Trading Favors

by Blackdahlia

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Blackmail, Gay, Humiliation, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A senator being blackmailed by the mob must perform an unusual favor for the Don.

He lay sprawled on the floor of the bedroom, cradling his drink and staring out into space. He had no idea how it had gotten this far. She was dead. Her wrists were bound and tied to the bed posts, her legs were splayed, and she seemed to have been slit from her groin to her belly. Worst of all, he couldn't remember what had happened. It was a little place he knew, that he visited occasionally when he felt the urge. She was a working girl, and gorgeous. Probably no more than twenty three, with blond hair and big blue eyes, and the sweetest pink skin. In her white mink and evening dress and her hair all swept up, she was classy. She had the softest, smoothest cunt and big sugary tits. She was always his favorite. If only he could remember her name...They had played this game before, he liked tying her up like that, it afforded a nice view of her tits. He liked being in control, seeing her beneath him. The last thing he could remember was her laughing. Her knees were bent and splayed and he could see the sweet flesh of her inner thighs glistening. Then...blackness. The next thing he remembered was being on the floor, like he had just woken up. He saw her body and began to scream. Now Freddy was standing over him, snickering. The room was pure Las Vegas glitter. A king size bed with purple silk sheets, white shag carpeting, a piano and a personal bar.

"Senator Geary, how nice to see you." The good senator simply groaned. "It's a good thing I own this establishment, I was one of the first people notified. If you hadn't been so important to the Scarlattis I don't know what would have happened."

Geary had met with Don Scarlatti a week earlier. Scarlatti wanted a gaming license for his latest casino, and the senator had refused to give it to him, on principle. He'd never liked that kind, he'd though them inferior, almost as bad as being black, with their greasy hair and dark skin. He'd always resented them, and their interference in his world. Especially these mobster types. Miguel Scarlatti had been impeccably polite and impeccably patient, in his silk suit and professional manicure. Oh, how he hated the man. He was probably a good ten years younger than him, and cheeky. His face was angular and serious, and his black hair was slicked back. These fucking wops were taking over, now they were even marrying nice white girls. He heard this Scarlatti had a blond wife, a real looker, and classy, from some old New York family. He'd told him that the fee for a new gaming license would be 250,000, plus 4% of the profits from the hotel monthly. He intended to squeeze the bastard. Scarlatti had simply looked at him very calmly, seeing the hatred and greed in his eyes. He was on the senator's territory, even though he was flanked by his two body guards.

"I must refuse your offer, Mr. Geary. We both know the license costs $20,000, and anyways, I would like you to put up that capital" He gave the senator a deep and penetrating look, but Geary had just laughed. He'd closed his cigarette case and standing to leave. "Oh, one more thing, Mr. Scarlatti" He said overemphasizing the roll of the r. "Never, ever contact me again." Scarlatti had just smiled and shut the door. Now here Geary was, feeling drunk and terrified, with Freddy Scarlatti, the Don's younger brother, standing over him. "Don't worry, this girl had no family, and noone knew she was working here. You do as your told, and we'll get this whole thing straightened out. Not even your wife will know." He winked lewdly. "This girl was pretty, eh? Nice tits." Geary just curled himself into a ball. The door opened, and Miguel walked in, accompanied by his lawyer, and his ever present body guards. He gave Geary a wry smile.

Geary suddenly felt his mouth become dry. "You're a good man, Miguel, I know you'll help me." The man walked over, holding the Geary's hand in his chin. "Yes, I will help you, but you must return the favor." Geary closed his eyes and swallowed hard.

"What are the conditions?"

"First of all, you yourself are going to put up the capital for the gaming license, as a sign of your goodwill. All twenty thousand dollars." He gulped


"Second, you will provide the Scarlatti family with political protection, in case anything should ever go wrong. You know our president Kennedy is quite concerned with organized crime."

"Alright, it's agreed."

"And, third of all, you will redeem yourself, for the insult you've inflicted upon me. I know perfectly well how you feel about my "kind", and that's what will make this all the more fun." Geary had a vague and half formed idea in the back of his head about where this was leading, but, he quickly repressed it. This couldn't be, of course the man standing above him wasn't suggesting..."Boys, I'll need a little while alone with the senator to go over our business plan." He didn't like the smile Scarlatti had, and his alarm increased as his bodyguards left the room. The two of them were now totally alone. Things were fitting into place a little. The Don had a reputation for being a straight arrow. He never drank, he never went to the brothels he owned or bet with the bookies he controlled. No mistress or anything. He now had a view looking up at the man, and he could see a slight bulge beginning to grow in his exquisitely tailored pants. He was a handsome, man, younger than Geary by at least ten years, with dark, deep set eyes, a long, straight nose and lips that had an almost feminine cupids bow.

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