Good Rub Down

by usm1carbine

Copyright© 2001 by usm1carbine

Sex Story: Young miss goes in for a massage and comes away with a huge smile.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Oral Sex   Petting   .

Sara had made her appointment two weeks in advance, her tired, aching muscles cried out for a massage and she finally made the appointment. The girl checked her in and she sat, looking at the magazines in the waiting room, her muscles aching, as she waited for her turn. "Sara?" and she turned to see an older man at the doorway that led back to the rooms, he was pretty average except for his muscular physique. She followed him down the hall and into a room and he closed and locked the door, which she thought a tad odd, "Don't want anyone to walk in on you," he smiled and pointed to the screen set up in the corner, "Disrobe and there is a towel for you there," and she went behind the screen as she shrugged off the locked door. She could just barely see over the screen and she watched him as he prepared oils and towels and he had his back to her and she began to undress. She hung her blouse and skirt up and folded her bra and panties and laid them on the chair, then wrapped the towel around her and walked out from behind the screen and over to the table. "Please lay face down Sara," and she complied and then she felt his hands work the folds of the towel loose and it dropped off either side of the table, her nude body lay before him and she closed her eyes as she felt the warm oil on her back and his hands began to rub it in between her shoulder blades.

"Boy, these muscles sure are tense," he said as he worked the oil in and his hands made her hurt momentarily, but then began to soothe her aching muscles as he rubbed. He made small talk about how tense she was and how a good massage can make you forget about everything and she felt his hands as they massaged her ribs and his fingers grazed her flattened tits, causing her to feel warm all over and she could feel her nipples hardening. His hands lingered for awhile as her nipples began to hurt from their hardness and her weight on them, then his hands moved to her waist and up over her ass as he added more oils and worked it into her ass cheeks, she could feel her pussy start to moisten now as his hands worked at her ass and she occasionally felt his fingertips hit her crotch. His hands now moved to her legs as they felt his warm touch and he worked his way down to her ankles and then did her feet, secretly, she missed his touch at her crotch, but maybe she was reading too much into it, her pussy didn't think so, it had gotten rather moist. He worked his way back up her legs and she felt his hands move to the insides of her thighs as they gently pushed her legs slightly apart and worked ever higher, her pussy about to explode as his fingers grazed it once again. "Turn over please," and she did so, not caring that she exposed every part of her to his gaze and his hands, after all, he was a professional masseuse.

She watched as the warm oil dribbled form its container and landed between her tits and his hand set it down and both hands began to rub it in between her tits, slowly working their way to the hard nipples as she closed her eyes and felt so hot and alive. Sara loved to have her tits played with, that got her so hot! His hands rubbed her tits for the longest time and she had difficulty controlling her urge to cum, her tits were a weak point and he had worked them so well. She watched him as he worked, he wasn't a bad looking man, she figured him to be about 45 and his tight shirt showed off his muscles well and she watched them ripple as he worked and she could feel herself oozing slightly. His hands shifted to her belly and she giggled as he rubbed her belly button, "That tickles," she said, and he smiled and worked further down over her shaven mound and his hands set her on fire as they inched closer to her lips and she felt a small shudder when his hand grazed it. He moved on to her thighs and she felt him spread them again slightly as he worked on her muscles and dribbled some more oil and she closed her eyes at the sensations he was causing her. He spent quite awhile on her inner thighs, just below her pussy and she didn't realize that his manipulations were causing her pussy lips to open, of course it felt so good, she didn't care. Finally he moved on down and did her calves and her feet and she couldn't wait for him to start his way back up, her pussy tingled at the thought. He reached across to do her opposite leg and she felt something hard against her leg and opened her eyes to see his big cock pushing against his shorts as he worked and it rubbed her leg.

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