Chance Encounter

by usm1carbine

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: She pays the price for parking lot accident.

She ran her hand through her auburn curls, trying to straighten out what the wind had undone as she drove along the main street. Suzanne had decided to go out to lunch, her husband was home sleeping after his all night job and she had gotten tired of sitting around the house. She saw the bright red Mustang as she turned into the restaurant parking lot, and she noticed the empty parking spot next to it, so she drove in. She caught the man's form at the steering wheel out of the corner of her eye and turned off the car and checked her face once more in the mirror before getting out. BAM, her door hit his car, taken suddenly by the wind, "Oh, I'm so sorry," she said as she watched him get out to come inspect the damage. "That's a nasty little dent," he said as he eyed her as much as he eyed the car door, "I'm so sorry, let me take care of the damages," and she looked up to catch him gazing at her, "Tell you what, you take me to lunch and we'll call it even," and he smiled as Suzanne felt awkward at his gaze, but she agreed and they entered the restaurant. They were seated at a booth near the back and she felt a little ashamed, after all she was a married woman, but she had damaged his car. They got acquainted as they waited for their order to be taken, he was a software salesman and had just closed a big deal and had told her he had hoped he wouldn't have to celebrate alone. When the waitress came to take their order, he also ordered a bottle of champagne and he seemed to move a little closer to her as it was delivered. They touched glasses and drank until they were empty and he refilled them, his arm snaking around her shoulders as they drank the next glass.

It made her uncomfortable, but not completely, as she felt a tingle start between her legs as they had yet another glass of champagne and his hand now rested on her shoulder and his fingers dangled very close to her hardening nipples. She could feel herself getting very warm as they talked and joked and before the meal even arrived, he had to order another bottle of champagne. Suzanne could feel herself getting very giddy and she knew she should not drink on an empty stomach, so when the food arrived, she began to eat to try to counter the alcohol. It was far too late now, her mind reeled and she barely resisted when she felt his hand on her lap and his fingers danced over her pubic mound through her tight slacks, her pussy was beginning to get very wet from his touch. She cursed herself for letting this happen, but her body seemed more than happy that it had as she felt herself ooze from his touch. Their booth was rather removed from everyone else and his hand on her shoulder now openly teased her erect nipple through her blouse while his other hand stroked her mound, which felt like it was vibrating. She turned to protest his actions and felt his mouth connect with hers as his tongue snaked into her own mouth and she lost all will to resist. His kiss felt almost as good as his hands and she found herself stroking his crotch as she felt the bulge there and ran her fingers up and down its length while they shared their intimate kiss. She closed her eyes to stop the room from spinning as they enjoyed each other's bodies and their tongues dueled, no thought on her mind at that moment but enjoying the sensations.

Their kiss broke as they heard the waitress approach and their hands fell to their sides, "Dessert?" she asked, "No, my wife and I have enjoyed our lunch, but it's time to go," and the wife comment didn't even register as the alcohol made her lightheaded. He paid for the meal and helped her to her feet as they made their way out of the restaurant and he guided her to her car, but instead of opening her door, he opened his and put her in the passenger seat as he closed it and took the driver's seat. His hand grazed her nipple and she moaned involuntarily as he put her seatbelt on, then she drifted in and out as the car drove and finally stopped at his motel and he helped her out and into the room. "Please, I need to go home," she said as he helped her over to sit on the bed and went back to close the door, "Do you now?" he smiled as he unbuttoned her blouse and she put up no resistance as he took it off and then worked at her bra clasp, the cool air making her now naked nipples spring to life. He massaged her nipples and she felt herself getting very warm once more and she was helpless to resist, especially when his mouth took the place of his hands and suckled on her erect nipples, causing her to moan. He sucked at her nipples, making them even harder and then lay her back on the bed as she felt him take her shoes off and then unzip her slacks and gently tug them down her legs. His hands grasped her panties and she felt herself rise slightly to help him get them off, this was insane!

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