Night at the Theatre

by Mikes_slave

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tale of a lonely woman fullfiling one of her adult theatre fantasies with an ex.

She was driving, alone at last. The boy had been left in grandma's care, leaving her with the whole night to herself. But, what to do? Going home and doing housework was not her idea of a night off. Going to a bar or nightclub was not something she liked to do alone. So, she took a drive. Past the park, with the twenty-something parents playing with their young children. Past the skating rink, with all the pre-teens hanging out in front, acting as cool as they knew how to be. Past the beach, watching all the teenagers drive in circles and showing off mom and dad's car.

She was alone most of the time, but she was rarely lonely. Keeping track of friends and acquaintances' lives and problems usually kept her mind off of her own. Tonight, though, she was lonely. She wanted some company. She went through her short list of possibilities for companionship as she headed down the usual path home, crossing almost all the names off as quickly as they came to mind. She was stopped by the same red light that always got her, and she glanced into a parking lot to her right.

It can't be, she thought, watching a familiar body walk into the building. She felt herself tense excitedly as a sixth sense told her it was "him". The "him" she had been trying to get over for what seemed an eternity. The "him" who had torn her down and rebuilt her from the inside out, showing her who she really was. The "him" her body craved, even now, after so long.

Acting quickly, before she lost her nerve, she pulled into the lot. Doing a quick clothing adjustment, checking her lipstick, hopping out of the car. She was glad she had changed into her favorite sundress before taking the boy to grandmas, it accented all the right spots. She grabbed some cash out of her purse, tossed it in the trunk on her way inside. She was quiet with the man at the desk, paying her way in, getting an ice-cold drink to wet her throat and calm her nerves. She took a deep breath, opened the door, and stepped inside.

He was there, of course. What would she have done if he wasn't? She smiled amusingly at the thought. There weren't more than a dozen other men in the room. He was sitting in the next to the last row, in the seat next to the aisle. "For better viewing pleasure" he used to say. The first 4 rows of the theatre were empty; the fifth had only one seat filled. She glanced around, hoping her nerves didn't show. Their eyes met, and for a quick moment surprise showed on his face. It was quickly replaced by the mask she was used to seeing there.

She took her time, looking at each, catching them directly in the eye and loving the power she felt when they looked away first. Her confidence grew. She finally looked at him again, watching him. His green eyes looked dark and frightening in the low light of the theatre. Keeping eye contact, she slowly made her way down the aisle towards him. He had his legs slightly spread, both hands resting on his thighs. She knelt down before him.

Setting her drink down on the seat next to his, she lowered her gaze and placed her hands on his knees. When he didn't move, she slowly trailed her fingernails up his thighs until they reached his hands. She picked up his hands, turned them palms up, and gave each a kiss in the center of the palm. She then placed his arms on the armrests, his hands hanging down from his wrists. Her hands went back to his thighs, tracing back and forth with her fingernails, gently working the edge of his loose cotton shorts away from his legs.

As her fingertips reached the crease between his hips and his thighs, he slid down in the seat, allowing her more access. She slid her left hand out of his shorts, and used it to lift the edge of the shorts covering her right hand. She could see how hard his cock was through the shorts, could see the outline of the head and the pulsing of his oh-so-steady heartbeat. She used her fingers to gently pull back the leg of his shorts, and the cock slid into full view. She ran her finger along the edge of the shorts, tucking them around and under his warm balls to keep them out of the way. She smiled with pleasure as she felt the tight leather strap wrapped around the base of his balls and shaft. She adored the taste of leather.

Stilling her hands on his thighs, she licked her lips and looked up at him. He was watching her through half-closed eyes, a slight smile at his mouth. "May I?" she whispered huskily, surprised at the heat in her voice. He slowly nodded, and she felt the warmth of every eye on her as she bent to take his cock in her mouth. She took about half at first, gradually going deeper and deeper as her mouth made his cock more and more wet.

She could hear the creaks and groans of the seats as the men around them tried to get a better view. They stood behind him, took the seats next to him, stood behind her, their backs to the screen. She bent down lower, ran her tongue around his balls, wetting them and blowing gently on them. She licked up and down his cock, enjoying the sounds her tongue and mouth made against his solid shaft and velvety tip.

She lifted his shirt with her hands, kissing and licking her way up to his sensitive nipples. Gently nipping at them, then licking and soothing them, she gently brushed the tips of her breasts against his hard cock as she alternated between them. Giving them one last sucking kiss, leaving them hard and wet, she moved back down to his cock. Flicking it with her tongue, up and down the delicate underside, sucking gently at the root, between the shaft and balls, relishing the taste of the leather as she made his cock wet again. She heard the collective sigh as the men in the room watched her take all of him into her mouth. She kept him deep in her throat, pulling down gently so she could look up into his eyes. She felt rather than heard his moan of appreciation as she slid her lips up and down his cock, keeping it in it's downward pointing position. She broke eye contact and closed her eyes, concentrating on the pleasure she was getting from the taste, smell and feel of him once again in her mouth.

After several more cycles of sucking and licking his cock, twisting her head and using her tongue and teeth to stroke and tease him, she moved her hands off his thighs, intent on using them to stroke his cock while she concentrated her mouth on the tip. He grabbed her hands, preventing them from touching him. He had picked up her drink from the seat to his right, keeping it from being sat on by a man with a delicious looking cock, and held it in one hand as he held her hands in the other. He leaned forward and placed the drink on the floor, slightly behind his feet. Still holding her hands, he stood, his cock jutting proudly out of the leg of his shorts.

He took her hands and placed them behind her head. She started to shake her head no, wanting to stay in control of the situation this time, but the look in his eyes promised she would regret defying him. Still, she was tempted. The punishments he had given her in the past were all but worth the pain, for he almost always eased the ache inside her immediately afterward.

But∑it was the few times he hadn't that stopped her from moving her hands. Being left, aching for more, was something she didn't want tonight. He gestured for her to stand. She did, slightly awkwardly, not being able to move her hands for balance. Standing before him, once again feeling all eyes on her, she felt both anxious about what was to come and slightly amazed that this was all happening to her.

He turned her around so her back was to him and pulled her close, his hands on her breasts, gently massaging them through the light material of her sundress. She closed her eyes as her nipples reacted instantly to his touch. He plucked at them with his fingertips, letting them slide against the material as they fell from his grasp. He pulled the front of her dress down, lifting each of her voluptuous breasts from her dress, stretching the already low neckline below them, using it to hold them up and together.

He took hold of her nipples again, harder this time. He used them to lift her breasts away from her body, twisting them slightly for more sensation. She bit her lip, trying to keep from crying out, from both pleasure and pain. She let out only a small whimper, but he heard. His hands crushed her breasts to her body, squeezing them roughly. He bent to bite the sensitive spot between her neck and shoulder, knowing this made her shiver with anticipation of what was to come.

He let go suddenly and pushed her forward one step. Lifting the back of her dress with one hand, he tested the dampness between her legs with the other. She opened her eyes, looking at the men before her, enjoying the thrill of seeing them watch what was being done to her with a gleam in their eyes and hard cocks in their hands. Gently now, his hands guided her forward again, until her legs hit the back of the seat in front of them.

He took her hands from behind her head and placed them on the armrests of the chair. She was now feeling very vulnerable, bent over the chair as she was. She felt cool air on the backs of her thighs as he lifted her skirt up and laid it on her back. The men in front of her moved to the side, watching him run his hands up her thighs, lightly smacking her cheeks, spreading her wide with his fingers. She could feel the air cool her wetness as he slid a finger along her pussy. She moved slightly toward the finger that he was using, trying to get it to penetrate her. He slapped her ass harder, telling her without words that she wasn't allowed to move.

His touch stopped for a moment, and she heard the rustling of his shirt being removed. All the easier for everyone to see, she thought. Placing his left hand at the small of her back, he teased her with the fingers of his right; getting them wet, then spreading the wetness up to an even tighter entry point. When this sensitive spot was wet to his satisfaction, he used his fingers to cup her mound, sliding his thumb deep within her now very wet pussy. He gripped her tight as he slid his thumb in small circles, reaching for the spot that only he knew about. She bent her head, her chin almost resting on her dangling breasts as she held her breath; knowing that he was getting closer and closer, waiting for the sudden explosion she knew was on the way.

Only moments before the anticipated moment was reached, he pulled out his thumb. She had to fight to keep from leaning back into his hand, desperate for his touch to continue. Her hands were slick with sweat, her grip on the armrests becoming dangerously slippery. She was about to move, to try to wipe her hands on her dress, when she was again invaded, this time by two of his fingers.

As they rested deep inside her, unmoving, she felt the tip of his thumb pressing against her tight anus. His left hand started to move, slowly massaging the small of her back, relaxing her, taking her mind off of the constant probing of his thumb. She heard, as though from a distance, several encouraging remarks the men watching made to him, instructing him on how to proceed. She felt him penetrate her; slowly inching his thumb deeper and deeper into her ass until it was as far in as it would go. She felt him rub his thumb against his fingers, through the thin wall separating them. Nerve endings she didn't know she had reacted instantaneously, setting off a chain reaction she didn't expect.

She threw her head back; eyes closed in exctasy, letting out a low moan as the sensations raced through her body. He moved quickly, grabbing a handful of her hair with his left hand, holding her head back, using his elbow to painfully keep her back arched, her ample breasts pushed forward, gently rocking as he began to fully stroke her with both his fingers and thumb. This time he let her reach her peak, her juices flowing over his hand as she came.

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