Sweet Surrender

by usm1carbine

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: A trip to the bank brings out Suzanne's submissive side.

She never thought that her day would end up like it did, but do any of us know what will happen to us? She drove to the bank to make her deposit, waiting in line behind the two men in front of her as she double-checked her deposit slip, her mind trying to decide what she would do after this. Other than the bank employees, her and the two men were the only ones there and she daydreamed as she waited her turn, there seemed to be some problem with the man's check and she cursed the bank for only having one teller as the young woman tried to explain to the man why she couldn't cash his check as their voices raised. She looked around, there were only three people working here, she guessed that explained why there was only one teller and then she looked up startled as the man suddenly began to scream, "Nobody move!" and she saw the gun that he held and her heart skipped a beat, then the man behind him in line also produced a gun and made the manager lock the doors as the rest of them were rounded up and ushered into the back office. She began to fear for her life now, the bank's money wasn't worth her life, but she tried to remain calm and do as she was instructed, a lump in her throat as she moved into the office. One of the men took the branch manager and left, leaving the other to ride herd over her and the other two employees, the woman teller was crying as she looked around for a way out. "Shut the fuck up bitch!" the remaining gunman yelled as he slapped her across the face and Suzanne watched as she fell to her knees. She knelt there holding her cheek as the man went over to the door to confer with his accomplice and then returned, "Looks like the safe is on a time lock and can't be opened for an hour, so we'll be keeping each other company for awhile," and she saw him smirk and walk over and stand in front of the teller as his hand lifted her face to his gaze. "How old are you cunt?" and the tears streamed down her cheeks as she answered him, "I'm 24, please don't hit me again," and he laughed at her, "Do what you're told and you won't get hurt," and Suzanne watched as he opened his zipper and fished out a very large cock.

She didn't understand why, but she felt a moistness between her legs at the sight of such a big cock and the man stroked it at the young teller, "Open your mouth cunt!" and the woman looked around at her other two captors and sobbed as she began to open her lips and the man inched forward, "Suck it good and I might not hurt you," he laughed as she closed her lips around it and Suzanne could hear the sucking noises as she worked on him. Suzanne watched his cock disappearing into her young mouth and she could feel the heat in her loins at the spectacle before her, "You!!" and she looked at him and realized he was talking to her, "Get down on your knees and suck his cock," and she realized that he was going to make her suck the bank employee's cock as well, "Suck it! That way the two of you will be occupied and won't be so hard to keep an eye on," and she nervously moved in front of the stranger and dropped to her knees. She looked up at him as she unzipped his pants and reached in to find his flaccid member, extracting it as she worked her hand up and down it, trying to make it hard. He was very nervous and she saw that his cock was not responding, "What the fuck are you waiting for? Suck it you slut!" and she lowered her head to it and drew it between her lips as she sucked it in. The room was filled with sucking noises as she and the teller tried to comply with his demands and once in awhile, the gunman would let out a small moan. Suzanne could feel the cock begin to grow at her sucking and she looked up to see he had closed his eyes as she worked at his cock, and she could feel him begin to thrust his hips at her as his cock soon filled her mouth with its hardness. He began to moan as her mouth worked on him and his hands captured her head as he pumped his cock in and out and then she felt hands pull her off of him and looked to see the gunman smiling at her, "You must be pretty good. Numb nuts, you go fuck the princess over there, she is lousy at giving head, maybe her pussy is better," and the two bank employees now stood together as Suzanne watched the young girl take her pants off and then her panties and her shaved pussy was exposed, "Bend her over the desk and get to it Romeo," he said as the man bent his coworker over the desk and brought his hard cock to bear on her bare pussy. "I'm sorry Melanie," he said as his cock entered her and he sought to push all of it inside and she groaned.

His thrusts began to move her on the desk as it was obvious he liked what he was getting and the gunman turned to Suzanne, "You like that, don't you slut?" and he snickered at her, "Suck this cock and maybe I'll fuck you as well," and he shoved his much larger cock at her and she took it in her mouth. He was a good two or three inches bigger than the other guy and his cock made contact with her throat, making it hard to catch her breath as he pumped it in and out of her mouth and began to moan, "Yeah, you know how to suck a cock baby," and he rested the hand that held the gun on her head as he fucked her mouth and she struggled to breath through her nose. She could feel his orgasm building and she sucked harder to get it over with, but he suddenly stopped and pulled out, "Get up cunt!" and she stood u

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