Office Fun

by soul_jewel(lw)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, MaleDom, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: An office worker is taunted via telephoned instructions she receives from her Master

He knew she would be in her office today. Knowing that her day would proceed as all the others. Routinely, boring, almost humdrum. But today would be different. Today He had a small surprise for her. Today He would test her strength. The thought made His smile broaden as He reached for His phone.

He stretched back in His soft leather chair, propping His feet upon His desk as He waited for the phone to be answered. Her voice a crisp businesslike tone. He always marvelled at the different nuances of her voice. Right now it held that 'don't mess with me, I am in charge tone'

"Are you alone little one?" was all He said. Her voice dropped to a soft and husky whisper.

"yes Master" He could hear the breathless quality of her voice.

"Put the phone on hands-free little one" He could hear the click of the line as she switched the phone over.

"Do so hope those batteries are fresh... hmmm?" He had ordered her weeks ago to keep a small vibrator tucked away in her bottom drawer. Up till now it was never called for.

"yes Master" the soft gasp as she realised His intentions sent a delicious shiver down His spine.

"Go lock the door baby. I will wait" He ordered her softly. He could hear her scurrying around the office, the loud click of the lock on the door, then as she sat back before the phone, He could hear her quickened breathing.

He began to issue orders, commands to open her blouse, but not to totally undress. To pull each delicious orb free from the lacy bra, so that they peeked seductively over the rim. He told her to squeeze each nipple, wetting her fingers before she slid them across the pink bud. Milking them to a hard jutting peak. Pinching slightly as she pulled them from her body. Only to tell her to repeat the process.

He could hear her, soft moans of delight as she made her nipples tingle with need. He knew that it would be making her wet. The slight tinge of pain as each nipple was assaulted, then released. The connection to her depths that made her squirm on her chair.

"Lean over the table little one" His voice now taking on an edge. As He knew what she was now to do. "Oh... and slip off the g-string. Leave the skirt, just lift it so that sweet ass is peeking out" The soft rustle of clothing followed the almost inaudible "yes Master".

He could almost smell her, as her panties slid around her ankles, releasing the womanly fragrance to the room. In His mind He could now see her. Leant across her desk, papers strewn, her breasts now pressing against the tabletop. Her skirt hiked up enough to show the cheeks of her ass.

"The vibrator...turn it on. I wish to hear it" He loved to hear that sound, the sudden buzzing that glided down the phone lines. Knowing soon it would be a muffled soft droning as it was buried deep into the willing body of His slave.

"You know where it belongs girl, I suggest you put it there" The tone demanding, He left her no room to question nor query. The fading of the buzzing as her fingers wrapped around the base, moving it to press against the cleft of her ass. He could hear her. And again the vision of her, moving the small vibrator towards her tight puckered hole made His erection throb painfully against His trousers.

She would be slick, oily from her need. The urgency of her lust preparing her for the onslaught. "Put it in girl" and the grunt of slight pain greeted His ears. As He saw it open her slightly. He could almost see the look on her face. The tension in her features as she pushed the small toy inside. The soft smile that flickered as the muscles relaxed. Then the sigh of pleasure as it hummed and buzzed away deep inside her.

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