Painter's Delight

by Ale Stone

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Pregnancy, Slow, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: It wasn't the fumes that did it.

I am a painting contractor and doing well. It is a long time since I held a paint-dripping brush in my hands, but now I had promised my sister that I should fix her apartment in a more modern coloration, it would be a combined birthday-present and a celebration for a promotion to her husband and it should be done while he was away for almost three weeks for his company. Paul is a salesman. One of the best. You know the kind that seem to be able to sell a central-heating system to a Bedouin in the middle of the Gobi dessert.

Tina and I had already agreed on the coloring in the bedroom and while we discussed the color of the other rooms we decided that I should start with the bedroom and bring some wallpaper and color samples for her to look at. I had tried to get her to accept that I send a couple of my employed painters over to fix the job but she had been adamant in her demand that I should do it myself. My sister has a history of some phobia, what sort I don't know, I only knows that she went to a shrink for some time but she never told me what for, so I didn't argue too much with her but showed up early Monday morning.

Tina opened the door and my sour eyes grew softer at once. I had always liked the looks of my sister and although she wasn't the "curvy" type, I had, even in my young teens, had her as a raw-model for what I looked for in a woman.

Rather tall, slender. Not flat-chested but nothing too impressive either. Hips that just showed that there was a woman under the pants and not a man. Long legs. And her little annoyance, her feet. She could use my shoes up till I turned seventeen and I used to tease her about it when we were kids. She never seemed to mind that much, but as I grew older I understood that she was a little hurt by my teasing so I stopped. Shoulder long blond hair and a little nose that turned a little upwards and a few freckles that accentuated her high cheekbones. Full lips that didn't need any lipstick to look a full red.

"Hi, you're early!" she greeted me.

"Oh I don't know. You seems to be ready yourself," I answered and gave her a once over.

White t-shirt where you could see the outline of her bra, blue jeans and white socks.

"Yeah, I thought you may need some help with the furniture and stuff."

We got all the furniture out off the bedrom and while Tina put paper all over the floor I prepared the tools I needed to get the old wallpaper down. I didn't think it would take too long to strip the walls and I was right. With the aid of Tina the walls were bare just before it was time for lunch.

After lunch the work with the bedroom was soon done and by the time it was time for me to go home we had moved all the furniture back and after a quick meal I left promising to be back just as early the next morning.

Just as I had emerged from the shower and sat down with a beer the phone rang, it was Tina. She asked me why I didn't stay nights in the future, that way we could spend a little more relaxed time together and I would be at work as soon as I woke up in the morning. I agreed and before I went to bed I packed a few things that I would need.

The next day we agreed on the color and wall-paper for the livingroom. This was bigger and had a lot more furniture in it so when we had stacked it all in the spare bedroom it was cramped with stuff.

This job was a lot tougher. The wallpaper was from a good quality and it stuck to the walls like, well glue, OK it's not funny but it is what they did. And the wall underneath was raw concrete that in places just fell off. It would be a hell of a job to fix these walls so they got even again.

By noon we were both sweating and I was swearing as well and I think Tina also swore as the dust fell in her hair and down her sweaty t-shirt, but she did it so quiet that I couldn't make out the words.

"No, I think we have to call it a day now. I'm hungry, thirsty and dirty. I want to take care of that now."

"In that order?" I asked.

"No. First the thirst. A beer would be nice, don't you think?"

"Oh yes please!"

Tina left for the kitchen and came back almost immediately with two opened bottles of cold beer in her hands.

"Well as man and woman of the working-class I don't think we need any glasses," she smiled as she handed me my bottle.

"I like it better this way anyway," I answered her truthfully.

"This was a... rotten job!" she breathed after taking a big gulp of beer.

"Yep, sure is. It'll keep us out of mischief for a couple of days I think."

"A couple of days! Are you serious?"

"Yes. One more day to get the rest down. One day to fill out the holes. And I should say a couple of hours to grout them. And I think they need a coating before we can hang the wallpapers on them too, that'll take the rest of the day. And I would say the doors and the panels and the windows are going to take another couple of days, say Friday at the earliest."

"Shit! Well, we've got lot's of time don't we."

"Yeees, I hope so. Three more rooms, kitchen and two bathrooms. You can start praying that the walls are better in the other rooms and that there won't be an emergency at work that I have to deal with right away."

"Oh you think there gonna be one?"

"No. I think Ralph and Tommy are capable of taking care of most of the things that can pop up."

Suddenly I became aware of the fact that I had been staring at my sisters t-shirt while I spoke and took an occasional sip of beer. Not that I was that interested in her t-shirt. More of what it concealed, or rather revealed. No bra and two pointy nipples trying their hardest to bore their way through the fabric. This was as far as I could remember the first time I had ever seen anything of my sister's hidden charms and when had she got rid of her bra I don't know.

Guiltily I averted my eyes and glanced at my sister's face to see if she had noticed my ogling but her face showed no hint of embarrassment or annoyance so I obviously had gotten away with it.

"Do you think you can control your hunger while I take a shower, then I'm going to spend some time in the kitchen while you shower."

"Just get me another beer and I won't even notice that you are gone or that my stomach growls."

Again she gave me a smile and fetched me another beer before she disappeared for her shower.

I sank down and sat indian-style on the floor with my back against the wall and looked around the room trying to get an estimate of the time that it would take to get it done. As my eyes traveled around I saw an image of something moving in the mirror in the hall and on pure reflex I looked at it. It was my sister. Naked! In profile! For the first time ever I saw her breasts. Perky with nipples pointing upwards. And the ass! It was round, slender and wiggled as she walked down the hall towards the bathroom. Just as she was to close the bathroom-door behind her I thought I saw her look over her shoulders as if she knew that I was looking and wanted to make sure that I had seen her.

I grunted in pain as I realized that my prick was caught in my trousers and didn't have any space for it to expand. It indeed needed some space but it didn't need to expand anymore. It was hard and as full of blood as it could be.

I gulped down some beer and stood adjusting my cock so it was pointing upwards and trapped it in the elastic of my boxers.

When I had finished my beer I walked around aimlessly waiting for my turn in the showers and finally Tina came out with a towel wrapped around her hair.

"Ah that was nice," she said as she passed me. "I feel as good as new."

"And you look it too," I blurted.

"Why thank you," she smiled before she disappeared into the kitchen and the last thing I heard before I closed the door behind me was some typical kitchen-sounds and my sister humming a little tune.

When I was finished with my shower I realized that I had forgotten all about taking new clothes with me and I had to wrap a towel around me while I sneaked into the spare bedroom to find the bag with my clothes, toothbrush and razor, only to find that it was so cramped with stuff that it was impossible to get to it without getting the furniture out first.

I called for Tina and she came too see what I wanted.

"It seems that all my stuff is in the far end of the room, under all this... this stuff," I was just about to say 'under all this shit', but I changed my mind before the words came out.

"Oh. Yes I can see that you have a problem," my sister giggled and her eyes traveled down my body and her eyes seemed to widen a little when she looked were the towel stopped covering my body. "Dinner almost ready so why don't I get you one of Paul's bathrobes."

She handed me a white fluffy robe and turned back into the kitchen while I stood there with the bathrobe in my hand. I happened to look in the mirror, the same that I had seen my naked sister in a short while ago. Suddenly I could feel my cheeks burn of embarrassment. I looked again. Bowed forward and looked down on myself. Shit! Just where the towel ended I could see the fat head of my cock idly resting between two hairy balls! Shit! Shit! Tina had been looking straight at my cock! I threw the bathrobe on and went to Tina when she called that dinner was ready.

"Well, I must say it suits you."

Suddenly she giggled a little.

"What?! What?"

Terrified I looked down at myself again. Was I exposed again? I couldn't see anything suspicious so I sat down opposite my sister and drew in the smell from the stew in a long breath.

I looked up at Tina and started to say 'It smells really good', when I saw a big smile on her lips.

I raised an eyebrow to her in a silent question.

"Oh, I just admire how well the bathrobe suits you, but then again... You look real hot dressed like Tarzan."


"Yes, you know, in that... that loincloth!" She burst out in laugh and I had to laugh with her although I didn't see the funny side of it.

While I slowly chewed on the meat I looked at Tina. Again I saw her nipples trying to poke through her shirt. This was a little sheerer, not quite see-through and then again it didn't cover all of her body either. In certain angels the light shown through and I could see the contours of her breasts and the nipples kept drawing my eyes to them no matter how much I tried to keep them in safe places. I thought that they looked bigger now. Stiffer? They certainly didn't do my cock any favors though. It swelled a little and I fought back the swelling only to fasten my eyes on the semi see-through shirt my sister had on and it swelled a little again. I could feel how, at one point, it rolled up and settled on my thigh.

"Coffee?" Tina asked when we had finished our meal.

"Yes please."

My eyes followed her swaying ass as she took my plate and got two cups of coffee. I took my napkin and swept it over my lips and just then Tina came back with the coffee. She placed the cup in front of me and it seemed as if she stayed bent slightly forwards a little bit longer than necessary and when she again sat opposite me it dawned on me that the bathrobe had slid apart and my cock lay on my thigh in plain view for my sister to see! Again I could feel how my cheeks burned and I tried to camouflage it by sipping the too hot coffee and the coughing and sputter colored my cheeks red because of natural causes.

"Hot?" my sister asked me innocently when I again had caught my breath.

Did she mean me or the coffee? Whatever she meant was true!

We made pleasant small-talk while we drank the coffee and then I helped her put away the dishes. After that we stayed in the kitchen and talked till suddenly Tina yawned.

"Oh my god! I'm sooo tired. It's been a long time since I worked so hard as we did today. I'm absolutely exhausted. Time for bed I think."

"Yes. It's about my time for bed as well. By the way, were can I sleep?"

"In the spare... bed... Shit! It's cramped! Oh, well. Our bed is big. Why don't you take half of it? It is after all not the first time we share a bed!"

"Isn't it? I can't remember that we ever shared a bed before."

"Weeell, noooo, now that you... No I don't think we ever did. Funny isn't it? As I remember it we spent a lot of time together and we never even slept in the same room! Ah well, sometime is always the first time."

Tina used the bathroom first and when I came into the bedroom she was already under the covers. I turned out the lights and went to my side of the bed. Just as I let the bathrobe fall off me I remembered that I was naked underneath. As I always sleep in the nude at my own place I hadn't thought about asking her for something of Paul's that I could borrow so I just slipped under the covers on my side.

We lay silently for a long time and when she suddenly started to talk a jumped a little. I thought she had fallen asleep. I looked over at her and there was enough light in the room for me to see the dark shadow of her.

"I'm going to have a baby," she said.

"Oh. Congratulations! I'm happy for you!"

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