College Affair

by tilghman1954

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Cheating, Slow, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two married people meet on their first day of college.

The first day of class was a bit scary. Here I was, 29 years old, attending college for the first time. What was I doing here with all these kids? While most seemed friendly enough, I had more in common with the professors than my classmates. I was starting down a road that would eventually lead to a degree in Computer Science. A less physically demanding profession than I was used to, but certainly more challenging intellectually. I was excited. Scared, but excited.

I had started working as a plumber's helper right out of high school and was soon making too much money to think about the future. That was until I blew out my back while carrying a cast iron bath tub up a narrow flight of stairs. The doctor's said I'd be fine after the first operation, but after the second he suggested I find another line of work. By then I was married with two children, a boy not quite two and a girl only a few months old.

My wife, who had quit working after the baby was born, decided she needed to go back to work. She started answering ads in the local paper, but it wasn't until she answered an ad about a position in a neighboring state that she found what she wanted. So we packed up our stuff and the kids and headed to New Jersey. Her job paid well enough for us to live on, and with the worker's compensation I was getting every week, I was able to attend the local community college. We moved into an apartment in a fairly decent part of town and were able to find affordable day care just a few buildings over. A month later I was registered for classes and looking forward to the new experiences college could bring.

In my first class, an introduction to something, I noticed a rather cute girl sitting at the lab table across from me. She was a little on the chunky side, but far from fat. Most of her weight seemed to be in her chest. I'm not good at guessing sizes, but they were impressive! I later found she wore a 40-D bra. She stood about five foot - four and had brown hair that hung just below her shoulders. I soon found myself absently staring at her. It wasn't until I realized she was smiling back at me that I came to my senses. As class ended we arrived at the door at the same time. I said hello but she just smiled at me again without saying anything.

I found my next class, English I believe it was, and sat down in one of the seats close to the rear of the room. As the class was beginning the same girl came rushing into the room and apologized to the Professor for being late, explaining she had had a hard time finding the room. The only seat available was next to me. She sat down and smiled again. I could get addicted to that smile! As she sat there I noticed her class schedule sitting on top of her books. As I looked it over, I first found out her name was Susan, then I realized that her schedule was exactly the same as mine. She and I would be in every class together. College was going to be fun! I was trying my best to listen to what the teacher was saying, but I was drawn to Susan like a moth to a porch light. I could smell her perfume, Chanel #5. She was wearing blue jeans and a rather conservative yellow blouse. However, the buttons were straining to hold in those magnificent breasts. From my angle I could see through the gaps in her shirt, which revealed a lacy yellow half bra. As she moved in her seat my mind was on the creamy white skin on the tops of her breasts that was so tantalizingly close. Before I realized it, the entire class was up and moving toward the door. I came out of my trance and stood up. I smiled at her and she smiled back again. We still hadn't spoken.

At that point I had about a two hour break before my next class. It wasn't worth driving all the way home so I found an empty table in the student cafeteria and threw my books down, then got into line for something to eat. When I returned to my table I noticed someone else had placed their books there as well. I waited to see who would join me and was pleasantly surprised when Susan walked up to my table. "Do you mind if I join you," she asked?

"Of course not, I'd enjoy the company," I responded.

She sat down and introduced herself properly. I didn't let on that I had already spied out her name and schedule while we sat in class. We started to compare schedules and I acted surprised when we 'discovered' they were identical. We talked easily, liked old friends. At 22, she was a little older than I had thought. She was married to a teacher in a nearby Junior High School, a few years older than she. He had been offered the job that summer and they had moved to the area just before school started. It turned out she knew as few people as I did. We were virtually strangers to everyone around us.

As she spoke about her marriage she made it sound like she was happy, but there was something hesitant in her voice. It seemed there was a deep sadness inside of her that she tried very hard to hide. I got the impression she really needed a friend. We talked about the courses we were taking and our plans for the future. While I had thought long and hard about what curriculum I wanted to pursue, she had basically allowed her husband and counselor decide for her. She had no idea what she wanted to do with the degree she was working on. Before we knew it, it was time to go to our next class. We walked together and continued our conversation. When we reached class Susan sat next to me. From then on it just became a pattern. We were officially friends. We met each other in the campus parking lot each morning, walked to all of our classes together, sat next to each other, ate lunch together, and walked back to our cars every afternoon. We laughed a lot. We told each other silly jokes and made up stories about the people around us. We were in our own little world. She had found the friend she really needed, but I still wasn't sure what I was doing hanging out with this young, good looking girl whose existence I had somehow forgotten to mention to my wife.

During our lunches she seemed to gradually move closer to me, touching my hand when she wanted to make a point. She would come close to whisper the silliest things in my ear. Her clothes became more daring over time. She often wore low cut tops that showed off her chest and she never passed up an opportunity to lean in close to me, like she wanted me to look. I must admit I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I was in a constant state of arousal. Sex with my wife was intense. Each night I would wait until the babies were asleep and make wild, passionate love to her -- all the time thinking of Susan. Then lie awake for hours filled with guilt for my thoughts.

After several weeks Susan and I took our friendship to a new level. We were both tired of the lousy cafeteria food and decided to start eating lunch elsewhere. We ate at various local burger joints, the Denny's, and other cheap places. It wasn't until we stopped at a popular pizza restaurant that things started to get interesting. When we arrived at Luigi's their main dining room was full, so the waitress had us sit in a small banquet room on the side where local clubs could hold meetings. The room was often reserved for small birthday parties and such. Today, we were the only ones there. I ordered a pitcher of beer to go with the pizza and we sat quietly, listening to the soft music that drifted in from the main dining room.

After she had served us our pizza the waitress left us alone. Susan seemed preoccupied with something and talked very little. After a long silence she finally, sheepishly asked, "So, how's your love life?"

I chuckled and told her it had been rather incredible lately. I could tell right away that was the wrong thing to say. Her eyes started to tear as she looked down at her plate. I placed my hand over hers on the table and asked what was wrong. She paused a moment and said, "Everything, and nothing!" Then she went on, "Everything because I haven't had sex since we moved here -- and nothing because I'm happier now than I've been in a long time."

We were now in uncharted waters. She took the hand that I had placed over hers and held, squeezing it tightly between her hands. Susan then started to really open up to me. She hadn't been happy for some time. Her husband was no longer exciting and paid little attention to her. Sex, after just a couple of years of marriage, had become routine and predictable. Lately, it had become non-existent. He was too wrapped up in his job to see what was going on. He didn't notice Susan's new way of dressing, the extra buttons on her blouses that now stayed open displaying her wonderful cleavage, the way she spent more time fixing her makeup in the mornings, the new, revealing panties and bras she always wore. Nothing she did was appreciated by the man who had the most to lose.

Susan told me that my saying my sex life was great had put her over the edge. She went on to say she wasn't sure who her new look was meant for - her husband, or me. Since we had met she had become more and more attracted to me. She even admitted masturbating while thinking of me. She thought I wanted her as much as she wanted me. Truth is - I did. But I wasn't sure I was ready to admit it.

During this whole time we continued to hold hands. I finally told her how I thought about her while making love with my wife. That my fantasies about her were the reason my sex life had been so enjoyable lately. She asked me to tell her about my fantasy - about what I wanted to do to her. "Do you want me to tell you a story," I asked? "Yes. Tell me a story about us, and make it as real as you can."

I began to talk very quietly. She had to lean in closer just to hear me. I told her how I wanted to take her to someplace private - my apartment, or maybe a motel.

"I would start by having you sit on the bed. I kneel in front of you and slowly start to remove your clothing. I begin by removing your shoes, kissing each toe one at a time. I then move up to your blouse, opening each button carefully and deliberately, kissing each piece of skin as it is exposed. I lightly kiss the tops of your breasts, staying away from the nipples that are straining against the fabric of your sexy bra."

Susan was plainly getting into the fantasy. She smiled and mischievously popped another button on her blouse, looking around quickly to ensure no one had entered the room. I could now plainly see all the way down to below the front clasp on her bra. Her breasts were straining to get out of the confining garment and her breathing had gotten more rapid. I continued to speak softly, and stroked her arm with the tips of my fingers.

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