Sex Game

by Sigerson Holmes

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A father, a daughter, and sex games.

I woke up in the middle of the night having to piss so bad I could taste it. Everyone in the house was asleep so I got out of bed quietly and walked to the bathroom without putting on my robe or turning on any lights. I always sleep nude and the cool air felt good against my skin as I walked down the hall to the bathroom.

After finishing my midnight piss I automatically reached for the toilet handle and flushed the john. The toilet sounded extraordinarily loud in the still house.

On my way back to bed I passed my ten-year-old daughter Cindy's room. Her room is right next to the bathroom so I decided to peek into her room to make sure that the flush hadn't woken her up. Silvery moonlight lit her room like daylight. She had kicked off her covers in her sleep and the tee shirt she used as a nightgown had inched its way up past her hips. I was shocked to see that she was not wearing panties.

It had been a hot and sticky evening but the temperature had dropped and now it was getting chilly. I entered her room to pull the blankets over her before I went back to bed.

It felt odd walking into her bedroom naked. Odd, and more than a little exciting. My cock twitched at the thought of it. The stuffed animals, dolls, and horses watched as I crossed from the door to Cindy's bed.

As I pulled the blanket out from under her feet Cindy's legs spread apart exposing her slit. The moonlight lit her crotch like a spotlight. I sucked in my breath at the sight. "Beautiful,' I said quietly to myself.

I gazed down at the hairless lips between her legs and the equally bare mound above them. My cock didn't twitch this time. It got hard as a rock. I held perfectly still as I tried to control my breathing. The blanket was poised above her chest. All I had to do was drop the blanket and walk out of the room. I didn't. "You are such a beautiful little girl, Cindy," I said to the sleeping child.

My eyes finally moved from Cindy's crotch to her flat chest. She had no breasts yet. Her nipples were not even visible. I reached down to pat the place where her breasts would soon begin to appear. My hand moved down her chest to her belly to the flesh that had first drawn my attention. My fingers caressed her smooth mound. One finger came to rest between Cindy's bare lips. My mind screamed at me to stop this obscene behavior and leave the room. I rubbed my finger along those rubbery little girl pussy lips. "You feel so wonderful, baby," I whispered to Cindy. "I used to love to give you baths. I would wash you all over. Even here." I rubbed her slit with my finger. "I never thought of those baths as sex games but maybe they were."

My sweating body trembled in the cool night air. Cindy shifted in her sleep. My heart stopped beating as I froze with my hand still covering her sex. I held my breath. I didn't move until Cindy's breathing resumed its even rhythm.

I took my hand off Cindy's crotch. All right. Now I could regain control of myself. I felt a sneeze coming on and I placed my hand over my nose and mouth. That was my downfall. I didn't sneeze but I inhaled the scent of Cindy's sex. Reason went out the window along with common sense and conscience. I didn't know how far I was going to go but I wasn't going to stop now. I kneeled down beside her bed.

One of Cindy's arms dangled over the edge of the bed towards the floor. I lifted it to place it back on the bed. Her fingers accidentally brushed against my cock sending shivers down my spine and a surge of blood to my already hard cock. Something else caught my attention. I detected a familiar odor coming from the Cindy's errant hand. I lifted the hand to my nostrils and inhaled deeply. Her fingers had been busy this evening. They reeked of pussy juice. "You've been playing with yourself, Cindy," I murmured to her.

I placed her sticky fingers in my mouth one at a time and sucked them clean. Cindy's pussy juice tasted wonderful. "Cindy darling, you taste just as good as your mother," I whispered to her.

When all of her fingers were clean, I placed my own finger into my mouth. As soon as all the vaginal nectar was gone I place my finger between the folds of her pussy. My finger didn't stop there this time. I pressed the attack by forcing my finger into the opening hidden between the folds. She was dry but my finger was wet and slid in as far as my first knuckle. My cock throbbed with excitement just inches from Cindy's mouth. I ached to have her take me into her mouth but she continued to sleep the sleep of the innocent.

I moved my invading fingertip to Cindy's clit. The little nubbin responded to my touch. Cindy moaned in her sleep and moved her hips upwards to meet my busy finger. "That's it, baby," I murmured. "I know that makes you feel good. Daddy's hand can make you feel just as good as your own hand."

Cindy's breathing changed. She was awake now. I froze again but left my hand where it was. My finger was buried deep in her cunt now. There was nothing innocent about this. I waited for the scream.

It never came. "Don't stop, Daddy. That makes me feel so tingly all over," Cindy said quietly as she rubbed her crotch against my hand.

"O.K., honey," I replied.

I resumed caressing her pussy. My finger pushed deeper into her cunt with each stroke. The assaulting digit never encountered a virginal barrier. My innocent little girl was not as pure as she appeared. Perhaps she was ready for something more.

"Let me show you another game, baby," I said softly. I took Cindy by her hips and turned her crosswise on the bed with her hips right on the edge.

"Daddy!" protested Cindy. "What are y."

My tongue assumed the duties of stimulating my little girl and immediately changed her protest into moans of pleasure.

"Oh, my gawd, Daddy!" said Cindy. "That feels so good! Don't stop!"

Cindy was not even trying to whisper anymore. I glanced back at the door. It was open only a crack, thank god. A hand on my daughter's pussy would be difficult to explain. A tongue in her pussy would be impossible. I shushed her in between probes of her love tunnel. "Quiet, baby," I whispered. "We don't want Mommy to interrupt our game."

Cindy stifled her moans but continued to thrust her crotch against my mouth. Her thrusts became more frantic as she neared her orgasm. I sucked her clit gently into my mouth and teased it with the tip of my tongue. The stimulation pushed Cindy over the edge. Her cries and moans grew even louder with each peak of her orgasm. I was sure that the police would be busting in the door any minute.

At last Cindy's orgasm subsided. No wife came in. No police came in. I lifted my mouth from Cindy's satiated pussy. Now it was my turn. Her crotch was at just the right height for my cock. I held Cindy's legs as I placed the head of my cock against her pussy lips.

"Do you want to play another game, honey?" I asked Cindy.

Cindy opened her eyes lazily. "Sure, Daddy," she whispered dreamily.

"Do you put your fingers or other things into the hole between your legs?" I asked.

Cindy nodded nervously. She looked a little frightened. I smiled at her. "That's O.K. Cindy. A lot of girls do that. It feel's good doesn't it?"

She nodded again.

"Well I know another game we can play that will make both of us feel good," I said. "But you will have to help guide my pee-pee into your hole."

Cindy lifted her head to look at my cock. Her eyes opened wide. "It's too big, Daddy," she said nervously.

"It looks big, honey but it will fit," I said soothingly. "Help get Daddy's pee-pee into your hole. I'll do it slowly and if it starts to hurt, I'll stop."

Cindy's little fingers wrapped around my cock. It took a few tries but I finally felt the head of my aching cock nestle into the entrance to her vagina. I let it rest there for a few seconds and then started pushing my cock into my daughter.

She felt incredibly tight. I closed my eyes and let the sensations wash over me as the head of my cock snapped past the ring of muscle that guarded the entrance to her cunt.

"Owie!" yelped Cindy. "Stop it, Daddy! That hurt me!"

I looked down at my little girl. "Does it still hurt, honey?" I asked innocently.

Cindy looked up at me. A single tear trickled from one eye. "No," she said doubtfully.

"Well let me know if it hurts again," I said confidently.

I began work my cock in and out, going deeper with each forward thrust. Cindy's recent orgasm removed any worries about lack of lubrication. Soon my pubic bone was bumping into Cindy's with each thrust. I only fucked her for a few minutes. She was tight, I was horny, and the sight of my cock disappearing into her hairless pussy had me on the edge of my orgasm in no time. I didn't want to hold back any more. I shot my cum into Cindy.

I slammed forward with each spurt. My orgasm seemed to go on forever.

I collapsed onto Cindy's chest. I was drained almost to unconsciousness. Cindy poked me in my side.

"Get off of me Mike. You're too goddamn heavy. And help me get this damn bandage off my chest. This is a fun game but I am just about to suffocate in this thing."

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