you to." Her answer came out almost a hiss with a little tremble in it: "Yesss." I asked: "Are you wearing your new outfit?" She sounded confused when she said: "No, I'm waiting for you naked, I thought that would be what you wanted." A naked woman quivering with anticipation, you've gotta love that. I like a woman who thinks of my wants, but let's deal with that later. I said: "You get an A for effort Tawny, but I bought those clothes so I could watch you take them off. You put them on and meet me at the elevator on your floor. I'm leaving right now... Oh...,tell you what. It's your choice on whether you want to wear panties or not. I love you. Bye." No hesitation or trembling from her this time: "I love you. Bye."

I had already had my shower, so I was on the way in no time. It took only a few minutes to get to her dorm and up to her floor. She was waiting for me, obviously agitated, and practically dragged me back to her room. Not an easy task in high heels and I'm a lot bigger than she is. I certainly wasn't resisting, I just wasn't willing to run. We got the door closed and she had a big kiss waiting for me. She amazed me with: "You've got to take your clothes off and get on the bed." Hey, I can handle that, but who's running this fuck, anyway. Let's make the pot boil just a little more. I said: "I think you should help me take them off, how's that sound?" It took a while with lots of kissing and groping, but eventually I was sprawled across her bed, my hands holding my head up and my penis doing its best to point out individual ceiling tiles. She stood in the middle of the room and started to take her new shoes off. I stopped her. "Nope!", I told her, "those stay on. The rest of the outfit comes off." She blushed and started to fiddle with the hem of her crop top. I said: "When do I get to see what kind of shaving job you did?" She froze for a second and blushed even more. So I asked: "How about right now? Why don't you take your skirt off for me?"

She turned so she was facing away from me and started to take off her skirt. I told her: "Tawny, I love your fanny, you know that, but right now I'd rather see your face." She couldn't bring her eyes to meet mine, but she did get the skirt off. She had done a pretty good job for something that she later told me she had to do sitting on the floor in the shower stall. She was wearing her top, thigh highs and heels and she look really good to me. I said: "Come here, lover girl." She was in my arms in a flash and we rolled around on the bed for a while. I was certain I was going to have a premature ejaculation when her very wet pussy lips rubbed on my penis. I held onto my load, but, man, she had me turned on. Eventually I sat up and she sat on my knee. I kissed her and made her spread her legs, to give me access to her.

If you've ever had a young lady shave herself for you, then you know where of I speak, otherwise you're going to have to take my word for it. The skin in that area, freshly shaven, is the softest smoothest feeling. I'll never get enough of it. I told her how excellent her shaving job was (and it was very good, for a first time). I told her how turned on and pleased I was and, in general, I spent at least a full minute telling her how special she was. I told her "you can leave some hair here, if you want", pointing low on her belly, "but there mustn't be any hair here" and I ran my fingers from her anus to the top of her pussy slit. I can also confirm that I had one very wet leg, where the pussydew felt like it was pouring out of her. I kept rubbing and stroking her lips and running my finger in and out of her slit, while we exchanged some deep kisses.

Finally, I said: "Say, you know, I really would like to eat this pussy. May I eat your pussy?" She nodded and giggled and kissed me all the harder. I took her top off and kissed each nipple. She sat on the edge of the bed and I told her to lay back. I got on my knees on the floor between her legs and then draped her legs over my shoulders. I started in on a pussy feast that must have lasted for 30 minutes or more. Honestly, I strained my tongue. I talked funny for the next three days, but Tawny had a great time. Toward the end, I had a cheek in each hand like melons and was doing the alphabet (licking her labia in the shape of each alphabet letter, with suction on her clit between each pair of letters. She finally pulled my face away from her snatch, sat up and told me she was too sore and worn out to keep going. I didn't argue, I just stood up with my erection pointed straight at her face. She said: "Would you like me suck you for a while?" (Would I? Oh yeah!)

In less than a minute our positions were reversed and she was inosculating an intensely appreciative penis. She hadn't been sucking for more than five minutes, when my balls started to tighten up. She could hardly not notice and she took me out of her mouth to ask: "Are you going to come in my mouth? I don't know if I'm really ready for it, but I'll do it, for you." (Hmmm, sounds like a little pushing of the envelope here. Nope, no excuses for not abiding by the letter of the agreement. If I don't abide by my word, why should she?) I quickly said: "No way! That's for our wedding night and not before. I expect you to observe your promises both to the letter and in the spirit, so I can't do any less. Do you still intend to keep your five promises?"

She did and, yes, she remembered what they were, sort of. "I have to stay skinny, I have to shave my pussy and wear sexy clothes all the time and wear your marks and rings and swallow your come." I told her: "That's pretty close, but you only have to shave your pussy and wear sexy clothes if I ask you to. And I hope you enjoy it just a little too, don't you?" Wellll... Yeahhhh... she did... a little.

You're wearing a ring of mine right now, is that a problem for you? Do you wish you weren't?" "NO!"

"Do you really want some other man to fuck you in the ass?" "NO!"

"I don't expect you to swallow my come until our Wedding Night, but from then on you will, if I happen to come in your mouth. Okay?" So far everything was copacetic.

Then I asked "Where do you think I should put this? I've gotta come or my balls are going to blow out. I don't want to come in your mouth, yet, but you've got me really turned on." She told me her pussy was too sore to possibly have intercourse. I'd never heard of such a thing, but who am I to argue.

Then, matter of factly, and rather quietly, she said: "You could put it in my bottom. I know you like that. Would you like to... fuck me in the ass?" (Would I?) I told her: "You are an incredible woman. You may be the world's most incredible lover." and gave her a long kiss, but had to cut back on the tongue action. She was in the middle of the bed, on her knees, with her head on her arms in no time. I started looking around for something to use as lubrication, and lo and behold she told me to look in her purse. There was a brand new tube of KY, still in the box. Now how did that get there? Never look a gift horse in the mouth or make a lady wait, if she is willing to take your cock in her ass. I was lubed and ready to go in very little time. Never the less, I spent all of it telling her what a special person she was, and what an incredible lover she was and how lucky I was to have her.

Getting into Tawny's ass has never been all that hard, she knows how to relax, but I don't want to give you the idea that she isn't tight. Tight and HOT. Her asshole is like a wet, hot, velvet glove. She can grab you and make you wish you were never going to leave. I always take a lot of time on the first entry, or even the second if she's not relaxed, but she was humping back at me almost immediately. And I mean really humping. There was a slapping sound coming from where her cheeks hit my thighs. I almost always prefer to buttfuck a woman doggy style and there we were, in my favorite position, but somehow that day was different. I asked her to get on top and ride me.

We had done this vaginally, many times, but seldom anally. She sat up and I rolled over on my back. She swung a leg over my crotch and we were ready. She slipped me into her backdoor and was sliding up and down almost before I knew it. She started to actually milk my cock with her ass muscles. She would completely relax while thrusting down on me. Her sphincter would squeeze me when I was all the way inside her and then she would pull that tight band aImost all the way to the top of my penis. Then she would relax, almost drop herself onto my thighs and start over again. I asked her to lean back and put her hands on my knees, which she did without question. The sight of her little shaved pussy going up and down had me so stoked that I was ready to pop in seconds. I asked her to play with herself, to let me see her play with her naked pussy.

I couldn't believe how shy she suddenly became. After all the times we had been toghther, she almost couldn't touch herself, while I was watching. It took a lot of coaxing, but finally she shut her eyes and started to play with herself. I let go with a load of come that felt like she should have been shitting white for a week. I think that was one of the biggest orgasms I've ever had, both for intensity and duration. It went on and on.

She rode me more and more gently as I came to the end of my orgasm. We both kind of collapsed in a heap, until eventually I got my breath back. I cleaned myself up with some kleenex and brought her some. When she quit leaking my come, it was time to get dressed and head out. I asked her to put her new outfit on again. Fortunately the stockings and heels had made it through the action without taking any hits, so she was already half way there. She took great pains to explain to me that she was wearing panties, with a liner, because she didn't want to walk around with my come spilling out of her butt. It would leave a funny looking trail behind or else a kind of scummy flow down the back of her legs, or maybe a wet spot on her skirt, depending on how she walked or sat. I could follow that logic and told her that was fine by me. If she needed my approval, she had it. (Besides, after an orgasm like that, I wouldn't need access to that part of her for a while..., for sure..., but I didn't mention that.)

I stopped by a mens room to do a little better job of cleaning myself and, as soon as I was out, we headed for the mall. She made it through the ear piercing with flying colors and the navel was over almost as quickly. She wasn't exactly anxious to go for any more piercings, that day, but she wore the new ones with pride. She dutifully listened very carefully to the instructions on how to clean the new openings, and to rotate the diamond studs and ring, and how long it would be before we take them out to put in a new ones, and so on. She looked like she had conquered the world and I made a point, again, of telling her how proud I was of her and how nice I thought she looked. The salesclerk managed to talk us into a tennis bracelet to go with the studs and a necklace to go with the bracelet. Tawny seemed to feel much better about the piercings after that. Go figure.

Where did I get all the money for this, being a college student myself, at the time?. My uncle died some time back, leaving me enough to live poorly on for the rest of my life, or enough to have a lot of fun with, if I was smart enough to invest wisely and not afraid to work for a living. I chose the latter course, but had a whole lot of fun. It made the the tailoring of my wife possible, for instance. (But, again I digress.)

We headed for her favorite restaurant and I noticed she ordered a salad and flavored water instead of the bacon cheeseburger with extra fries and a malt. So did I; maybe this healthy thing would be good for both of us. We stopped by a cart in the mall and selected an ankle bracelet and two different styles of gold necklaces (no diamonds on these). I've always been a fan of the GOR novels, by John Norman. I told her she must always have at least one necklace on, even in the shower. She was to put a second necklace on, before taking the first one off. She was most willing and maybe a little overwhelmed, so I left it at that. We dropped by the hair stylist that afternoon, too. But, let's see, I already mentioned him. The lips came a bit later, so let's keep this thing in order.

Well, the next step down the aisle for Tawny was some body modification. I didn't know how open she would be to the idea, but I had some definite plans. You see poor Tawny's chest was flat as a board. She wore a halter top to the cafeteria once and didn't realize it had ridden up on her. She was giving several fellow diners a peek at her right nipple, without even knowing it. I suppose it should have been sort of a turn on for me, but it was more of an embarassment. There was absolutely nothing there to keep her top from riding up. I'm not a fanatic on breast size, but I do know how nice it is to be able to fuck a woman between her tits. The exactly right size is when your penis can get some good friction, but still stick out enough to be taken into her mouth at the end of each stroke. I was certain that a pair of exactly that size would look fine on her. Naturally the nipples could be puffy, as well. (If you don't know about puffy nipples, there's an Internet Newsgroup dedicated to pictures of women with puffy nipples. Try it, you'll be hooked, too.) Pierced nipples would be no problem, if there were something to hang them on, at least in my plans.

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