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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Historical, Food, .

Desc: Sex Story: A serving wench gets all she deserves...

Quivering fingers grasped at the rough wood of the bench. Her cheek was forced against the roughly sawn timber. She could feel the fine splinters grazing her soft skin. The cold mountain air blew up and under her skirts as work worn hands pulled back the woollen material, exposing her white soft thighs to his hungry eyes. The material of her bodice was torn where moments before one of his colleagues had grasped it, ripping it from her full breasts. One nipple had popped out, rosy and pink, enticing in its fullness to their lustful gaze.

Their growls of wanton lust pounded in her ears as she had felt long dirty nails pinching at her tender nub. Squeezing it, pulling it so it extended from her body. Feeling it being gripped between nail, twisted as they laughed at her screams. Large hands had tossed her like a rag doll onto the low bench, sending tankards of warm ale spewing across the sawdust-covered floor. Plates of half eaten food clattered, the growls of the tavern mongrels fighting over the tender morsels added to the cacophony of sounds.

She could feel the fingers slide up between her thighs as she struggled against them. Her wrists grabbed, yanking her flat upon the table. A resounding slap against her soft pink bottom caused her to yell with the shock. "Stop struggling wench" a low husky voice whispered in her ear. Her skin blushed a deep shade of red as she felt her nether regions exposed to the view of all in the tavern. Fleshy fingers worked up between the v of her thighs. A booted foot kicked at her ankle forcing her to spread wider, allowing access for the searching digits.

A hand slid around her waist, gripping the flesh, her skirt now in tatters as hands glided across her struggling form. The probing of a finger against her womanhood bought a fresh scream to her lips. A hand flew to her mouth, silencing her. Her eyes wild with panic as she felt is violate her depths. Her blush renewing as she heard a low chuckle "The wench is willing lads" Shame filling her as the moistness of her lust trickled down her thigh.

The finger probed deeper, wriggling around inside her, stretching the muscles and stroking the inner walls of her body. Her mind worked furiously with fresh panic wondering how deep it would delve. Pain began to shoot up through her stomach as she felt the man's palm lay against her parted lips. She felt the finger hook, running along the inside of her, making her moan with unexpected pleasure. Her soft sounds causing uproar from the gathering crowd.

An ale slicked finger pressed at the tight opening of her anus. Nails dug into her soft flesh as the cheeks were parted, allowing the finger access to her small opening. Fresh hands now held her body firm, as others roamed freely across her spread form. She could feel a body straddle her shoulder, the weight of it pressing her deeper, causing her to gasp for air. Her silken tresses grabbed and yanked as a strand was wrapped around an engorged penis. Its owner, using its softness to stroke along the hard shaft.

Grunts of pleasure sounded against her ear as she felt the warmth of his seed hit the back of her neck. Animal growls of carnal pleasure flowed around her as a pair of soft lips laid against her neck. Licking and suckling the thick cream of the spent phallus. Her body now becoming the plate on which others began to feast. The sticky strand of hair laid against her shoulder. She tensed as the finger pressed inside her anal cavity. Her lips opened to scream only to be stilled by a hard throbbing penis shoved deeply down her throat. The head swollen and thick already covered with a thin layer of glistening precum.

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