by soul_jewel(lw)

Tags: Consensual, BDSM, MaleDom,

Desc: : A cyberslave follows her Master's instructions while worrying about the posibility of failure.

She pondered how she would accomplish this assignment. It was different from what He had previously set her and deep down she feared failure... and His wrath. She scratched around in the garden shed, searching for the rope she knew was there, her mind blocking out the fact the shed was full of spiders and god knows what else. The thin beam of her torch swept across the blackened room, till her eyes spotted what she had been searching for. Coiled like a waiting serpent her fingers trembled as she picked up the length of rope. letting its coarseness run between her fingers. She chewed on her bottom lip, she was nervous, incredibly so, yet His anger she feared more.

Before she re-entered her house she looked to the stars of the southern skies, knowing that right now in His world the sun would be peeking over the buildings spreading warmth across His life. Whispering softly of her love and devotion to Him, she made her way to her room, her torture chamber as she often fondly thought of it. For it was within the warmth and privacy of her lonely room, she achieved heights of pleasure with Him as her silent guide

Her mind went over His instructions again as she juggled the rope from one hand to the other, her image in the mirror one of pure concentration. A smile spread over her lips as she tossed the rope onto her bed, disrobing quickly, feeling the cool air caress her soft skin. Her breasts were full and heavy, her mind quickly ticking off days... that is why lately she was always teetering on the edge of release, her hormones making her sensitive and sexual. Sliding open the drawer that held her array of toys, she pulled out a rubber dildo. Running her tongue along it to moisten it. Feeling the familiar tinglings within her belly.

Their meeting this night had been frustrating for both of them, and right now she needed release more than anything, her sweet pussy was wet, and her thighs clung together sensually as she moved to kneel on her bed. Hesitant fingers reached for the rope, her mind still unsure if she could do what He had asked. Steeling herself, she looped the rope around her chest. Tucking one end under her armpit as she began to wind it around her body. The feel of the course rope on her skin made her itch at first, and again she was near to abandoning this assignment, begging His forgiveness and accepting His wrath.

No, she was stronger than that, so with a renewed attitude the rope began to cover her body. As she pulled it taut across her breasts her nipples swelled to hard peaks, the rubbing of the hesian making her moan with unexpected pleasure. Tugging a little harder she felt soft burn against her flesh. around her waist laying the rope in careful lines around her form. Suddenly she remembered her toy, positioning herself on the bed so that it poked against the cleft of her cheeks, her ass slick from her juices, wriggling she managed to push it inside her using the bed as leverage. Drawing a soft gasp as it sunk home she began again to wrap her body.

The itch was uncomfortable but now bearable as she laid the rope across her shaved mound. Her knees spread upon the bed as she balanced upon the dildo in her ass, her low guttural moan as the rope was passed across her swollen clit sent her careering over the edge into orgasm. Fingers now worked quickly to entwine the rope around one thigh, as she passed it under her pussy, up between her filled ass, and winding it back around her hips. Forcing the toy deeper into her puckered anal opening.

Tucking the end of the rope back between her legs she eased her body back onto her pillows, wriggling slightly causing the rope to wear against her body. One hour He had instructed her to be bound. Cursing herself softly for not turning on the tv, she settled back to endure the discomfort of the rope.

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