Emma's Birthday

by Martina2023

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: His wife wants a black lover for her birthday present. Trouble is, he won't wear a condom and she's not on the Pill...

My job was simply to keep her eggs from being fertilised that night. But as you'll see, it was easier said than done. Before Joel arrived she sat back on the bedroom chair without her knickers on and spread her legs provocatively. She reached under her legs with both hands and separated her vaginal lips with her fingers, exposing a thin white streak of feminine juice. She pulled her legs up and leant back, softly moaning and panting. I could see that the secret doses of male testosterone that I had fed her in the last week were causing havoc with her sexual desires. Jimmy at work had told me about the effect it had had on his wife and had given me a seven day course. He had promised that seven days would be enough and after just four days I could see that Emma wanted it bad and wanted it tonight. Joel, a black male escort was on his way and the scene was nearly set.

Slowly getting to her feet, she walked to her dressing table and opened her panty drawer. I watched as Emma selected her favourite black full cut satin specials. She was going to make Joel cum too soon if she wasn't careful. I stroked my erection and looked into her eyes. She saw the anticipation and shook her head firmly. "No, John. Not you tonight, this is my night, don't spoil it." My dick started to wilt immediately. My wife was going to pay a black guy to screw her tonight and all I was allowed to do was watch.

She stood in front of the full-length mirror and pulled the panties tightly into her crotch, wiggling her voluptuous hips to help them settle into the shaven crease between her legs. Her fabulous arse filled the satin material to the full. Leaning forward she clipped the matching suspenders onto her silk stockings and stepped into the black patent leather high-heeled shoes. Brushing her long blonde hair again, she was finally ready. She turned towards me and smiled. God, she was beautiful.

Emma practised her most provocative walk as she reached and bent over to open her bedside drawer. Removing a brown paper bag, she walked towards me and placed the bag in my hand. Inside I saw the condoms she had bought that afternoon. I mentally felt the pain I had gone through 2 years ago when she had demanded that I be vasectomised. Although it was all that time ago, I could still remember the weeks of pain that I had endured. Emma had insisted that I had the snip in case I ruined her budding modelling career with an accidental fat belly, and to ensure that she didn't go through with her threat to leave me, I had reluctantly complied. I still remember the counselling session where the doctor had asked me if I was sure about going through with the operation. I had told lie after lie to make sure I would be accepted for the chop, thinking that the doctor would give me an appointment some weeks hence. Then the nurse had came in to say there had been a sudden cancellation and inside half an hour, my seminal tubes had been severed and I was in the recovery room taking pain killers. Emma's face when she had watched the nurse escort me into the operating theatre had been one of pure joy as she realised her condom and contraceptive pill days were at an end. Bitch!

The door bell rang, announcing the arrival of her birthday present, Joel. This was the present that she had wanted to celebrate her thirtieth year. I went to let him in as she brushed her hair again sitting on a stool in front of the dressing table mirror.

At the door, stood a six foot handsome black guy who oozed with health and confidence. Joel had been recommended by one of Emma's work friends. He had apparently rogered her for a full 3 hours only a few weeks ago. I let him in and found myself offering him my whisky before I lead him upstairs to fuck my wife... the whole scene felt unreal.

Joel lead the way up the staircase and I followed, he had said that alcohol spoilt his performance. Emma was laying full length on our double bed, dressed in the full set of black bra, suspender belt, panties and stockings, her high-heels still on and her arms above her head inviting attention.

Joel whistled in appreciation, "Nice babe!" he said to me as if he was buying a second hand car or something. Taking off his jacket and tie he walked over to her and kissed her cheek. "Hi, babe. You must be Emma." She had pulled his head towards her and whispered something that I couldn't hear. He had nodded to show he understood and had gone over to her underwear drawer to get out some silk stocking she had left there. Then I was forced to watch as he tied her hands above her head to the metal bedstead and then each of her still shoed feet to the bed-end spreading her long legs apart. Her face oozed enjoyment as I realised that I had set this up by dosing her coffee with testosterone and now some other bastard was to get the pleasure of filling her.

Joel had removed his shoes and shirt, exposing his six pack stomach and then dropped his trousers showing Emma the bulge that stretched his shorts. I saw her shudder with anticipation at what was to come. He dropped his shorts and I nearly whistled at the size and girth of his dick. It must have been 10 inches long and thick as a babies arm! Emma writhed in pleasure as he got on the bed and started to kiss her whole body, starting at her feet. He soon reached her crotch but carried on passed her breasts and then deep throated her mouth with his tongue, her moans of delight battering my ears as my erection strained to be released from its confinement.

Emma whispered something else and he nodded again and moved down to her panties, pulling them aside and licking her pouting clitoris. She bucked almost uncontrollably as he brought her to the edge of orgasm. But Joel was to experienced to let her go over so soon. He stopped and looked at me. "Hey, man!" he coaxed, "Get your dick out and wank, I don't mind."

Emma laughed and turned her head away. Bitch! Joel continued, licking her breasts through the material of her bra, before easing each of her tits out of the restraining holders. Her nipples stiff and wanting attention. After spending time with each of them, he rose up and offered his black weapon to her eager mouth. She slurped and sucked hungrily on it as if she relied on it for life itself. Then came the moment of truth. Joel slid down her still tied body and went to position his dick at her puffy wet vaginal lips. She called, "John, now please!"

I had become so enthralled with the scene in front of me that I had forgotten the condoms. Opening the paper bag, I held out the unopened packet to Joel. "Uh, uh, Man" he had said. "I don't wear rubbers, ever, didn't you know that?"

I nodded to say no and looked at Emma. She scowled and looked back without saying anything. "Emma's not on the Pill, you have to use something." I answered meekly. I looked at Emma and said, "He can't Emma, he could make you pregnant, you know that don't you?"

Emma scowled again and looked at Joel, "Please, Joel, just this once for me." But Joel just slowly shook his head. "Rubbers and me? No way babe. It's bare-bare or no penetration, you make your choice."

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